Am I the only one getting bored? :/

don’t get me wrong…I love ki…but all this time…and we havent even gotten any news at all about whats to come…and the hype for me is starting to go down :confused:


Happens to everyone at some point. It’s happened to me a couple of times. We don’t exactly know when they’ll release anything at this point so…yeah.

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Yeah, it’s Hype Hangover. That moment when KI news is slow to nonexistent and people are starting to come down from the past season. It happened last summer, but was short since TJ & Maya came in last Fall.

This might be tougher, but we can ride it out.

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I feel like maybe they can tease characters throughout the year…to keep the hype up…ki is niche fighting game…a great one at that…but ppl will lose interest if they have nothing to look forward to…besides a…"oh season 3 confirmed"can we get some more trailers…or a whole season trailer like the season 2 trailer…maybe have some game updates…to keep things fresh

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Wee need a textual stream ASAP.


I was thinking the same thing. I stopped playing KI for two months straight when MKX came out and then came back to KI again.

MKX is catching my interest again with all these changes but I’m not entirely sure though. On the otherhand, I should finally be getting a PS4 today so I might have to preorder SFV to be able to get in on the Beta.

Spent 6 days this month playing KI which I managed to still get top 8 on my wife’s account for ranked.

Spent all last week in the BO3 Beta as well too.

I was quite bored for a while. Started getting back into it. Finally got Spinal color 9. Somewhat bored now that I’m running out of characters to max out, since that was one of my favorite things to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to bored club…

I’m recognising some names on the shadows, both in bounties and on the survival ladder.
It passes the time :smile:

People wanted the game to stop getting updated and be stable for a while, and that is happening now.

Less than 3 months later, you have folks saying ‘keep updating!’, even though a surprise beta character is still available to play right now!

You can’t have it both ways, though.

There is a lot to enjoy in the finished Season 2, and more Shadows will be added as time goes as well. I’m certain when I say that you haven’t found, mastered, or learned all you can about every character in every matchup. Leave your comfort zone, explore other parts of the game or other characters. Lots of fun to be had remains, for sure. And who knows what else could happen?


So I have been out of the game for while since I don’t have an x1, but one thing for sure that would pump me up when DID play the game was the idea of locals. There is a guy on this forum that hopes to start one in boston. Im hyped for that. Perhaps some of ya’ll could start locals at your respective locations. Maybe that will stir some hype. Try other games. I was playing mkx at a buds house and man is it fun! Switching games or taking breaks really does the trick!

Exactly keits, they never can be satisfied eh. Thanks for all the hard work you all are doing. I been on a break from video games, but I know one thing for sure, KI is a gem of this generation and there is nothing I look forward more to then getting a match in! On another note, where do ya suggest I go to learn aganos better? Before the break I was really starting to get the hang of him. I learned through watching players that his normals are key. What else do ya suggest?

No worries :slight_smile: I’m sure your hype will get back when things start to move.
Let them work. When there is enough to show i’m sure we will know.

In the meantime. Keep playing, play something else, do something else =)
If you have absolutely nothing to do besides KI then I suppose it will be harder for you.

Yeah, waiting for Shadow Jago

Yeah I think Keits has the right answer here.

It’s really tough when you have so many people saying “let the game breathe” and “stop releasing patches so frequently”, and then a 3 month period with no patches has people bored to tears already?

I’m not sure what they should be doing. No doubt they are thinking about what direction they want to take the existing characters in Season 3, but they obviously can’t tell us any thoughts on that right now, because people will think “man, they’re nerfing my character” and quit, or they’ll think “that’s a cool new tool my character is getting, why would I bother playing the current version?” and quit.

I also don’t think getting character teases this early is any better. All it does is create anticipation for something 7 months away that you can’t have yet, so it makes the current product feel incomplete somehow. I think there are good lessons to learn from S2 here… so many people said “I’m waiting for broccoli man” so they don’t play much of the game up until Aganos’s release, and then when Aganos came out, some of those people didn’t resonate with the character anyway, so they just… continued to not play. I think the answer is to be a bit less forthcoming with info about new characters (until the character is almost ready to be released) and let people play the game that’s in their hands.

That said, I like that we have a date for S3 (March 2016), so we are not totally left in the dark. I’m hoping we hear a bit more about when they’re planning on releasing Shadow Jago, even if they aren’t ready to give us the full breakdown yet.


There’s obviously different “tiers” (to borrow the phrase) of people playing the game. I think the tournament players are happy to see no updates and are honing their skills. But I think there’s a pretty big mass of players that are in the habit of playing KI when each new character drops and then wandering off when they get bored, until the next character drops.

I think Kiets is right that there is plenty to do. I haven’t even beaten Story mode with all the characters. And the fun of the game is playing other people - so as long as there are people online you should be able to keep it interesting. But people will always get bored and wander off to do other things. I’m playing Arkham Knight right now. But I still find time for a few hours of KI here and there.

@Infilament I see what you’re saying about releasing too much information too soon. But I think a steady trickle (or punctuated meatier announcements) are probably required to keep the game relevant. I’d hate to see S3 be totally behind a curtain for the next 7 months.

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Yeah, I don’t think it’ll be behind a curtain for 7 months (naturally they will talk more about the game before its release). I just… don’t think they’ll have much to say probably until November or December, which is still 4 months away from release. We’ll probably be in a bit of a “dry spell” (that is, time to play the game as it stands) until Shadow Jago comes out, whenever that is.

You’re right that casuals and tournament players will play the game with different goals and on different schedules, and it’s impossible to please both camps I think. The S2 release schedule probably benefitted casuals a bit more, since they can check back in once a month and have some fun (but by no means IMO was the S2 release schedule overly cruel on tournament players either). And now, this current release schedule of … nothing probably benefits the tournament players more (but leaves casuals with plenty to do if they’re interested).

I just dunno how KI is supposed to satisfy everyone, when some want lots of updates and others want none. They also can’t release information they don’t have yet (for example, what the final S3 characters look like), and releasing other stuff way ahead of the date is probably a little cruel, don’t you think?

I think it’d be pretty cool if they did a few more “beta tests” like they did with Rash along the way. SFV’s beta, connection problems notwithstanding, is going over pretty well to keep the public interested in the game, even though it’s many months away from release. If KI released a month of beta version Kim Wu in December/January, I think that’d be pretty awesome.

Yeah I haven’t played lately, and barely check this forum. But after Season1 the same thing happened, then Season 2 brought me back harder than ever.

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Nah, I’m still having a ton of fun with the game :grin:

And count me in the also-amused category about people decrying that there’s nothing new to see here, in some cases the exact same people who were complaining about how the game was changing too much and blah blah blah. It’s very instructive.

I wouldn’t worry about them going completely dark on us…the team has been very good throughout the life of the game in keeping us informed. As Infil says, we’re wuite a ways out still - we’ll learn more as the actual launch date approaches.