Am I the only one that thinks Fulgore is Eagle?

I just don’t get all the hype for Eagle all of a sudden. I have always seen Fulgore as Eagle. I just watched Fulgore’s endings again before I wrote this, just take sure my memory was right. They refer to a fighting spirit, and losing his humanity.

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Read up on the KI Novella, Some things have changed.

I will, but can’t help it is because Fulgore is from S1. Just like Mira and Sadira make more sense than Maya and Mira. Of course these are just the thoughts of an old man who likes it when they keep a existing story and dont remake it from nothing.

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Fulgore was Eagle as far as seasons 1 & 2 were concerned but once again they’ve back-peddled the plot and are actively changing things on the fly.


Great. It is nice to know that I am not crazy. Between this and Facebook, I thought I was the only one who thought that. Why mess with the story if it has already been in two seasons?

I just would like for IG to admit they they don’t like to deal with S1 at all. I think S1 would be alot different if they would have done the game from the start, then there would not be this dislike towards S1.

Between the season 1 character bios (found in the Xbox store, etc), season 1 multi-ending story, season 2 rivals mode story, season 2 textual backstories, season 3 novella and the soon to be released Shadow Lords mode, the story is pretty much changing each step of the way as far as I can tell. I’ve never really seen a story that retcons itself in the same game as much as this one has.

At least it feels that way to me, honestly I don’t know where the hell the plot is going.

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Wait… there’s a plot that other than “ultratech are dicks”?

Could have fooled me.

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When DH took over development you could easily tell that this game was intended to be a direct sequel to KI2 (with some few recons to keep things streamlined). Jago’s crisis of faith due Gargos’ betrayal, Sabrewulf’s cybernetic arms coming off, and Fulgore mark 03 are some major examples of this.

But when IG took over, they went full-on reboot which kind of made it confusing as there were now two different perspectives of the story. Which is why the expanded backstories came to be so they could finally piece the two perspectives together.

If I remember correctly, I heard them say that the reason why IG did this is because they wanted to give the series a fresh, new start and not to force newcomers to know the story of the previous games to understand this one.

Then again I could be wrong.


This is sort of unfair, in my opinion. Considering for decades the story of every fighting game changed completely depending on which character you picked…

I mean, they blatantly state this in Season 2. It’s been revealed however that his body is still intact so he can still be a playable character somehow.


I’m disappointed that they are just going to make another supposed dead character come back from the dead. I feel like IG could’ve been more creative instead of making Eagle an actual character. Season 3 compared to Season 1 & 2 is super lackluster. Unfinished looking characters (Kim Wu, Tusk, Mira), all the guest characters including the next one coming that ryhmes with General Khan, and now Eagle. I’m one of the guys that doesn’t care that Eyedol doesn’t make a return but I was really looking forward to a Minotaur character.

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That actually sounds kind of interesting. How hard does he it? Are there any in-game examples that show just how strong he is?

He is the end boss of a game, so that should give you an idea on how strong he is.

Stay on topic please.

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The Guest are awesome. with sick mix ups and strong tools

Sorry, I was just answering a question.

Fairly sure KI 2013 was a reboot from the very start…

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My bad, I really wasn’t really thinking about it when I asked the question.

As for the topic at hand, I always thought that was the idea but now it looks like they are making it so Eagle is still alive and in one piece (albeit in some kind of stasis chamber) while still making it possible for UT to give Fulgore units his fighting prowess.