Analyzing YOU, the player

When it comes to FGs, we all have our bad habits and tendencies as well as things that we do that are unique or that blows others’ minds.

With that in mind, what are some of the things you’ve seen other players do, in KI, for better or for worse?

Feel free to mention specific individuals, provided it’s civil and respectful (constructive criticism only) - that way, they can use the information to improve upon their game and/or realize their bad habits.

I probably break too much. If I can see it, chances are I’ll break it, and that can be a dangerous habit to have.

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I’m very aggressive and lack patience. Whether it’s trying to actively stuff the player or break within the first few frames.

Appreciating frame advantages as Jago along with a strong neutral game help me shift away from these bad tendencies. Kim, RAAM and TJ have vastly improved my struggling areas.

Kim, while an unusual pick, helped me become patient and value the strength of normals. RAAM was also in the similar category along with capitalizing on whiffed attacks because of my patience. TJ without having a solid wake up option and chaining manuals together.

Some Ryu practice in SF also helps me establish a solid fundamental game.

Essentially, it all boils down to what I learned wrong in my first casual-competitive take at a FG. I overuse dp, break often and assault way too much. All due to how I learned when I started, not having a teacher at the time. Now, I have to try so hard to rid these bad habits that are almost engraved in my muscle memory.

My tendency to adapt to different scenarios is slow. I need to get hit by certain moves in monuments X amount of time then respond.

I guess break far too often.

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Jeez…I wanna not get carpal tunnel from writing an essay so i’ll give up some brief notes.

Juggles - I can’t find a middle ground. There are buttons i can see, get worried it’s bait and not break. Othertimes, i’ll kinda zone out and lose track.

Punishment - I really want to do better on this and has been the thing i’ve been working on lately. I’d get gifted with an over eager Jago where i block a DP? I go for light opener’s speed vs heavy opener’s damage.

Player recognition - Yeah, i’ll recognize a gamertag and play horrendously. ITAmaster perfected me, Rebelo perfected me, SonicDolphin bodied me, KI4Life bodied me, Geek bodied me, yada yada.

Breaking/Defense - Breaking, i feel, is decent; not great, not terrible. Could always use work. General defense can always use work, especially on teching throws or backdashing them.

No secondary characters - I’ve spent all my focus on one character and i’m at the point where this is a weakness to my game.

Insofar as other players - I haven’t played many in long sets to pickup on tendencies or weaknesses outside of people in exhibition or lobbies. I’ve played a few people from these forums, but in standard 2/3 matches.

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My opponent: Godlike every single time

Me: Trash every single time.

It’s an occupation. Some call me the trash man.


I manual A LOT, and do not vary much from my muscle memory combos.

I also push buttons a lot. If I see a gap in an attack, I’m already pushing the next button instead of blocking it out.

And we should play sometime @SneerfulWater57! I think it would be fun. :smile:

This is me in a handbasket…

  1. I break too much especially if I am in an impatient/bad mood that day. If I’m having a good day I am more likely to be more patient and look for a better place to break.

  2. Anti-airing. I am absolutely terrible at countering jump ins. My only saving grace if I’m playing someone with a good reversal like RAAM’s QCF+HK.

  3. I’m bad at implementing new stuff that I found in the dojo to an actual real fight. I tend to get into the same habits and do the same set up multiple times in a row. I’ll sometimes get a round or two on someone that is better than me but after a couple of fights usually people figure out my BS.

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As a newbie I dont have good Fundamentals and I "read"break too much.

The way I understood how to play KI was I use specials as footsies to get in. Its not.

See the way it was explained to me was you use specials to check each other. Maybe I misunderstood what was being said, this was Max Dood during the first KI tournament and his commentary.

Iirc it was during the match with the Sadira player and how she was playing “footsies” at full screen with her specials. I know what footsies looked like in SF, but I thought in KIs mechanics this was the equivalent to that.

A lot of my problems vanished when I sat down and played a set using nothing but buttons. Suddenly everything about footsies started to click. Frame Data made sense, walking back and forth was more than just blocking a “random” button, and I finally understood why you use Buttons instead of Jago’s LK Wind Kick.

I drop combos, I leave damage on the table and my neutral game is far from optimized but recently Ive been holding up my own against KILLERS in ranked using nothng but medium spacing, cr.MK, standing forward and sweep.

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Break too often
Break too early
Guess break to quick

Manual too much, therefor I miss easy auto double on jump in attacks

Block too little
Cant react to up close overheads very well

I attack and push the tempo too much, when I should balance with a bit of waiting for opponents to make a mistake. I cant stand players that just wait for you to attack , they block and then do their little Combo assist hit confirm into combo
Then they get all bent out of shape if you sit back and wait on them.

I think that covers it all

I break too fast

It takes forever for me to pick up on tendencies. So I need ft5 or 10s.

If I see new tech, I’ll just wipe out hard and then it takes forever to learn how to defend

Without realizing it, I start going into a loop on offense.

While trying to do certain attacks, I forget I have other buttons

Sometimes I get over confident and I’ll play with my food. Even against a top 32 guy.

My execution sometimes goes to utter hell. So I have to fall back to hisako.

Those are my weaknesses that I can think of. My strengths are in good number, but I still need much work.

Sure, i’m usually around in the later hours EST. Could be another name to add to the list of people that body me lol.

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Ouch. That hurts bro… :cry:


Lmao, no DP inputs, catch counter cuz some reason I can hit 3 buttons faster than I can hold “back” to block, she’s naturally scary to attack, life bar erasing resets with easy QCB or TK inputs, she has advantages over fulgore haha

I have this undying urge to wake up DP even if I know they’ll block it.
That, and I have this need to go for lp > lp > > fire ball.
Got the habit from playing Street Fighter.

I have a bad tendency of ONLY using lights in combos when I’m using Shago.

That speed adrenaline get’cha?

I know this is SO true! Hisako is insane! I used my then level 7 Hisako against a level 50 Orchid… utterly destroyed her. In fact the guy rage quit after I took his first life bar.

She’s a very solid character with obscene damage and potential.

Yet… Forever Sadira main! :smiley: