Any benefits to turning off Combo Assist?

Don’t forget you can customize what the CA does. Personally I like having it enabled for Ultras only.

CA only for ultra’s feels like cheating to me.

I’m weening myself off the CA.

Baby steps.


How so?

main benefit: not being labeled a poossy.

I gave CA a try, and very early in my KI career, if you will, i remember getting hammered by a Sabrewulf. I saw afterwards it was possibly a CA assist player spamming those buttons. I havent used it since because i found more challenge in doing combos manually. Its a useful tool, especially the customization parts, but just not for me i guess.

CA will output moves you don’t want.

You have to hold forward during combos for the assist to work. Certain moves that use qcb input leave you blocking on whiff or block. I’d be blocking whereas a CA user has to input back to get back to blocking.

CA is autopilot and you don’t get those slow, heavy hitting combos as well as having the exact timing for CB attempts.

I tried combo assist, don’t like it. I’m not in a groove of i don’t set the tempo for my moves.

Well answer this: Do you still have to perform an input? If no, then that is weak. Correct timing and input is part of a fighting games. Having it done automatically is not.

You still have to an an input. Forward and triple punch with Ultra assist.

I leave Combo Assist off because I’ve been playing too long without it (since Season 1). I’ve tried it a few times, but I usually just turn it back of since it can lead to unexpected errors.
Lately I’ve been making mistakes on my own, and I’ve considered switching it on for some aspects of my game. But at the same time, I know I could also improve my input (though I do need to replace my controllers. They’re getting rather worn).

It’s a personal thing, really. It makes certain techniques more doable if you ask me. Leave it on if you want, turn it off of you don’t.

You still have to enter the input at the correct time. Its only 2 direction inputs less but the idea is the same.