Any benefits to turning off Combo Assist?

I was wondering this is CA good or bad? I don’t want to turn it off and give people unnecessary advantage over me.

I would only turn it off if it provides some kind of useful benefit.

Better control for what you want.

Just practice in training aloooot

We should have a set sometime…you’re one of the few regs on the forum who i haven’t had the opportunity to play yet.

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I posted a couple videos of my fights

Did you have combo assist on in this fight?

I haven’t fought you yet, I’d be happy to do so as well. I’m a ca player and I don’t think turning it off actually helps, in fact I found it more frustrating than anything. You can still do manuals etc during CA and it doesn’t override the standard control scheme from what I remember either.

From my experience, I seem to have trouble doing Jago’s around the world combo trait cause it just goes into his special move linker instead of the doubles.

Combo assist doesn’t give you an advantage or disadvantage.

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You have to hold back for those with CAM on.

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Combo assist kinda gets in my way. Especially when i’m poking and don’t want to go into combo right away.

I don’t always want an opener when I make a hit. Sometimes I want to go into more pressure for tick throws. Especially Wulf.

Mainly, less risk of accidentally getting a opener/linker/ender I don’t want. Kinda like autocorrect on an iPhone.

hmm from the responses here its best I leave CA enabled.

I wish MKX also had Combo Assist. Its so impossible to do erron black combos I tried everything its just so hard.

I don’t use CA because I like complete control over what my character does. I tried CA when it first came out and I noticed that certain combos didn’t work the same.

So for me, it was more of a hindrance than a help. Now if it works for you, enjoy it.

As for me… I’ll stick to my manual inputs. :smiley:

Combo Assist I’ve noticed messes with Jago, Shadow Jago, and Omen’s Around the World type combo traits, where instead of going from light to medium to heavy auto double, combo assist interrupts those chains with a linker everytime. So if you want to try and build instinct for Jago using his combo trait Combo Assist is going to work against you. So there’s one reason why you may want to turn it off.

Also, turning it off helps build your execution skills by trying harder to more accurately nail motions on special moves. If you aren’t worried about upping your execution skill level, I wouldn’t worry about it.

I would just avoid it altogether. Not the best training wheels.

Having no 6 button FG experience and being new to this game, I never turned CAM on. I knew it would hinder me in the long term, and I’m glad I stuck with it being off. You have more control over your manuals; the biggest example is Mira with her linkers and accidentally killing yourself of doing an easily breakable bite linker at the wrong time. Characters like Omen, Jago, Shago, Sabrewulf, Rip… wait, all of their traits get messed up, huh. Also, it’s hard going into a combo not knowing how to start it etc. One last gripe about it is the feeling of not having control of doing it all manually; even though I use my right stick for breakers, instinct, grab, etc. I know I have control unless I flub. Having it off also helps you get a better understanding of the game from a spectator’s POV.

Anyways, if that didn’t convince you, enjoy your CAM. I’m a certain type of person, I know that others would disagree with me and call me out on all my points. Now let me go and play the KOF2012 port on my IPad with special assist on.

Some Linkers can’t be done with Combo Assist on. Or at least if you’re playing by the Combo Assist rules that is. Otherthan that, there’s not much difference. It doesn’t actually mess up anyone’s Combo Traits because you can hold back to get them to work. It doesn’t necessarily give you an advantage over the other player either. You’re still playing by the same rules as the other guy except you’re control scheme is a little different. Not much wrong in having it on or off really.

In short, if you’re just playing KI to have fun and have a casual understanding of the game, then CA will be a great asset for you. It will allow you to jump in and do cool looking stuff without spending hours in the lab with any said character.

If you are relatively knowledgeable about fighting games though, you’ll find that Combo Assist is more of a step back.

No real benefit to turning it off. I have mine off cause it messes up my combos sometimes.

I’m pretty new to the game (played a little at release then dropped off until Arbiter release in Season 3).

Turned by CA off a couple of days ago following suggestions on here to give it a go. (disclaimer: technically my CA assist is still on, but I have customised it to only apply to Ultra so that I can Opener < Ultra easier).

The first couple of matches when you do are a slog, but it soon stabilized. I feel more in control now of how my combo’s will pan out, sure I drop loads of combos but I have to build the muscle memory for the timing yet. It will come and I’m not regretting it.

The main thing, as others have said, is to have fun. Turn it off for a few days and see how it goes, struggle too much pop it back on. Or play around in the custom settings and find a happy medium.