Anouncer is broken

Anouncer fails to announce winners…

Happens on multiple occasions.

I don’t recall them EVER announcing who wins; I’ve only ever known it to just say “awesome victory” or “supreme victory”

Every match he should announce the winner.

As they say, can’t fix what don’t exist.

I denounce your conclusion the announcer is broken because he/she doesn’t state “Scorpion, wins… Perfect.” or to that effect.

On the other hand, pre-match, I’d love to hear everyone’s named scream as “Orchid. Versus. Kan-Raaaaaaaa” or to that effect.

Post match, I really don’t care if I hear 3 sentences. “Orchid, wins. Supreeeeeme victory… Perfect.”

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1st video, the announcer does not anounce the winner, and the music continues playing. Its glitchy.

Man, just ask for what you want to see. Stop saying its a glitch or broken or whatever.

The announcer never announces the winner. If you want to request that they add this in for season 3, that’s one thing. But to use a word like glitch or post videos of “announcer fails” makes absolutely no sense.

Add me to the I’ve never heard the announcer announce the winner camp. Are you ok kswift?

5:21 Winner

Yea looks like just not the best wordchoice. He doesn’t mean that the announcer states the winner, rather that he doesn’t say “winner!” When someone wins. Which is true. It happens alot to me as well. Sometimes he says it and sometimes he doesn’t. Maybe put it in the bug thread?

I’ll say “Ah, my bad.” You mean just “Match is over, no ‘WINNER!’ callout.”

To which, the announcer isn’t broken, end-match audio cues are all messed up.

Okay, sorry I misunderstood your original post, but this could’ve been a lot clearer than you’ve made it throughout this thread.

Something like “sometimes the announcer says the word ‘winner’ at the end of the fight and sometimes he doesn’t.” What you’re saying in your OP sounds like the announcer is supposed to announce which character (by name) won the match, and I don’t think I’m the only person that thought that’s what you were referring to.

Either way, my apologies for my incorrect assumption. I still don’t think it’s an overly big deal or that the announcer is “broken,” but I do agree that not hearing that particular word at times can be a tad jarring. Good catch, and I hope they fix it.

Yeah so the announcer and audio cues are broken. For this game to be so heavily sound and music based wtf happened? Sloppy.

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Hey reaper did you notice how on the first 2 videos I posted in my OP the anouncer fails to announce the winner, or just left and took a lunch break or something…I’m not sure if you noticed…I mean, you didn’t even know he said winner at the end of rounds so I dont expect much from you regardless…just helping you out.

Those of us that misunderstood your point have apologized in our own ways, as clearly shown.

We don’t take complete responsibility for the confusion but we do recognize our part.

Your explained point, it’s going to take a while to contemplate something not twistable.

Again, announcing the winner (ie the character that won the match) and saying the word “winner” at the end of the match are two different things. Had you just said “sometimes they say the word “winner” at the end of fights and sometimes they don’t,” there wouldn’t have been any confusion. Five people, myself included, thought that you meant something different than what you actually meant.

It’s hard to expect much from anyone when you’re not stating your issue clearly. As to the issue itself, I hope they fix it. Though to be honest, I really don’t think it’s a big deal. Certainly not one that necessitates using terminology like “broken announcer” or whatever. But to each his own.

Pretty strait forward boss, the announcer does not announce winner, if you don’t get it with 2 videos of examples that’s not my problem.

Regardless, its still broken, glitchy or buggy, what ever you want to call it and should get fixed.


Well, it’s kinda your problem because no one looked for the issue you were pointing out in the videos because no one knew what you were talking about to begin with. Your intention with “announcer does not announce winner” was “announcer isn’t saying the word ‘winner’ at the end of the match.”

However, five people read it as “announcer does not announce winner” meaning “the announcer isn’t announcing the winner of the match.”

Five people interpreted your intended complaint the wrong way because of how you wrote it. I’m not trying to bag on you or anything like that, really. Just trying to explain this because you seem to think that it’s a failure to comprehend on others’ parts when it was more a communication issue than anything else.

Pretty much sums up the issue. Do you see how in reading that, someone would assume that you meant that the announcer fails to announce the winning character and not, as you intended, the word “winner” in and of itself?

Oh well, not going to harp on this anymore. As I said, I hope the issue gets fixed. If you don’t see my point here, no big deal. Just trying to help, I guess.