Any advice to how to beat TJ Combo?

Hey guys I’m having a lot of trouble beating TJ Combo with any of my characters. Can someone help out?

Might need to know who said characters are.

They are glacius (main) aganos and kan-ra (I play him very differently then most killers)
I’m looking more for what to look at to punish and when I can escape from his resets as well as how to break him on his recapture move because I can’t tell the difference sometimes

As Aganos, punish his charge with chunked-up natural disaster - it hits multiple times, which will negate his armor, if he manages to hit you, your own chunk-armor will save you (you’ll need at least 1 chunk), and it’s usually fast enough that he can’t grab you unless he already starts the grab before you start your natural disaster. At best, he might fake you out and block, but that’s rare and the subsequent punish can be absorbed by your chunk-armor (hopefully) allowing for a counter-attack on your part (it really depends on which attack he uses next though).

Another alternative is to ruin or shadow ruin when he charges, but if he armors up, he may absorb the hit and give himself advantage, since ruin and shadow ruin both only hit once. In addition, it is possible for him to grab you out of it if his timing is good, so be careful doing this. Furthermore, he can still pull a fake charge and block for an even bigger punish than if you had done the natural disaster.

If you’re full-screen away, you might be able to catch him with a shadow payload assault BEFORE he charges, but that’s a big risk in itself.

Speaking of which, another good strategy to knock out his charge is to use payload assault. I find the light version works pretty effectively because you can use it to knock him out of his charge or remove his armor before he hits you. If yo follow it up with an immediate natural disaster, you’re more likely to be successful in your attack since he’ll either be left in hit-stun or without armor. Of all the methods so far, this is probably the safest option, but it also uses the most resources, and you’ll likely need 1 or preferably 2 chunks (just to be on the safe side) to make it work. Sometimes, if you can anticipate his flying knee, the medium payload assault may work better.

Natural disaster is also useful for defeating his roll and charge cancel into roll too, so if you can anticipate that or react quickly enough, use it into a full-combo punish. :wink:

If you get knocked into the air and juggled (usually by his command grab) watch for TJ’s that like to hit you with follow-up heavy punches or kicks - most use it, it’s easy to spot, and you can combo-break it, so take the opportunity to show them that they can’t do that. If you have full instinct when they do this, you can pop it out, get a peacekeeper, and then slam them back to the ground with standing HP (be careful when you do this, however, as it can be counter-broken on the standing HP; then again, if you anticipate that, you can counter-break). With the peacekeeper in hand I recommend you hit confirm with LP into whatever (standing HP and d+HP are my 2 personal favorites), because it will stuff his charge’s armor and his roll (on the 2nd attack; the 1st will whiff on the roll). TJ can mix up his juggles with light punches, medium punches, or medium kicks as well, but the timing is harder for them to land, so it’s rarely seen. The mediums, like the heavies, thankfully, are easy to spot and break however. Watch for patterns! Also, like with popping instinct after combo-breaker, a wise TJ might try to use these to bait you into their own counter-breaker, so be careful of becoming a predictable pattern yourself if you break a lot of his attacks post-juggle. Although, if he’s really smart, he should probably just forego the post-juggle attack entirely and simply hit you with a tremor linker to really mix things up.

Regarding TJ’s roll, be careful if he rolls in close, as a lot of TJ’s like to roll into a grab, especially if they know you’ve got chunks. If they get close, be ready to tech out of it.

I find that if a TJ player saves his instinct to revive himself, they almost always go for the charging punch with armor. Try to have shadow meter when they do this. If you do, use shadow ruin, because it’ll ruin their day. It does enough damage to kill them outright and shows them who really punches harder.

As Aganos, what you REALLY gotta watch out for are the TJ players who know how to effectively use his instinct to speed up his attacks and resets - now, for me, that’s what’s truly scary. When they use that, your options truly are limited. If they use it, then all I can say is - good luck! :wink:

If you’re Kan-Ra and you have sand out, mash sandsplosion will beat any reset attempt. TJ’s roll can be grabbed, as can all his other options off powerline except for the knee I believe. Most characters can’t take advantage of this, but Kan’s command grabs go so far that you could probably make decent use of this if you’re reactions are fast enough.

Or he could just use pulverize. Stuffs any powerline attempt or wakeup move besides shadow vortex.

As Glacius just lance the hell out of him, same basic anti-wulf strategy with the exception of TJ having armor on powerline. As Aganos, don’t respect the powerline when you have chunks, plow right past his armor and hit him. As Kan-ra up-back scarabs for days, all of TJ’s attacks lunge him forward so he’ll either head straight into scarabs or he’ll hit past them allowing you to whiff punish him.

thanks 4 the help^^

That Glacius idea is actually terrible. One good roll and TJ gets a full punish. It’s better to read with a light shatter, and if he’s powerlining at you, liquidize under. Most TJ’s aren’t smart enugh to juke back when they see that.

You know i tried lancing tj a lot and i found it not efficient enough compared to saber and riptor. A lot of times I get punished from doing it so i don’t think it’s the best option

Really? I’ve seen TJ get shut down completely by lances. Maybe the guy just didn’t know the match up.

The reason i believe is because lance isn’t safe after block and tj can just roll in (i hate that so much) and punish immediately

As long as Aganos has a chunk or two, meaty pulverize should beat out any of TJ’s options. If you have enough chunks, you can even beat shadow vortex.

While pulverize does work with Aganos, it doesn’t get you closer to TJ as he charges, so you have to time it just right to get the most out of it, which might cause you to mess up. At least with natural disaster, not only do you hit him, but you can push him even closer to the corner (especially if you continue the combo with even more natural disasters). It won’t do as much damage as the pulverize, but it’ll limit TJ’s options since he’ll find a hard time to roll or command grab you while in the corner. Then again pulverize is safer on block…

I’m still learning Glacius, so I’m not sure what’s going to work in neutral.

I know that Jago cannot zone TJ out: TJ can easily sail past a fireball with powerline armor, a roll, or maybe even flying knee. TJ gets to powerline in and basically throw whatever option he feels like at Jago, and you just need to use some matchup tech (e.g. light button xx DP beats both powerline and shoot toss…in fact try this as Glacius too) to try to make the powerline game less unfavorable, and just hope to land a knockdown so that you can abuse TJ’s poor wakeup.

Glacius I think could have a better shot at zoning TJ out, but it’s probably really difficult. I guess it depends on whether you can have hail up much of the time. I don’t know whether powerline hits Glacius’s lances after they strip the powerline armor, that’s probably an important factor. The tremor shockwave is obviously another wrinkle to deal with, as well. As already mentioned, you’re probably looking to get a lucky read on his approach, so that you can bully his bad wakeup…and, well, you’re a Glacius main, so you should already know how to play a filthy wakeup game. Summon that hail assist and go ham. :wink:

all these folks pitching to help a fellow troubled KI player makes feel warm and side, and so does hot-coco :>

I know that’s why i love this community ^^

On wake up you can’t do really or at least i don’t think you can do anything because he can roll out of all of your attacks. The only way to wake up is by baiting roll and even then he get’s a lot of options after roll especially since it’s invincible to almost everything it’s something that glacius can’t really handle unfortunately

The roll can probably be OS’d, and you have hail to fall back on. I might try to lab it out later if nobody else does, but you should be able to figure out some tech yourself.

hail isn’t reliable in this match up tj can move you enough to where he doesn’t get hit but it depends on what your opponent does and since most see the hail they’ll force themself to move. He’s really the only character i have extreme trouble on. Maya’s a close 2nd. I might pick up sadira to hopefully be able to counter tj but i doubt it’ll be the best solution