Any Colorado Players?

Lets build the scene

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Sup dood, I know PaulB is setup here in Denver.

He is moving to California

I am and I know dr Nick is too

Where in colorado im in thornton

Haha same dood!

Where abouts hit it with a dm

Come on co lets build a ki scene

I just moved downtown. I have Thursday and Friday’s off for the time being. Hit me up tomorrow on xbl. My gt is just:The PantyChrist

So… Is anyone down to try to do online/ offline casuals?

I can playonline

Out here in thornton theres a place called boss stage arcade they host tourneys but never ki

Out here in thornton on 92nd and grant gamestop is doing a sf v tourney monday night at 7pm

Its being hosted by boss stage arcade so we can have midnight release a copy o sf v is the prize

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I work nights so I wouldn’t be able to make it but I am interested in sfv as well

Add me on xbl dism3mberment

I want to build a community of ki at boss stage need get people to o tho

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Added. I’ll check it out. What night are you trying to get people to play on?

Whats your gt i havent got any notifications?

Reminder street fighter v tourney 92nd and grant thronton colorado 7pm

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I wish I could go, but I am still at work - take pictures though! Also, if you haven’t met the manager there (Dwayne, I think), you should he is a cool guy. I was actually hoping he could help us promote KI for Season 3 if we talked to Boss Stage and worked something with Gamestop. Seems like a long shot but it may help.

Dwayne at gamestop?

Gamestop said no fight sticks allowed for tourney lol

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