Any clues about last fighter on roster ? for now at least?

He’d also be another remix character

That’s a good idea, also creepy AF.


@DescartesTruth @GeneralScrebor @WrathOfFulgore @Fwufikins @REYNOSOFUA11 @MandrillManiac thats mean, there will be another boss most evil than gargos, cause if i get ir right he said " He really wants what’s best for the universe" to me thats so obvious guyz we are goin to get another BOSS from another era maybe the same era like eyedol or kan ra, and gargos has surely tried to save the univers before aria.
Sound great @rukizzel you sell me dreams with it, cause im at this moment i think the only one who believe at the incomming of 5 to 6 others characters in this game , pretty sure theyre will be physical form or guardians.
but just be ready for it guyz, cause it wil be great, what come next to KI!!!


Lovecraft shadow Lord? Would anyone at ig like all my Land, capitol and genitalia for this?

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A simple soul will suffice I’m sure, genitalia is not required nor wanted I would assume.

It’s 2017,i ain’t judgin’. Figure the odds either way are about the same

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They sure don’t make deals with a higher power like they used to…sigh.

Indeed. I mean sure they could use the genitalia to…invest…and help create future interns, but first they’d have to go through a lot of diapers, temper tantrums, puberty, etc…and It’d be hard to say if It’d be worth it.

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Gone are the days where giving your soul for something in exchange would be enough, only problem with that is I’d leave a ■■■■ ton of I.O.U’s, boy those gods were pissed.

They’re all in Gargos, I’m guessing Gargos getting popped like a piñata?

I’m still thinking it’s Eagle. If not, that at least gives me some sort of hope for a 4th season. He’s talked about too much in the story to just leave out entirely.

He obviously wouldn’t be a remix character (don’t know how that idea even started), but it would be cool if he had Thunder’s Phoenix projectile in some fashion, though I’m also hoping for a grappler that can actually take the opponent to the ground, do grounded strikes for autos and multipart throws as either linkers or enders. It’s a little dream, but it’s my dream. :slight_smile:

Either way, can’t wait to see if we get a tease at the end of the month! Also really hoping for some KI news at E3. @rukizzel, I don’t suppose you could manage expectations a bit and tell us if KI’s NOT going to be at E3? If it’s not, I’d rather know now rather than get my hopes up and be disappointed.

The fun in this thread is I am purposefully picking and choosing responses to answer or question because it drives you all wild.

I admit, I am having my fun.


OMG it’s a psychic chimaera!


I am-> I think there for I am ->mind over matter

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Confirmed the last character is #NotTheRiddler, the arch nemesis of our resident #NotTheHumanTorch!

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So you’re definitely not going to tell me that KI won’t be at E3. Ugh, sorry for the double negative. You know what I mean though. No managing expectations?

Wild? Who’s being driven wild? I don’t know what you * twitch* mean. No * twitch* I’m fine. Everything’s fine. * twitch* It’s all fine. We’ll just wait…



It’s all about timing.


So then, you could say, it’s a matter of when, not if.

It is a matter of if KI will be at E3 or not, and when I will tell you either way. MWAHAHAHA.


If I had to guess…
New character revealed at Combo Breaker.

Leaving Ultimate Pack 3 at E3 and maybe Scorpio stuff for E3, plus maybe playable floor demos of the mystery character.

But I know you’ll never tell~

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Timing? Interesting. So this is either “KI will be in, unless it gets bumped,” or “if development is far enough along and we have something to show” or “if we can get what we want to show ready in time” or “we don’t want to tell you that KI isn’t getting any more content yet” or… Something completely different. :slight_smile:

Really hope it’s not the bad one!

You’re enjoying this way too much lol. FWIW, I would be too if I were you!

Anything else KI related that you can share right now?