Aganos Tweaks

Okay, but that doesn’t change the fact that your opponent would still remain cornered.

well they need to get good real fast then.

…or the devs could choose not to break the game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aganos should gain a command normal with Back MP that gives him a 180 degree fly swat over his whole head, similar in arc to Eclipse but not in Hit-box, damage, or priority. It’s slow but it’ll be very useful, and on hit the move lunches the opponent for air-juggle.

He should also gain a fake-chunk up that allows him to put his hand toward the ground and make the scooping animation but no chunk is recieved. Whats the point of doing the whole chunk animation but get no chunks you ask? Well unlike the true chunk-up move this fake one can be cancelled at Any frame of the move similar to a taunt. You can cancel any part of the animation into a grab, a special, a normal, or into Instinct.

I think these two things would make Aganos just completely fleshed out. Even though I like his instinct now, I still think I prefer my other idea of his instinct but that’s a different conversation.

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If Aganos could fake chunk up, it’d be incredibly broken. For some characters, pretty much the ONLY time they get to attack Aganos (if he has even a single chunk) is when he tries to do something massively unsafe, like raw natural disaster or chunk grab. To be able to bait it would basically force the opponent to LET Aganos build real chunks, or else pay the price for trying to come in when he’s faking it.


Nah you are OD exaggerating right now. There’s definitely more than 2 ways for every character to eradicate an Aganos even with 3 chunks. Aganos can be punished doing anything as long as you are patient and poke chunks away, or hit confirm into moves that perfectly or utterly destroy his armor. What can Aganos do with 1 chunk against an opponent whose blocking and using his farthest/fastest pokes to unchunk him, then you have the reaction to see the chunk break so you follow up with an opener to get your combo. What you’re talking about is just Player vs Player skills, not a character being OP.

Plus ^ this right here is what the Games all about. lol

I have had this exact thought right down to the button input. I wish I had thought of it first… still a great Idea though.

Hisako is incapable of stripping chunks from Aganos before he retaliates (usually with throw) in virtually all situations. Even at his most negative (I’m talking blocked heavy natural disaster or ruin), she will generally only be able to take two chunks from him, and will be punished with throw for the attempt. She is quite adept at bypassing chunks and simply ignoring that he has them, however, which is basically how she has to fight him in most instances. I’ve beaten many Aganos’ without ever stripping a chunk from them. The issue is that my tools for doing so largely revolve around punishing Aganos for trying to bully her, or for doing something unsafe in neutral like putting up walls or chunking up within range of her dash.

But I’ll concede that Hisako’s MU with Aganos is quite unique, and that therefore it might not be the best example. You ended your post with the idea that baiting players into countering situations is what the game is about. You’re not entirely wrong, but there very much has to be a balance about how you set up the risk/reward game. In the move you’re talking about, Aganos basically gets a free bait, but what is he paying for it? As described, it would be perfectly fine for Aganos to sit at neutral and simply fake chunk until the opponent blows a shadow or dashes in to try and punish him, and then could just punish the opponent for having the temerity to try and do something. And just sub in the occasional real chunk until the only characters he’d have to fear are Kan and Fulgore. Hisako’s fight with Aganos may be unique, but there are plenty of characters who NEED shadow to actually take multiple chunks from Aganos, and sitting at neutral just waiting for a “real” chunk up is a pretty crappy way to have to approach a fight. Risk/reward isn’t about one player getting to throw out continuous baits until you take it and get punished for it…

And if Aganos is losing multiple chunks to ANYONE’s “farthest/fastest pokes” who is not named Kan-Ra, then that Aganos player is not very good with the character and is making mistakes. He greatly outranges almost the entire cast, and while his pressure may not be the absolute scariest, once he’s armored and sitting in front of you there’s not really much of the cast that can do anything about it. He WANTS you to press buttons into his armor, even if it’s just a single chunk - whatever you’re trying to hit-confirm into will get stuffed on start-up.

…and THIS is EXACTLY why I love Aganos so much. His armor allows him the ability to punish most anything you could do. :smiling_imp:

A question to GG or other Aganos players, would it help Aganos if you cannot throw him if he has three or four chunks (because he’s to heavy)? So you could only throw him if he has less than three chunks. Too powerful or game/balance breaking?

Sorry, but[quote=“BoJima404, post:30, topic:3711”]
would it help Aganos if you cannot throw him if he has three or four chunks
[/quote] that would indeed be game breaking. that would mean that 4 chunk Aganos is practically invincible.

how many goats do I have to sacrifice to make sure this never happens


That would be hilariously funny to see, I think, but yeah - it would be broken. :open_mouth:

Thanks guys. Yes, I am already against game breaking bugs. But, I thought you guys had this same forward looking vision of putting an end to Aganos getting juggled, lol. :grin:

Lol…I’ll admit, I never actually thought I’d see a mention of goat sacrifice on the KI forums :laughing: Thank you for that.

Lmfao…poor goats.

Aganos should definitely Fall Ungodly fast whilst max chunked. His Jump is weirdly floaty and shallow at the same time while 3+ chunks. You can’t have a character that weighs 75tons fall so hard that he destroys buildings yet his fall is floaty.

Heh. The engineer in me is compelled to point out that while Aganos’ floaty jump is indeed ridiculous, making him heavier would not have any discernible affect on the speed at which he falls :slightly_smiling:

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How about this. Each chunk increases crouching heavy kick’s range. No chunks equates to the current range it has now. For each chunk it increases the range. How much the range increases can be left to IG since I believe they are great at balancing.

Lmao smart ■■■.

I guess KI is not the game but I wish character size and weight would play a role in giving certain advantages/disadvantages like launchers that launch a character higher up in the air depending on his/her weight/size, different throw properties when thrown, etc… sorry off topic rant.