Any Austin area KI players?

Are there any KI players in the Austin area (even better in North Austin/Round Rock)? I’d love offline tournament action weekly, biweekly, or even monthly.

Hey there.

I’m actually in the Round Rock area, more toward Hutto, but I have also been interested in attending local tournaments. Do you know a good spot people like to go to?

Good news! At the KI World Cup, I met some other Austin KI players. Things are still being planned, but we have finally have some Austin KI guys ready to get down! Stay tuned …


I’ll add myself here incase of the future.

That sounds good.

I’m in Round Rock but I’m moving in about a month.

Us Austinites should try to have a local meetup shortly. Since KIWC, I’ve discovered there might be about 10-15 KI folks here.

Follow up, I look forward to meeting some of you

Get with The Zipstar. That’s his GT. He’s trying to get an offline scene going in Austin. He’s even got a spot set up. Message him and let him know you’re in the Austin area too.

There should be more spots around town and different times to play as well coming in the future! Stay tuned!

Oh nice! I was worried I was the only one in this town who played. Glad to see there’s a KI scene here

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There’s an Austin/Central TX KI community facebook group page -

I think it’s invite only, but I think you can request to join the group.

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Nice, I sent a request. Thank you!! I look forward to finally meeting other people who understand my obsession XD


Fyi. KI at Rob’s Star69 Garage Arcade tonight! Doors open at 9:30! PM if you need the address.

Ah man, I’m stuck at work, I would have loved to attend :frowning:
The fb group hasn’t added me back yet, still hoping for a reply

I got ya! We’ll make it happen, hopefully soon!

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Austin TX area KI players!

Fyi. KI at Rob’s Star69 Garage Arcade tonight! Doors open at 9:30! PM if you need the address. Sorry for late notice. Had a really busy back to back day!

@MHXadiranXV Excellent Mira play this weekend, and nice to meet you!