Any advice for a tournament?

Can you give me any suggestion/tips when going to play face to face? I think I’m going to be a little nervous…Maybe more!
The last time I played like this was when I was a kid, at the arcades, I still remember the adrenaline. But it’s been some time I haven’t done it again.

Be sure to stay calm! Practice simple combos, Spacing, dashing and such. I think you will do well! I already believe you have any tournament you go to in the bag. It’s just Tourney nerves. Once you see that ready, time slows down, you take one deep breath, and fight like you normally would. :slight_smile:

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On a more game-related note, if it’s not obvious: if you’re an online player, get some practice in against a face-to-face opponent, or against some shadows at least, so you can adjust to the 3 frame difference in input delay.

Yup. Win.


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Thank you NinjaOstrich n_n!

Yeap. using practice mode over anything to check what I can punish real time (without evil lag).
Shadows is a good one though, however, they aren’t that smart =S

As a side question, is the 3-frame delay only in the video, or the audio as well> I just wonder since I play with audio only and hope that I’ll get the chance to go to a tournament in the future.

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You’re welcome. I wish you best of luck, and I’ll be rooting for you 101%! :smile:

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While playing with lag (online) I’ve experience weird things with the audio. For instance, when they are close to dying, I hit them and they make the death noise, but they are still alive O.O

I also heard I connect shadow counters and counter breakers but the movements won’t reach them, even you get to hear the first part. When playing face to face.

I’ve reported the former glitch (dubbed “the death sound bug”) several times though I’m not sure what the devs can do about that.

I’d be happy to fight you in a set sometime though regardless of your playing in a tournament or not though I’m in need of that wulf training… (do you use a mic during sets? Would probably make things a lot easier)

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This saturday I have a Gears of War UE torunament, after that Killer Instinct is the next tourney and I’ll be practicing as much as possible =) . Would love to play with you. I don’t mind using mic at all, the only problem I may have is that I’m shy when speaking in another language (English for this matter), but as I said before I need the practice (both the game and the language) I don’t mind if people correct me, since I want to improve.

Punishes, manuals, breaker timing…

I suggested shadows because you don’t really know you’re capable of hitting the timing for these things until you’re doing it consistently against a real (or a fake, but elaborately similated) opponent. I still lose half my frame traps and a number of weird links when I transition from practice to a match, not to mention a lot of instinct dirt.

As to the quality of shadow opponents, iuno, I’m pretty impressed by the more well-trained shadows – just this evening I had a pretty good set against my own Jago shadow, actually. I’m not sure how good it is in the Sabrewulf matchup (you’re a Wulf player?), but you could hit it up if you want and see if it’s any good. Or you could just scour the ranking leaderboards and challenge the shadows at the top, since I think most of them have more-or-less earnt their rank by now.
But also, I’d venture to guess that you don’t need to practice against an amazing opponent to get your timing down. Just one that’s lively and human-like enough to make your links matter.

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If you want, you can fight against my Jago shadow! It doesn’t have a lot of Wulf matchup, but It might give you a challenge. Or if you want, we can play, so you have some Jago matchup knowledge! :slight_smile:

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I have to imagine that the audio and video are synchronized, since it’d probably require some intentionally weird design decisions for that not to be the case. But also, you’ll probably notice a difference for yourself if you do some manuals in training, and then go online with them.

The stuff @MaruMDQ noted sounds like rollback glitches – a rollback being when some latency in receiving the opponent’s inputs causs the game to “roll back” a few frames of simulation and redo those frames with the opponent’s inputs applied, so that e.g. they may’ve countered something that might’ve killed them. The game should kill the audio from the rolled-back frames, but based on what you’re telling me, I guess a bug is allowing the death sound to persist.

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If you are the type to get nervous, bring headphones, or some other way to cancel out the noise / people around you. The few times I’ve been at tournaments, I was (maybe uniquely) able to just put myself in the mindset of “playing at home” so there was no real pressure for me. At the same time though, I really didn’t care how I did, I just went to have fun so there was no added pressure on me. But if you can’t do that, find a way to focus yourself, and focus your game.

I guess that is another aspect of “my advice”: Identify why you are going.

  • If you are going there in order to perform and try to win, prepare accordingly and think of ways you can stay centered and focus on your game while you play.

  • If you are just going to have fun, just focus on having fun and learning all that you can from those in the community.

One other thing to know is that when you go, know that generally you’ll be among friends. You’ll be around people who have the same passion as you, so just enjoy the atmosphere and take it all in. Responsibly that is.

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if you’re like me who almost put the heart out through the mouth on hard matches, i recomend you to forget about that.

Our friend pushatee died from a heartbreak while playing a fghting game. Our health are trash these days…

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Applies to any fighting game not just smash

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I honestly wouldn’t sweat it. Having played against you, I can attest that your English is more than sufficient for this particular task. :slightly_smiling:

Best of luck in your tournament - let me know if you need more Hisako practice :slight_smile:

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Get to the ki set up early. Usually you can find people playing casuals at the set up before the tournament actually starts so you can use that time to get used to playing in that setting. Also bring headphones, the last several tournaments I’ve been to seemed to have a hard time setting up speakers for the xbone so we all had to play in silence. Heck even Evo, the biggest tournament in the country, had that problem.

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Don’t bathe. Like go the whole weak without bathing, oh and don’t brush your teeth. So when you play someone your stink will be so detrimental that you will never lose! :mask::hankey:

On a serious note, I have no freaking clue. I only went to one tournament at a Gamestop for SF4 and I didn’t even play the game, just watched my brother. But, everyone else has great tips.

Don’t listen to this clown, I’m the real Jago here - listen to me :sunglasses: ALL Jago’s will windkick from full screen and always wake up with DPs. I know this, I know Jago. I am Jago.

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