New patch comes out today, 9am Central Time, a couple of days ahead of schedule.

Biggest one for me is audio dropping out. Apparently fix is in this patch.


Downloading the 4GB patch now.


Played it at a friend’s place. Seeing him enjoy it tempted me to try it out.


I am not really familiar with the genre in general (avoided these shooters and their communities on purpose…) so I laugh a bit about this Anthem loot outrage. This “I played three missions on higher difficulty for an hour so I expect seven drops of the best loot.”-type of attitude. It keeps me from trying out other (multiplayer) shooters as I don’t want to be part of such a community :slight_smile: I guess players want BW to compensate them with loot because of the numerous bugs or something…

Luckily for me, legendaries drops are rare enough so I can look forward to actually getting one :smile: After 80 hours or so, I had two legendaries so far and I am happy with both. Taking down a Titan in dramatic fashion is way more fun, getting good loot is icing on the cake…


I finally did my first grandmaster run just now, and I won’t lie that it was kinda crappy that I got a bunch of blues and no MW’s until we’d killed the boss. Had a great team of randoms (two Storms and a Colossus) and was trying out a new build (venom bombs are actually pretty good!), but MAN I was bummed until that orange engram dropped from the queen. Was just a gear item and not the component I wanted, but at least I got something new out of it.

I’ve had 3 and 4 MW’s drop from Normal stronghold runs on more than a few occasions (including the last time we played! :joy:), so I admit I was pretty surprised about how stingy this GM run felt.


Now I am getting dropped right during final boss fight… basically a 5 minute Stronghold and a guaranteed MW at the end. Just did three SHs (Rage) and all three times the same thing happened… I am happy with the MWs of course but really hope it’s not a new bug… :pensive:


Hey, but who complains about that if you get Legendaries lol


Lol. You lucky bum! You’ve been collecting legendaries at a pretty good clip it seems :smiley:


I played 111 hours so far to get 3 Legendaries. However, I have only played about 30-40 hours or so at GM1 difficulty after unlocking this, so that’s about three Legendaries after roughly every 10 hours of play. I guess that’s reasonable if you take into account that Legendaries will (should) drop more frequently on GM2 and GM3.

PS - saw spiderverse today on my last day off before starting the new job. Nice movie.


Grrr…game keeps giving me MW’s that I either already own or MW’s for gears that I don’t use (proximity mine). I’m out here fighting for my life without having any MW components for extra armor :sob:


Isn’t that because you play Hard? I believe only a limited number of MWs are available on hard… Grandmaster will make the entire pool available.


Have been running Grandmaster for last two days. Finally at least got a MW gearpiece that I can actually use though in this pay run. The tempest strike that detonates an explosion is about to be my jam! :smiling_imp:


Now doing grandmaster 2 for the first time. My Ranger, surprisingly, can stay alive for long periods of time… even by myself. Probably has the best gear overall to take damage and dish out. My other Javelins still lack the appropriate gear for a good loadout.


Had GM run where we somehow managed to wind up with four Interceptors. I thought we would get washed, but it was actually a super smooth run. The tyrant queen has never died so quickly :joy:


Finally got my first legendary!

Anthem being Anthem, it was a component of the exact same type as the only other MW component I own, but gotta celebrate the little victories :joy:


Yay! Really want to know what you got :smile:




Awesome and very useful as a first Legendary!

Yeah, the best runs I have is where the team is tilted towards a certain playstyle (dominant Javelin). The worst runs I have is when all four Javelins are different lol. Should be most balanced but it ends up being toothless at times lol.


Haha. For me the only runs that have felt super strugglish have been ones where there two or three Rangers. Storms and Colossi are always super useful, but Rangers especially can be a mixed bag. Sometimes they’ll be super solid, other times utterly useless :-p


Aaaaaand think I just missed out on my first Masterwork because my loot bag was full… >.<