An online KI experiment- How bad is it out there?

Did a few tonight:-

1st set Killer Orchid, me as Maya, he said something on mic I didn’t catch at match start, then later muttered something that sounded like me not knowing my character (actually it’s mainly rust that I just can’t seem to shake off anymore, I’m generally doing much worse than I was at the beginning of the year, whatever I was doing better then, I seem to have totally forgotten now) we play around 5 and then he switches to Maya, presumably to show me “how it’s done” and I go Shin Hisako, I play two more before I quit cause I don’t wanna play the one upmanship game.

2nd set Killer Sadira vs my Shinsako, ties up 2 all, no disrespect, Ultra>ender. I stop to message him to say I’m enjoying the matchup, but he’s already left exhibition before chat loads up, so after we chatted a bit and tried to get a lobby going but for some reason it decided not to work, overall a friendly player, no issues. :slight_smile:

3rd set gold low character level TJ, I recognised the gamer tag from a previous night and asked if he wanted to do low level character practice, did about 20 matches, had fun and got to exercise my level 10 Glacius, level 4 Cinder and level 20-ish Sadira. Fun matches and good games. :grin:

Not a bad night at all.


I hate it when people do this! Had a guy do this to me Saturday and I completely wrecked his omen… like bad… gave him the FOS special :wink:

Sounds like a good set… I see that by you sending a message from the beginning that tends to wave off any rude behavior by immediately extending an olive branch. Good idea!

So far I’ve played 1 set online in Ranked since this thread started. I’ve been working on leveling up Thunder and have been sticking mostly to shadow survival, but I wanted to try him out in ranked. I fought a Killer L30 Shago…No taunts, no teabags, and he ended his Ultra early.

Maybe he wanted to learn the mirror :laughing:


Ha ha yeah right! you know better than that! People do this all the time which i find odd…like why do most strangers feel the need to put everyone down and belittle them. I love it when it back fires though…boom!

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Unfortunately it didn’t backfire for him this time, like I said I’m rusty crusty and kept falling for quite obvious Maya tricks and he was being very spammy, like if I’d have been paying better attention I could have kept him from getting both carelessly flung daggers back spammy, but what chu gonna do?

I usually wait a couple of rounds before sending messages and I must admit I’m more biased towards messaging Gold players as I feel like at that point they’ve played enough of the game to understand it well and are more likely to stick around in the future, I’ll also often message the respectful Killers, often messaging silver and below yields very few responses or sometimes even abuse when you’re just trying to be helpful.

Also I’m not saying I’m the best player to help them, but I’ll try and be helpful where possible and generally always friendly, if I’m playing Exhibition/lobby I think of it as a separate space from Ranked as that’s usually where I’m trying to play friendly and have fun, sometimes that yields good results. :slight_smile:

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Mon 7-31
1- 3-0 me VS constant taunting and tea baggging Bronze Orchid. He didnt stand a chance.
2- 2-0 no issues… low level qualifier
3- 1-0 vs Gold Sadira…LAG was so bad I had to leave after I won the 1st match. Others=wise no issues
4- Jumping Fulgore rage quit just as it said WINNER! LOL… dude couldn’t handle those Anit air Down HPs!
5- Bronze Gargos got mad and started tea bagging constantly since he wasnt winning. SO i walked forward and let him hit me for a bit then finished him off. LOL… he left
6- 3-2 vs Killer Eyedol…very good player but every time he got into the red life bar it started lagging on the matches I won. No TB or taunts but for sure it would lag only at the end of the match when he needed it. Hmmm… Anyway I had a major comeback while in danger and took his entire life bar…GGS!

All and all a good set for after work. 2 tea baggers out of 6 and 1 possible lag switcher.

Tuesday night, 1:30 AM:

Going Exhibition after few weeks break.

1°) Killer RAAM. I got wrecked 3-0 before i left. Nice match. No issues.
i pm him gg and ty.

2°) Killer Orchid. Good match (got rekt 3-0). No issues.

3°) Killer Thunder. T-bagging long and long. I immediatly quit after a rough match, and he instant start pm me “salty” and “xD”.
Well, fighting a douchebag/toxic player isn’t a good thing. i said that to him. he seems don’t understand…

4°) Bronze Riptor. I beat him then he left. No issues.

5°) Qualifier Gargos. New player spotted. I played safely with him. No issues. He left after the match.

6°) Silver Wulf. won 2-1. Not real issues. On the third match, he goes afk after the second round.
So i start waiting him until the timeout.

Despite that toxic Thunder (he even had stars), I got no issues.
There are still new players in this game, and it’s good to show them a good/non-toxic experience.
But it’s so lame/sad to see some killers starting mocking/being toxic…

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I bet i can guess who the Star thunder was. LOL but IM not gonna name anyone.

Hmm, seems like maybe just 10-20% douchebaggery rate. Seems like XBL has improved!

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Is everybody else but me getting a GG from random matches? xD

The only person in ranked that I recall sending a GG to me was a Riptor player. But then when I used Gargos and beat him his gg came with a side note that you could tell he wasn’t happy :(:disappointed_relieved:

Regarding the forums
Not long ago I do remember fighthing @SneerfulWater57 with another account I hardly use (from a friend). I didn’t tell him it was me (but I did sent a message) . I used Glacius tho… I felt like guilty for using the Iceman. Same when I came across @SoSRaGnArOk and used Gargos because I confused him with another friend with a similar GT (yes,the original idea was to annoy my friend a bit xD ). Didn’t mean to annoy Ragnarok u__u

Sadly I haven’t come across a lot of people from the forums. But if I recognize them I try to say Hello :smile: (however I can be shy )
True that I don’t rank much also.

Back on topic:
I’ll try to write down the next 10 matches for the experiment

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Tuesday, 10AM, 2nd try:

  1. Gold Spinal. I got a small issue at the beginning of the match, and he just waited me :).
    1 match then he left.

  2. Qualifier RAAM, Jago, then Eyedol. New player spotted. i took easy with him. No issues.

  3. Quaiifier Hisako, but seems to be a Killer, despite on his timing. No issues.

Side note: I usually try do not ultra on exhibitions, especially vs newcomers, even ultra/ender.

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Made a lobby for me and one of the guys here,
figured id give it two extra open slots to mix it
up a little, and two other players showed up.

And all of a sudden Tea Bags starting flying-

So me and the other forum member hit back
with a barrage of our own then eventually

we left them to their Tea.


I guess i should say ‘don’t feel bad’? I expect and get Glacius a lot if i get counter-picked, especially by people that probably know or realize i only play one character, so no worries. :slight_smile:

For me, i do make it a point to at the very least tell a person when they beat me well played or well done or something to that degree. I don’t usually say much if i win. Kinda my personal rule.

I haven’t kept tabs on my last 10 matches and whatnot. I will say that i usually play in the am EST, and usually find Killers with occasional Golds. The last few days of the month, however, usually draws out the riff-raff in ranked and this month was no exception. So i’ll keep this in mind but wait a little while before i note what happens in a stretch of games.

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Playing Ranked right now:

Game 1: pro-star, beat me, stage ultra and cancelled ultra

Game 2: killer, cancelled ultra

Game 3: same guy as 2, no incident.

Then a brief interlude playing against my son who taunted and teabagged and multi-ultraed as much as possible. Kids. :smirk:

…And then he did it some more because he read what I was posting here and decided not to disappoint.

Ranked #4…my son got on ranked and since it’s kinda empty right now I got matched up with him. He didn’t get a chance to do anything since I was playing for keeps that time, so no incident there.

Ranked #5: Another Killer, no incident, GG. Very tricky Sadira match.

Ranked 6: Killer, no incident.

Ranked 7: Pro-star, Ultra.

Ranked 8: Killer, Glacius mirror match. No incident.

Ranked 9: Gold, disconnected before we even started.

Ranked 10: Killer, Cancelled ultra, taunt at the end.


Account: Friend’s gold account
Ranked: low Gold (demoted)
Time: 3 to 4 pm

1# Killer Jago that would jump back and sudden windkick. I hate when ppl play like that. Triple ultra him the first round to shake him up. Second round he was more agressive, nice! Gave that to him. Last round he went back to lame tactic. Beat him, ultra cancel, I stood still. Oh,the round he won he didn’t do anything.

2# Gold Wulf (probably demoted Killer because I remember his GT) no taunts, nothing. He was kind of a turtler,don’t know why he picked Wulf. Maybe he wanted to “teach my how to use it” ,rigth @FallofSeraphs76 :wink: anyway,it didn’t work out for him.

3# Killer Hisako with a star. Beat my Wulf in close matches. Did nothing, just stood still .
Rant mode on//Please erase that character ,She’s disgusting to fight and hardly a KI classic character >=( // rant over

Middle Match: Gold guy chose a different character and disconnected inmediately.

4# Killer Cinder. Taunted me quite much. The lag the moment he started to lose life was terrible. He got the first round, I won the rest. I was going full ultra but he disconnected inmediately,he didn’t give me time to end it fast.btw,he broke everything. I’m not a fan of couterbreaking with lag (it can work though,since you can react better yo ADs)

5# Gold Fulgore. Beat him, nothing happened during the match apart from some crazy lag.

Ooohhh,now I see GoW4 is updating right now. I don’t play when this happens. I’ll give it a rest and will continue with the second part later today. This will do to find more players Indeed :slight_smile:

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Forget GoW atm. The august update is a mess. A reworked gow4 map and a new map.
Escalation balance, not horde fixes. Classic Dom as Monthly new character.

On topic: I’ll play again in a few days.

Ranked - Tues 8-1-17
1- 1-0 vs Bronze Gargos…no issues
2- 2-0 vs Killer Fulgore…no issues
3- 1-0 vs Qualifier Omen…no issues
4- 2-0 vs Gold Wulf…no issues
5- 1-0 vs Qualifier ORchid… no issues

Well lookie there! No toxic scrubs this time and I went undefeated! GGs!

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LMAO…so much for no toxicity! Next match Killer…taunt Tea bag and 2x ultra. A hole

And then against with D baby n trish …another a hole…IM not impressed… you got pissed because i kicked your ■■■ the 1st match…how dare you loose to a gold player because you have 9 stars…IM not impressed at all… you barely won the set…punk ■■■

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You do realize this in itself is also a form of toxicity? Take the high road and don’t let it get you.