Any clues about last fighter on roster ? for now at least?

i saw a clue for a different variation of Kan-ra but ,WHY him? Mr. Ra wasnt the most likable character anyway , u guys have any other hints? i heard some rumors or some other brand new character, id like to see a new one not another variation aka kilgore(flipbot),shin-hisako:sleeping: what do you guys think? we havent had a new fighter and stage in a million years.

It’s not a remix of Kan Ra. All we know is that the third character is entirely new. Hopefully a tease by the end of the month. Release date is in June if all goes well. Fingers crossed.

We also know the character is NOT a guest from another franchise.

If you’re looking for quick up to date information, the Killer Instinct Twitter is a good place to look. @rukizzel 's Twitter also occasionally gives us teases, but the official account is your best bet.

And remember to always look for Official sources, like posts from the devs either here or on Twitter, rather than rumors.


100% is eagle…
was tease on the season 3 story


cmooooooooon lovecraftian!


I would hope not. My fear is, is that eagle would just be a remix of thunder

Next character is NOT remix character.


Yes, that’s why I doubt it’s eagle. Although there is the possibility that eagle could be truly unique, but I just see it as a major land mine waiting to be stepped on. It would just be too easy to make him just like his brother thunder.
I still have high hopes for a creature type character like lovecraftian or gorgon. I love the beast characters: Riptor, Saberwulf, Eyedoll, Raam…

Gargos is kinda odd man out, he’s too awkward a guy for me. Honestly I liked him better on the N64

For the sake of conversation - why? Because they’re brothers?

He’s a cool dude once you get to know him. He really wants what’s best for the universe, though he may seem rough around the edges.

Official account. My Twitter is for general teases around when information is coming, not the actual information…if that makes sense. I talk more about the process rather than the actual news lol. Granted, I run the KI account, so technically it is me, too, but you get the gist.


With all do respect. I am not contesting that gargos is cool, because he is. But I am no where near as good with him as I am with say Riptor. I have an affinity for the beasts but can’t seem to get a handle on gargos.

Confirmed, eagle is a lovecraftian creature

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Wouldn’t a lovecraftian character be more like Glacius?


i think lovecraftian would be something like shuma gorath

Well lovecraft had several different creatures. Most notably is the creature cthulu, but there’s also giant snake creatures, and others…

I swear to Kiets if the last character is Eagle I will triple ultra somebody.

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We could just glue tentacles to Gargo’s face…

True. Then that character could be yet another Shadow Lord… hmmm…



I like this man. Next time I see you, I hope I get to talk to you more.

That should be an accessory set for him lol tentacle face gargos with arms as tentacles as well, and his wings having eyes all over. He’d be called… Garthulos beware his power.


Season 4 confirmed!! Cthulu confirmed as season 4 boss!!