Any chance of another guest character?

Any chances of another guest character in the future? I was thinking Lord Raptor from Darkstalkers.

They already announced that there will be another one.

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In all possibility either Joanna Dark or Kameo as the next guest character in AND for Killer Instinct Season 3

What about Arbiter?

The foulest squirrel that ever lived - Conker please.

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Really? When? Where?

In any case, I guess that explains the whole Joanna Dark thing that’s been going around… Still, it’s nice that the devs are keeping a gender balance going with this game. Equal representation! :slight_smile:

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100% there will be another guest character. No one knows who it is, but if I had to spitball I would say Joanna Dark is the lead, maybe tied with “someone from Halo” which could be MasterChief, Arbiter, or something else. Kameo keeps coming up as well. We will see.


Yeah, they’ve used the term “guest characters” and have emphasized that characters is plural, so we know that it’ll be at least two and possibly more than two. We really don’t know at this time.

I don’t remember anyone saying anything about the gender of the next guest character, though I certainly could’ve missed it, I feel like it would’ve made some news or been a thread topic around here at some point and I don’t recall seeing that either, so who knows.

I’m still hoping for Joanna Dark or perhaps Kameo, though Kaim from Lost Odyssey is still me “never gonna happen but still holding out hope” character.

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What about Lara Croft? She became an Xbox exclusive recently, didn’t she?

For a year. I believe Rise of the Tomb Raider is hitting PS4 next holiday season.

If they do Arbiter, they HAVE to do CHIEF :smile:

No… That’s enough for guests.