Aganos Tweaks

So, thanks to the Adam Isgreen interview, we now know that Aganos, along with every other character, will have tweaks in some form or another. However, he specifically said that the tweaks for the golem were awesome and were derived from our very community. So I wanted us to speculate - what could some of those tweaks possibly be? Have at it, folks! :wink:


CStyles and ZergKiller has proven that Aganos is a VERY good character. So i dont feel he needs any buffs. It just takes a good player to use him.

Considering this, i hope the “tweaks” are just methods of making him more accessible to mid-tier players.

Maybe a “chunk cancel” where you can cancel ANY move into a shotgun-blast of rocks that pushes opponents back and makes you safe. This will help you make safer block strings up close, and let you bait shadow counters from better players. It costs a chunk, so it doesn’t make EVERY close encounter safe, it just gives you another chance to try to keep your opponent at medium to long range.

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This may be a bad idea, but what if actually performing a dash with aganos could cause a knockdown like with TJ Combo’s tremor shockwave? I only suggest it to give his dash some sort of utility.

In terms of the “Tweaks” he will recieve, I’m almost positive they will modify the peacemaker somehow. I think they will make it either less costly or more “worth it” to obtain a peacemaker without instinct in the neutral. I also think they will do something new with walls (maybe a way to put 2 down at once) but that seems less likely.

He already has something similar when he slams his foot down, it does 2 hits and knocks down. Only difference really is the range.
I think we need to know more about the new mechanics they’re bringing in to S3 to know what tweaks Aganos is getting.

Well, there is the new stagger effect that we already know about - who better to stagger an opponent than a giant, hulking rock monster? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Although I think the idea of improving his dash above would be broken, it would be kind of funny, and make sense with the new stagger mechanic that’s coming.

I also like the shotgun idea, but I really don’t think it’s necessary, as Aganos already has plenty of reach and ways to keep opponents at a distance.

What I personally would like is something that works directly above his head, to prevent pesky crossover attempts. I can already picture him doing a simple hop and hitting anyone with his mountain peak/oriental roof/aqueduct/tank/featherhead (maybe it could be done with all 3 kick buttons or up+HP). it wouldn’t do much damage, cause a hard knockdown, or even knock the opponent far away - it just stops them in their tracks and allows for a single follow-up attack (such as a pulverize, peacekeeper hit, finger-flick, etc.) and places them back into neutral.


I feel like his jumping HP would be a good candidate to get Stagger properties, it feels like that kind of heavy-■■■ move that should make an opponent dazed for a bit.
Dash… hmmm not sold on it but could be interesting.
I like the vertical cross-up counter. Maybe an extending punch straight upwards to the top of the screen? The opponent probably would drop down enough for a one hit attack too.

Now that I think about it, does anyone think standing HP will get altered at all? I know it had remarkable rage, but crouching HK reaches farther and HP can be ducked. I’m not sure what would happen to it, but I’m pretty sure something will.

Standing HP has a very specific use - pushing the opponent back and letting Aganos natural disaster into them for the combo.

Aganos’ front-line defense and offense are already pretty strong. I think the tweaks will be something to help him handle that fuzzy space above his head a bit better.

Fake-Chunk-Up. That would be delicious.


Do you mean he could cancel Fortify Chunk into another special move, or only do the start-up of it?
What if he could fling little bits of rocks in the area in front of him, like throwing sand into someone’s eyes? It would probably only be as useful as Payload Assault without chunks, but the Fortify Chunk start up might encourage people to try and get in just to get a bunch of pebbles in their face.
Two other thoughts I had about Aganos; what if, like Shadow Natural Disaster, he could briefly charge Shadow Ruin?
Could medium Payload Assault also hit overhead after the highest point in its trajectory?
By the way I should probably mention I haven’t actually played KI… so don’t take me super seriously >.>

I like this idea - it’d be a nice little addition, but wouldn’t change much at all in the long run.

What about a wall ender ? Like Aria has her body change ender, with three punches, Aganos would make a wall just behind the opponent and with three kicks, just behind him (without using one of his chunck). The level would determine the life of that wall (a standard wall has 3 “life points”, a lvl 1 would have 1, a lvl 4 … yeah, 4 :grin:)

Oh, and speaking of wall, I notice that some characters (Shago, TJ too I think) can destroy it easily (with Seismic Toss > Knockdown or Back Roundhouse > Knockdown), that would help that the wall only take one point of damage instead of two.

I’m an average Aganos player so I don’t know if that could help him in hard matchups but there are my ideas (at 3AM …)

As much as I love my golem, that would be so broken it wouldn’t even be funny. I combo you and get a wall. The moment you try to attack, jump, or do anything really, I ruin (while chunked) you through said wall for 30+% damage.

For a classic wall, yeah (I checked, that’s between 27 and 44 %, depending on the strenght and CH or not).

But in my idea, the wall would be different than a classic one. They would have the same properties but would give less damage (because of their level), have less (or more for LVL 4) LP. Or, maybe making something like Fulgore’s beam, the wall would give real damage and the rest as potential damage (not an automatic lvl 4 though)

It’s still not a good idea because the way I see it; it’s simply overcomplicating something that already works just fine. There’s no need to have stronger/weaker walls.

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What if there was a move where you could volunteer to STOP your own level 3 or 4 combo to put up a wall safely? You put up a wall to end the combo instead of doing the ender. It would put both players back into an even neutral stance, so there is no advantage or disadvantage after, its just a gamble that you will be able to start a new combo and end it for even more damage.

I’m assuming you’d still need chunks to put up the wall. If that’s the case, then it’s not neutral at all. :wink:

I actually forgot about that completely. I guess you wouldnt need a chunk, its just a reward for your combo and lockout. When you think about it, a level 3 combo would give you 3 chunks, so if you did my idea instead, you actually give up 2 chunks to do it. that seems fair.

So, what you’re suggesting would be like the chunk ender, but the wall would stay up and you’d get fewer chunks? That would still be bad, because that IMMEDIATELY corners the opponent, easily setting Aganos up for another combo.

Its not an ender at all. You dont cash out damage. Everything stays the same, but you drop the combo and put up a wall.