An idea that would revolutionize fighting games, or at least stir things up

Online betting system. What if you could bet your KI gold, or real money? Or betting in lobbies. That would make KI, and other fighting games also, much more exciting (as if they were not already).

That’s controversy waiting to happen.


I agree. That would shake up this entire community.

What if we had something with less real world value than actual money? Like what If shadow points could be wagered and used to purchase some items?


Might be. But betting real money would really elevate online fighting games attractiveness compared to other online games. Fighting games could become most played online games. Other genres could build on this idea too.

Maybe so, but could you imagine what would happen if someone lost all of their earnings to a bad wager? Or what if a kid decided to bet all of their parents money in a game? Some peoples lives could be ruined and the media would NOT take kindly to it.

It’s a decent idea, but too many people could take advantage of it.


A new level of salt would accompany all the “Nerf XX character” threads.
Betting something like Shadow Points could be fine, since you earn them by playing.


It wont be legal. It would have to be regulated like gambling and all that stuff.

I could agree with gambling with games goodies, like xp bonus or shadow lords items. But not with real money


As long as real money is not involved it could be fun but I see too many issues if you were to add in real money.

…not with all the cheats readily available and legit lag. No, it’s a terrible idea until technology makes it reasonably possible.

Gambling real money is probably illegal in the US.

You would need to bet either shadow points or XP (Maybe even unlockable colors or costumes). Somehow it would be get abused/exploited.

I would revolutionize the FGC by incorporating built in online tourney brackets and/or clan/team battles.

Not really new (except for the real money thing, which is problematic anyway).

IGAU had a KOTH mode that let you bet on who would win, and would award you a nice amount of XP if you bet right.

This is just a terrible idea. I don’t believe the idea itself would be bad, but it falls right in the “that’s why we can’t have nice things” category.

Even if the gambling was just for points and no real money was involved, soon enough we would have illegal services exchanging points for money and essentially making this into a gambling system. I believe there is already such thing for Steam items, where they use some convoluted system so you’re not actually gambling money so it’s “legal”, but in reality it’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

And that’s just for US. Online games are worldwide, you have to worry at least with the countries where Xbox Live is officially at and that means a bunch of countries where any kind gambling is strictly forbidden or heavily regulated.

Welcome back mic.

There has already been multiple incidents of collusion in tournaments with the FGC, no way the average FGC player can be trusted not to throw games if serious money was on the line when they already do it for chump change!

I don’t think internet gambling is legal everywhere. It might be interesting with KI Gold. It depends on how useful it is in Shadow Lords.

Since the ONLY WAY to get KI Gold is to PAY FOR IT. it won’t happen.

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Making it easier to play the game. Since they already made the combo system easy to use they might as well just make it easy to do special moves. Because some people will probably complain its too easy there should be a trade off. I say one button special moves in combo assist but also if they do do that they have to wait for a cooldown period like league of legends. Also showing a aiming reticle showing off where a projectile or special move will go like league would be good.

Tutorial needs a reboot explaining the difference between Assist and no Assist. Some of the things in the tutorial are harder in assist because of added hits.

Am recommending this because Riot, the creators of League of Legends, acquired that robot fighting game studio that used cooldowns. Only a matter of time before they release a league of legends fighting game with cooldowns making it so it seems revolutionary in the field of fighting games and becomes immensely popular.

cough smash cough

Although it’s rarely used because the for glory matches are less than professional a lot of the time, especially since the system seems to prioritize teams with random people as your partner or free for alls… And gold in that game doesn’t really matter…

I think KI betting is an OK idea, as long as it’s not real money or the equivalent, just I’d need to see a match with that person to try to bet lol. Anyways people would always bet for the higher ranked person.

Ki gold betting