Any Colorado Players?

Anyone playing sfv here

ayyyooo! I live in Loveland, CO :smiley:

nice my gamertag is dism3mberment we should all plan a day from work and head to bsa and play some high level ki :smiley:
thursday is there street fighter day! weekend i think is anmie game

I got sfv but have struggled to find a main until Juri comes out. Maybe Ken. I’m also on kind of a ki hiatus until s3 launches

Also people complained about my gamertag on CoD so I had to change it to Rest in Pantiez

Hyper battle soon

I contacted SuperCon 2k to see if they would come down to Auraria Campus again since it is around the time the came last year.

When they came, they had several games going and some tournaments like Smash and KI. Sadly, KI was on the next day so I ended up missing it. Still, if we can get them to come and convince IG & MS to push some promotion for S3 then we could have a pretty good tournament scene here at Colorado.


Hyper battle june 11th all that and a bag of chips

I’m not in CO, but I am in Laramie (hour-ish North of FoCo in Wyoming). Do you have a website for Hyper Battle? What games? Registration fee? Etc.

Also, anyone in the Rocky Mountain region should feel free to add me on Steam or xBox: QSpec

No KI though?

Ki will be there look thrm up on facebook

Can someone with a Facebook account copy/pasta the game list here? I don’t have a Facebook.

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Smash ki marvel mkx sfv kof guilty gear kof is main event


Yeah I remember hearing that KoF is still huge in CO. Big tournaments that draw people from far and away in it.

Could get you a actual web link if you want all the ki should show up

Mile high killer club

I’m in Northglenn Colorado…I’m down for online/offline sets…gt DarkLrdChuckles

Im off 91st and huron! In thornton right by boss stage arcade

I live less than 5mins away from BSA

Like I said above, I’m in Laramie, WY… but I’d be down for sets. I think my name on xbox is qspec.