Amphibious Adjustments! Rash Feedback and Suggestions

So I wanted to make this thread to get the community’s opinion on rash. Stuff like what they feel he needs adjusted, what they like about him, and what they don’t like him. Please keep it some what civil, it’s well known that not a lot of people like the frog, as he’s kind of a jerk, but don’t be too harsh in listing your thoughts. Eventually I’ll write down my opinion on the matter, but I’m curious to see everyone’s thoughts first. Also I take forever to write down my thoughts, so maybe seeing other people’s opinions might give me a nice frame of reference to speed up my thought process.

The only reason I hate Rash is because most of the Rash players play exactly the same. Wrecking ball and tonguing everywhere. So boring. Those few who are good though with him are really fun to play against.

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Really the only thing I absolutely hate is the hop thrusting at the end of every match. Ots just as annoying if not more so than tea bagging, and the player cant even stop it, he just does it regardless.

In before someone says he’s plus on everything.


Personally, his sweep being -1 is a bit out there for me. I feel as a general thing amongst the entire cast that sweeps should be at least -10 or more.

Playing an extensive set with AphexArcade, the tongue is quite a hard thing to deal with, but the fact he gets such good follow ups with his pressure strings, better than Sadira or Cinder, is really crazy. I honestly don’t know how I would adjust it. He gets insanely good high low mix ups with tongue that makes any follow up an air attack and technically an overhead which immediately follows a low short to boot. IMO, he has the best high low mix ups in the game.

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You shouldnt be able to air attack out of wrecking ball. Better yet, how about we just remove wrecking ball entirely?

His mobility is stupid good. The sweep is annoying, the wrecking ball is VERY annoying, but he has so many ways to move around. Decent walking speed, the tongue, that battering ram, using the wrecking ball, instinct bike, a walking throw…

Damn, the salt is real :joy:

I personally think he’s fine for now.


Can Aganos not contest tongue follow-ups after it’s blocked? With Hisako, I can just down+MP after blocking a tongue (or if he lands in front of me) and I’ll counter hit him out of whatever he tries to do next. I’d think Aganos’s LK (which hits fairly high up) would be able to accomplish something similar. Or does Rash just get to come in at crazy angles because of how large a target Aganos is?

And yeah, his frames on sweep are crazy good considering its range. Other than that, I don’t really have any major issues with him. Shadow big boot hitbox is silly, but it’s not really unbalanced or anything, just annoying.

Wrecking ball is fine, mobility is mostly fine, throw is really good in conjunction with run. Only real thing that I think needs changing is his sweep. -1 just seems a little too safe considering he is throwing out a low hitting hard knockdown with some respectable range.

Yeah I was actually surprised when I learned that, most people’s sweeps are usually at least -5, and I just assumed rash’s was the same. Wish I would’ve know that earlier lol. I also agree that shadow boot’s hitbox being a bit much, I mean the animation is pretty large so it kinda makes sense, but I think it still needs a trim.

I’ve had a couple of ideas to adjust wrecking ball, I just haven’t nailed down a specific one yet.

Nah, wrecking ball isn’t too terrible. It has to be done at very specific heights and spacings or else it’s pretty easily punishable by the whole cast.

Salt? Nah.

Glacius gets me salty, Aganos gets me on tilt…

The toad? Just envious of his moves.

I can use standing short, but training myself in doing this for this scenario has been hard. I can try to follow up with Shadow Natural Disaster, but if done too late, he stuffs it easy.

No complaints about standing roundhouse (even if it carries him forward), I’ll manage.

If I can do it, you can too!

Rash’s dewlap is missing, pretty much the only thing that bothers me.

People are giving Rash’s shenanigans too much respect, essentially getting “bullied” by things they shouldn’t be afraid of. (I think this will work it self out on eventually)

Everything Rash have can be easily punished. As my second hand in combat i must say that the frog is fine, he is only really annoying when not played recklessly, but playing rash without being reckless is so annoying…

Players are giving him too much room for sure.

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I agree that it’s usage is pretty niche, at least in higher levels of play, and if it isn’t done a certain way it’s punishable, but that’s part of the reason why I think it needs a rework.

It just isn’t pleasant for anyone honestly. For the user, not only is it bad on block, but it’s also kinda slow on start up, the earliest it comes out is frame 18 (that being the light version). So in high level you kinda get dunked on if you don’t use it intelligently. On the other hand, it’s understandable that the people that have to deal with move are annoyed by it. Everything about the move just screams annoying, a forward advancing move that has armor, he can do an aerial out of it, it pushes you to the corner/causes a wall splat, and by far the most rage inducing part of it all, a giant frog in sunglasses is the one using it…and he’s cheesing you the whole time.

Seriously though, the move is just annoying for everyone, and while it isn’t necessary, it could stand a rework to make it a decently useful move, while being a little less annoying to deal with. Would go a long way to making the toad a little less yolo, and a little more likable, just my 2 cents.

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The fact that a giant frog with sunglasses is beating you causes rage. Just look at him. When salty,I just look at his idle stance when someone is beating me and I feel offended. Just look at him. Most of the time I am fine though.

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