An online KI experiment- How bad is it out there?

Ok, so I made a post a few minutes ago in the GG’s thread about my 10 match experience with KI Exhibition online community and what type of atmosphere each match entailed. We have had a few discussions this past week about how the online matches seem to be more “toxic” lately than of the past experiences.
Are we just remembering that 1 bad match out of 20 good ones? Or is it really more bad than good? Well only one way to find out and that’s with some real, HONEST DATA.
So feel free to add your 10 match, or 5 match experience the next 2 weeks and lets see how it really looks!
Only honest data… no exaggeration , NO GAMETAGS or FLAMING, no past experiences played off as current. Only TRUE current info on what you come across online while playing KI.
Tea bags, Taunts, 2x ultras, Mic noise, verbal trash talking, Rage mail, ect…

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Here is my 1st set listed below…

Today’s Exhibition online community while leveling up Shinsako to 50…
1st set= 2 tea bags and 2 taunts 4 matches total 2-2 (he left once tied up)
2nd - Left at ready screen (Low tiers PLEASE USE THE SEARCH FILTER!!!)
3rd- Same guy from 1st set, left at ready screen (He is scurd! Lol )
4th- New player, Qualifier, no issues…I took it easy to help him learn. 2-0 GGs!
5th- Same guy from 1 and 3… left at ready screen again.
6th- Decent Gold Kan-ra/ Kim Wu- I went 6-0 with Shinsako…no issues…no TB taunts or 2x ultras. GGs!
7th- Qualifier, low level, took it easy, no issues, 1 and done. GGs!
8th- Qualifier, low level, took it easy, no issues, 2 and done. GGs!
9th- Cocky Silver Jago…taunts out the gate, land 3 counter breakers… still gets wrecked…leaves immediately. GGs lol
10th- Qualifier, took it easy, 2-0 GGs

So what Ive noticed here in this 10 match series is …

There are a lot of new players out today… lets be cool to them and not run them off. Offer help or a message of encouragement.
Only 2 A-holes out of 10 isn’t bad for today. I’ve had days much worse, like yesterday.
So I’m going to start a thread to continue this experiment. Please join me and list your 5-10 matches with a brief description so we can see with real data…how bad is it out there?? But you have to be honest…no exaggerating or using past experiences. It has to be honest and current.

Hope to see what you find!


Interesting concept, give me some time to create a video of my 10 matches online (5 ranked, 5 exhibition) to see the outcome…


Great idea… but we dont want to use any GTs to flame anyone …OK?
Also has to be all 10 in a row… no cherry picking.
Videos are cool, but written data is easier for us all to see and compile data quickly

I’ll work on it. I’m streaming at the moment but I’ll rewatch the archive and tell you the results.

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3 more matches, EX, silver player. Taunted and tea bagged in all 3 matches, went for a 2x ultra but dropped it.
He beat my scrub Shinsako 2-1

Hmm, I don’t have 10 in a row so far today, but I have 3 from Exhibition (I played ranked but my recollections of ranked aren’t so clear today, except from seeing Valoraxe there, no double Ultra or taunting there! I think I must have zoned out a bit in ranked, haha.)

1st set - really chill Killer did about 15 matches with him, he used Eagle (first time I’ve played one) and Kan-Ra. I apologised for my rust and he said it was all good, he GG’ed me after, added me as a friend and said I was good, despite me only netting 4 wins, which was nice, no taunts no teabags and no Ultras at all. :smiley:

2nd set - qualifier Sabrewulf around player level 15 who was probably not a qualifier at all, he knew an awful lot of tricks, for instance I accidentally opener/endered and he broke straight away, knew about wall bounce, etc. I used this match for training purposes for my Shinsako, but I really should have gone with someone I knew better, ended with him taunting and an instant disconnect after 1 match, which adds to me thinking he wasn’t really a qualifier, one of those “I’ll rub this in your face and leave” types.

3rd set - extremely laggy Killer Orchid, did a fancy Ultra rather than a long, tedious one. I left this set on the grounds of it being pretty unplayable due to lag after the second match stating “this would be fun if we didn’t have a potato connection” to no response.

I post more if/when I have more, first set was a breath of fresh air after what seems to have been happening recently, though. :smiley:


3 is fine…5 is fine…hell 1 would suffice i guess. But it doesn’t have to be today guys… it can be any day the next 2 weeks… lets see what it all tally’ s up to in 2 weeks.

This remembers me of my last week. I’m new to KI and KI commmunity, and I don’t play so much. I’m putting effort to improve. So, I had the desire to look for some good matches, then I went to exibition. A lvl 50 qualifier guy appeared (I’m silver), I picked Omen and he picked Shago. I got rekt, and he landed 3 Ultras at my face, also when his life was still green he taunted and stopped moving. That was so disrespectful. Just because I’m not skilled yet he could at least be respectful. When I land Ultra on someone I always cancel it. Whats the purpose to land 2, 3 ultras on someone? Just to show off? Jerks.


Yeah, we need to help the lower level player so they stick around instead of running them off or discouraging them from playing online. IM not innocent…Ive been that jerk before, but usually its only once IM provoked and I return the favor to show them how it feels. But sometimes I feel its better to not do anything at all and just let the win do the talking.
I know its hard, and ego can be tough to tuck away, but the best thing to do is just leave once that happens and dont rematch, dont give them the satisfaction to do that to you again and again.


No worries, I’m not trying to attack others, I’ll play with gamertags off. Also the videos are just a complimentary but I’ll still type down the information and whatnot.

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After that he sent a message: “Sorry”. I didn’t answer and didn’t rematch. I’m awful, but when I fight with guys who clearly are less skilled than me, I end with the match quick. I put the same effort as if was a Killer ranked. Taunt, dozens of Ultras, blah… it makes me sick.


Huh, I might try this later. I might even make a video for fun. It might just be me but I mostly end up finding people I’ve seen before but I guess that’s just my rank at this point. Exhibition or Rank?

Is this to include SL MP?

Doesnt matter… just overall atmosphere of online opponents in KI. But definitely notate which it is since playing Higher caliber opponents in ranked may allow for less drama in ranked since they are ready to play and move on.

@GeneralScrebor I guess SL multiplayer can work… it still has all the option s for being a jerk as EX and Ranked does LOL

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Ive had that same experience ,it sucks but you shouldn’t let it get you down ,if anything it should just motivate you to get good enough to do it right back at him someday.

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You’re right. I still playing and I just ignore these guys. Today I played some exhibition matches and was fun.

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Well, I’m in Indonesia until saturday and I may not have much time once I get home. But I will see what I can do.


Cool, be safe over there. Damn…Indonesia…that’s crazy.

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Today I played on a gold account to take it back to killer

Ranked matches: 1 bronze, 1silver, 3 gold,5 killer.

Lost to some killers in a dumb way . They really played badly imo. Mashing in extreme, no reacting to anything, breaking all manuals and me whiffing the counterbreakers because …online and randomness.
The ones I lost, nothing, they even ultra cancel fast.
(Maybe because I fought them before and was respectful when I won? Dunno).
The matches were close.

Just one “semi taunt” from a player I’ve faced before and he tends to troll. He lost anyway. He would have taunted and tbaged if he would have won, I’m pretty sure. But he picked Jago, and I’m not a stranger in that MU.

So far I can say this night was respectful.


Exhibition Sunday 7-30 @ 11:30am- 12:30 pm.

Match #1 - Silver left at the ready screen
2- Taunting and tea bagging Jago right out the gate. 2-0 he got wrecked by Shinsako and left.
3- Decent gold Gargos, No issues, I won 2-1 and then left.
4- Same guy as #3 taunted and tea bagged all 3 matches. His Eyedol beat my Kilgore
5- Decent Kanra, Glacius and Thunder. I went 6-0 (Omen) no issues…then he won match #7 and started taunting and tea bagging. I then won the next 4-0 (Kilgore). Only 1 more taunt during those 4. Ended 10-1 with only 2 matches with douchness. He left after 10

3 out of 5 Taunt and tea bag. 1 left at ready screen…1 was GGs until the 2nd match making so technically all 5 opponents had issues.