The new patch is “supposed” to be awesome but now team members pick up loot filling up YOUR inventory :man_facepalming:

Almost lost my Masterworks because I “picked up” 29 items during a SH run (normally I pick up 4 or 5 items on average). Only had 5 slots left in my inventory at the end of the mission :confused:
Until this is fixed I cannot continue the game because I cannot delete my inventory of MWs to clear out room for accidental pickups of blue and purple loot by others as a mitigation… :cry:

Patch has great stuff but also a whole bunch of new stupid bugs or “features” (new Elysian chests drop loot but this never appears in your inventory until you restart the entire game…). Probably the first time in a while I felt disappointed about a patch.

Ugh…well that sounds pretty crappy :confused: hope they hotfix that asap.



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I will come back to this game in June. Hopefully there is a ton of content then. So far, I had deeply enjoyed the game, I got my money’s worth. Still I hope to play the game they envisioned rather than what they ‘managed’ to get out the door in time for launch :smile:

This post made me chuckle…

I’ve actually still been grinding it out a fair amount (splitting my time between it and Sekiro). I really love the gameplay and the story and character beats, but am hoping they figure out that they really need to be more free with the loot. The game’s systems are built so that you can min-max and really test out different builds and stuff, but in practice you never have enough of the good stuff that you can afford to play around with the different inscriptions. The Legendary gear is so much better than the Masterworks (and Masterworks so much better than Epics) that it is always better to equip the higher tiered item, inscriptions be damned. And you don’t get enough Legendaries to ever really play around with “what do I want to max out for this particular build? :thinking:

The GM2/3 thing exacerbates this, as they’re there, but don’t give enough of the highest tier items to really justify themselves. If you run a GM2, you should basically only ever be getting MW-tier items I think (drop total number of chest rewards if you have to to achieve this), and for GM3 you should be guaranteed a single Legendary. There is enough gear and weapons and the inscriptions are varied enough that I really think you could flesh out long-term enjoyment from a system that generous.

I started to get duplicate Legendaries and MWs a lot and at the same time I was running out of content to keep grinding. I am looking forward to the next grind, maybe earlier than June, as I have another 10 public holidays coming up in May…

New stronghold released in the patch today, along with some nice QoL changes like launch from victory screen and contracts always on the map. No change to loot drop rates, but they did at least add some new gear for weapon classes and buff some of the weapon damage perks on MW’s :slight_smile:

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Tried out the new Stronghold and got decimated on GM2. Will have more time to play next week and looking forward to tweaking my loadout then. On purpose I did not finish the SH as I am cherishing every new piece of content :slight_smile:

I think this Stronghold will be quite difficult on GM2. It’s got puzzles and some sections that are very clearly designed for teamwork (you’ll know it when you see it). But it is a ton of fun on GM1 - they’re really not pulling any punches on the numbers and types of enemies they’re regrowing at you! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s like finishing a 41 ounce bag of Skittles and I’m down to my last few. I’m going to eat this one slowly and hope I don’t drop it.

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Lol. Whatever makes you happy bro :joy:

I’ve been messing around with some guns and gear in a lot of my runs now. I’ve been sleeping on wraith strike I think. I still think the Interceptor prox mine might be the worst ability in the game though :-p

I was a bit surprised to be killed so easily on GM2 as I was playing Colossus with quite some good defensive stats. Anyway, I need to look at my weapon loadout again as well because I was doing less damage than expected on my initial run despite toting Legendaries. I might need to go with another Javelin as my Colossus was a sitting duck at times…too slow. Rangers’ maneuverability or speed of the Interceptor seemed to give better chances for survival. :slight_smile:

For GM2 I generally use a “stat stick” weapon that buffs my armor, along with some form of life giving gear or components. My legendary Devastator has a 90% armor buff, for instance, while one of my machine pistols has two different max armor buffs that total 150% or something like that. Damage in GM2 is pretty hard to come by with the weapons anyway (melees and combos seem to be the bigger damage dealers), so I don’t think you lose much by not having an offensive god-roll weapon in your loadout.

I do have a DPS build that lets me get like 260,000 dmg per devastator shot, but I found that build wound up relying a fair bit on hanging back - didn’t have near enough health or normal damage to really get in there and mix it up within strongholds. Freeplay is fine, but the stronghold enemies are just way too beefy to take on at close range with only weapon and wraith strike damage.

And consumables help too. Forgot them again. :slight_smile: they should give a warning pop-up like “Do you wish to proceed without equipping consumables?” or something. Just QoL…

I tend to focus on buffing L1 / R1 recharge speeds or damage increases on eg. ordinance launcher, so I tend to not focus on beefing up armor and shields. I probably could compensate this by equipping consumables but I always forget the darn things.

Yeah man. I’m a damage (crit or full jav dmg are my favorites) and gear charges man myself. Melee damage as well for those builds that get in there and really mix it up. And luck is always nice, since the game still feels pretty stingy about loot.

The max armor inscription was one I initially didn’t want, but once I hit legendary tier I saw that those suckers really buff out your health bar. With a good suite of health giving buffs and the extended bar, it’s pretty tough to die even on GM2. I figure Colossi have gotta be darn near unkillable once you start stacking up on the legendary class weapon armor buffs :hushed:

I don’t have much time these days to keep up with both gaming news AND playing games themselves lol. I only just realized parts of the roadmap have been delayed indefinitely or at least no release window was given for other stuff than the new SH . Do you know what’s going on? I have like 10 days off from work and I was looking forward to all of the new stuff from Act 1 of the roadmap. :confused: I only see angry comments about loot / balancing online but I was hoping to learn about the expansions…

Couldn’t tell you. I’ve only been playing, not keeping up with the talk around the game. It was always negative, so didn’t see any reason to read all the reasons people hated something I was enjoying :man_shrugging:t5:

Sorry can’t give you a better answer though - from what I’ve seen on Twitter it sounds like they’re still planning on releasing things though, even if the window has moved out.

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Yep. I accidentally went on Reddit to learn about the Cataclysms update and their release, but boy oh boy, was that a mistake to skim through the subreddit. :scream:

I like the new improvements but Fort Tarsis has become kinda useless now :joy: we can access everything from the pause menu now lol. Anyway today I will be jumping back into Anthem…hope to see you online maybe.

Have you got that new Interceptor skin?

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Yeah, the arms looked cool on it so I picked it up. Think I’ll use pieces of it on my spark dash loadout :grimacing:

Unfortunately, I had only 21k so not nearly enough to buy the entire Interceptor set. Spent everything on a Colossus set recently…one that I painted blue… hideous blue if I may say so myself… :joy:

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