An idea that would revolutionize fighting games, or at least stir things up

You have a high opinion about your own ideas. XD

Well, would not online betting create new spectrum of tension and salt? Not mentioning making online fighting games more significant and interactive compared to other online games. IMO this would be nice incentive for newcomers.

Yeah as much as I like the idea of being able to put some cash down on a match or some sort of system where everyone puts up a set amount of money in for a tournament and the winner has that money put in to their account immediately, there are just too many mitigating factors.

I mean, a lot of people have their credit cards tied in to their systems. That alone would lead to issues like “no someone was playing under my user ID, they got my info… No way I’d spend $500 on a fighting game. What’s Killer Instinct?” It just seems like a system rife for exploitation, thievery and general naughtiness. :slight_smile:

I don’t even know if KI Gold would be the best idea since that’s paid for with real money. Now, if there were some sort of currency in the game that you could earn in larger sums only by playing and wagering online, and an ever-expanding list of items that only this specific currency unlocks… I could see that being a great option for what OP’s talking about.

Maybe everyone gets 200 of this currency once a week, and they can choose to either bank it and save up for stuff that way, or bet and try earn more off of people. I’d think that’d be a pretty fun thing to do online.

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Combine this idea with my last idea on making the game easier. It would go hand in hand with attracting new players.

Make it truly free 2 play. Earn in game credits via Shadow mode. Beat high level Shadows and you get Shadow credit which you can use to buy characters, colors, Concept Art, profile stuff, and digital trading cards. You can also receive credit by achieving specific ranks in each match like after a mission in Devil May Cry. A score from F-S rank. That screen that everyone ignores that shows you what you used like throws or blocking would then become useful and when you do use most of those mechanics you would receive an S rank after a match giving you shadow points. A lower score would give you fewer shadow credits. Three characters would then be weekly rotating characters in order for people to look into characters they may want to pursue in saving Shadow credits for.

Shadow Credit betting. It’s not real money so there is no harm. You would watch a KI stream and be able to bet Shadow Credit in game. After a match people would win or lose credits. This would promote the scene and it would be hilarious to watch people cry over losing 1000 shadow credits for betting against Rico. Muh Fight Money. This largely requires a change in the UI highlighting that Esports betting is viable and changing the UI so that it is more esports focused instead of just having it in the meld. Can only bet up to the amount of credit you have.

The main revenue would then come from costumes which can only be bought with KI Gold which is real money. They would also start selling dancing taunts for each character, new particle effects, new win poses, intro poses, respect taunts, and more. All of this is KI Gold only. Ending a match with a respect taunt would then trigger a respect end pose with that respect taunt. Both players would then receive Shadow Credits. Ending a match with a dancing taunt would trigger a humiliation end making it so the opponent has to endure the dancing of his enemy which would end with the opponent then dying out of humiliation. Only the one who caused the humiliation would receive Shadow Credits. Letting Intro poses rock would mean each person gets shadow credits. The one who cancels an intro pose would miss out on credits. This promotes people getting intro poses and seeing how awesome new different poses look and in general is pretty good for the game when people first see KI on Streams attracting new players just like Overwatche’s Play of the Games have characters posing and look professional.

Loot Boxes. Three keys would be needed to open a loot box. You would receive 1 every match you got an A-S rank on. You can also spend Shadow points or KI Gold to get more keys. Keys would cost significantly more Shadow Credits than characters would. In the box you would get 6 items completely random and can range from anything in the game including colors, concept art, skins, more shadow credits, particle effects, and more. This risk of the random loot box is that you get only concept art or profile stuff so you would decide if it’s worth spending KI Gold or a large amount of Shadow credit in order for a chance of a free Skin or Humiliation dance. A random loot box with random items for any characters in the game. All of this would promote people to get good at the game, play different characters, and retain players.

Of course this would mean they would have to put extra effort in their extra content which so far is really hit and miss.

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I can ABSOLUTELY get behind an idea like this. Betting shadow credits, getting keys for higher ranked wins, all of the unlocks… I know this would tax IG a bit in terms of content creation, as I’m sure they’d have to keep making content to keep this whole experience fresh over a long period of time, but this could be a great, ongoing experience for people and make them want to keep playing.

Great ideas, man!

Thanks. I understand betting with real money system would be troublesome to implement and leave vast room for exploitation.

Then, it does not necessarily have to be money or KI Gold, that could be some in game points, or Shadow Lords items, i dont know… something virtual with no money value you could bet for the thrill of it.


  1. “The Masked Magician” from T.V.



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