Annoying things your parents say to you

So what are some things your folks/parents say to you that annoy, irritate, bug, get to you, get on your nerves, and even hate hearing?

I’ll start off first:
For my mom:
“You talk/say too much”
“Mind your own business”
“What in the world are you doing?”
"Are you so/that bored?
“Are you wasting time/What are you wasting your time on?”
“You are such/can be such a busybody”
“You can be so much trouble”
“Hurry up already”
“Use your brain”
“You have so much money?” (Including over tips)
“Don’t bullshit me/Are you bullshitting me?”
“Stop/quit sticking your nose in other people’s business” (Somewhere along that line)
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For my stepdad:
“That’s your excuse”
“That’s for babies/children/little kids”
“You’re too old for/to do that”
“You can be so damn picky” (Particularly over food)
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“Get a job.”
“Why don’t you move out already?”
"Why aren’t you dating anyone?"
Annoying because:
I have three jobs that they don’t consider real jobs because they’re not physical labor.
I don’t move out because their house is literally five minutes from my college campus, why would i pay to probably live further away from my school?
I don’t need a constant reminder of my forever alone status.


"When I was your age…(insert anything)
"I’m glad you’re around, I need you to do (insert anything), I’ve worked all day. (So have I… In fact I make a lot of money doing tech work for ATT, of which to him isn’t real work because I’m in doors all day long)
“I met this girl… … …” (It is his eternal quest to get me hooked up before he dies)

"When you get off work, I need you to stop by my house (insert anything) has stopped working and I need you to fix."


I need your help fixing (insert tech stuff). And then when I say I don’t know how because I don’t use the device,he says I need to try because I know english.
When he is in a school event,every girl he asks if they are my girlfriend.
You eat too slow.
No violent video games. I ask why not? She says because they are violent lol. She allowed me to get one which is MKX and then she said never again XD


“I am glad you are my son.”
“You should find new friends.” But I don’t want to get new some idiot friends…
“Why didn’t you close door?!”
“Look at floor! You can see there tiny dirty!”
“Your dog is afraid of me!”


She don’t have annoying thing say to me because she’s good mom…


Me: Thank you for raising me and feeding me and giving me a roof over my head and paying for most of my education up to this point in my life.
Parents: you welcome.

…I know, so annoying…

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I don’t have any.


I don’t know what it is, but parents have Eagle vision.

“Look, there’s a stain on the floor!”

looks at floor for a good 3 seconds

“Gio, don’t play with me, you are making me mad! Clean it!”

stares at floor for another 3 seconds

“I don’t see it.” Lol


One that always bugged me when I was a kid, If I mentioned to my mom that I was bored she’d start making a lost of chores I could do to have something to do. I’m sorry, vacuuming =/=entertainment… at least not in my book. Also anytime I ever asked my parents for an allowance they told me I was getting room & board. Then they wondered why I struggled with money when I was in my early 20s…go figure. Kinda hard to know how to manage something well if you hardly ever had any experience with it.

And I’m sure this thread is going to be hit with a ton of old farts going on about how you should be grateful and complaining is disrespectful, yadayadayada. So before it does hit the fan I will say it is possible to be grateful for everything someone does for you and still find them insufferable.


I’m living in a crap situation where my Dad is disabled and my Mom only has a seasonal job. I moved back home (where there’s nothing to do, laggy internet, and no friends), and I give them $500 a month rent to help make their ends meet. But they usually “borrow” another $600 on top of my rent every month.

So the question “can we borrow some money?” has officially worn thin on me.


Im at the point in my life where i have to hear…

‘When are you going to give me some grand babies?’



And at the same time REALLY annoyed you now, yes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So I take it your dad is one of those technology-illiterate parents and overall individuals? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pretty much.

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Gotcha and I thought so too :stuck_out_tongue:

*Me eating
"Mom: Did you go outside and pick up the dog ■■■■?"
Ugghh I get grossed out so easily too. :angry:


Some people find love later than others.

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My mom has always had this thing about giving incredible specific instructions, particularly when it comes to things my brother and I would do on a daily basis.
"Okay boys, I need you to clean the kitchen."
Okay mom, I unders-
"What I mean by clean the kitchen is: Put the food away. Box it all up, get all the condiments, and put them in the fridge. Then I need you to do the dishes. That means unload the dishwasher, rinse the dishes in the sink, load the dishwasher up again, then run the dishwasher. Then I need you to wipe everything down, that means you get all the stuff off the counters, use a wipe and do it THOROUGHLY. I want it to be clean."
Don’t worry mom. We’ve been doing this since we were little kids. I think we got this han-
…okay mom.


Same exact thing.

Lol. I just nod and smile.


You’re mom sounds like an old manager I once had. :smiley:

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