Aganos Q and A

I just thought I’d start a thread for anyone who has questions (me) about Aganos. I’m new to the character and I didn’t see a thread like this anywhere. So here are my questions:

  1. What is the best tactic to do when you’ve got no chunks, and your opponent is jumping and throwing a lot? I can’t seem to handle the pressure when this happens.

  2. When you pop instinct up close, the peace maker comes out and replaces all of your punch normals. Does this mess anyone up other than me? Maybe I just need to use his kicks more, but when I’m right in someone’s face and the peacemaker comes out, I always end up getting hit because the peacemaker is too slow.

Thanks for anyone who can help, and be sure to post your own questions if you have any!

How does it feel fighting with Aganos, how is his gameplay like?

  1. Jump backwards and use HP to dissuade them from jumping after you - if it hits, you should have enough time to chunk up (jumping in itself also negates the throws). :wink:

  2. Definitely get used to using Aganos’ kick attacks; they’re some of his best assets - s.LK is his fastest normal attack at only 5 frames, j.MK is a great crossover attack (you can also use this if they throw a lot, like in #1 above), s.HK is a great 2-hit potential wall-bounce that often gives you much-needed space, c.HK hits twice as well (but does so high then low, which is useful) and can be used for knockdowns at a distance with its shockwave, and finally f.HK is good for terrorizing your opponent or making them think you’re about to do a c.HK. :stuck_out_tongue:

@GalacticGeek Thanks for this! I truly want to main him. I’ve always wanted to, but was afraid due to his high learning curve. (And yet I play TJ, Jago and a bit of Omen). You must teach me your secrets. Lol.

  1. The best thing to do is wait for the jump. If you try to guess on throws you’ll eventually be opened up. After all it’s better to eat 2 or 3 throws in a row than a full combo. Plus if you anti air properly you’ll gain enough distance to play neutral again (what you want to be doing as Aganos), or at least score a knockdown and go on offence.

  2. LK and MK are fantastic. Even using the peacemaker up close isn’t bad. If the opponent blocks the thrown version it really pushes them back

I’d be happy to - I should be online through most of Sunday and after 3 p.m. throughout the week (all times are eastern).

Ggs a couple of minutes ago dude. I’ve never had a mirror match with aganos before lol. Just fought cstyles right after you! I hadn’t even thought about another aganos being able to pick up my walls, haha.

Ok! I’ll be sure to add you!. I’m usually working Sunday though… :frowning: I get off at 6:30 Central Time.(At the time of this writing) So I might be able to catch you today. We’ll see. If not, another time! And I shall ROCK the world with Aganos knowledge. XD

Small nitpick: LK is 6 frames unchunked, not 5.

Actually LK without chunks is a 4 frame start up but cr. LK is 6

I’m actually in the process of figuring out all of aganos’s frama data

If I ever go to evo…Should I use aganos or spinal?

Edit: This will never happen btw

How are you getting those numbers? Standing LK is 6 frames, Crouching LK is 9 frames.

Are you saying the frame data that is given in Practice Mode is incorrect?

I counted frame by frame in a replay. I’ll upload the frame date after I’m done collecting it. Yes the frame data in training mode is completely wrong. It says standing close hp without chunks is 0 on hit, yet you can link lp

Yeah, it seems that it is wrong. Either it’s just completely wrong, or it’s for another chunk value.

Dude you use aganos now!? No more Sadira?

Bro don’t worry my Sadira is still Gahtlik. Aganos is my second and I use him as a counter pick, or for character unfamiliarity. Sadira is still bae

Counterpick with Aganos huh? What MU’s would you say she struggles in that Aganos doesn’t also struggle in? Only one I can think of would be Kan, who Aganos also struggles with if he’s played aggressively from what I understand.

Or is it more of just a counter where you’re betting on character unfamiliarity to be the deciding factor? I’m genuinely curious.

I counter pick in a few ways:

  1. Better MU for Aganos: This includes or may include: Jago, Wulf, Thunder, Kan Ra, Cinder, and Aganos ( I’d actually prefer to run the mirror

  2. My play style with Aganos is a counter pick to my opponent: for example if I lose so a very keep away glacius I may switch to Aganos because I know how to counter that play style of glacius very well with Aganos

  3. Character unfamiliarity: Not in a traditional sense though. I will never pick Aganos on the off chance my opponent doesn’t know how to fight him, but rather my opponent knows exactly how to beat Sadira. I may switch to Aganos in an attempt to have more wiggle room in the fight. I did this in tourney against Thompxson. He beat my Sadira 2 games and so I switched to Aganos (knowing that he practices with Mr. Sadflumps and I think helium head).

Gotcha. I’d say most of those matches are even for Sadira or better for her than for Aganos, but a lot of fights is definitely about who you feel more comfortable as. If you like a particular MU more then you simply like it more.

That’s interesting that you prefer the Aganos mirror to the Aganos/Sadira fight. Even putting aside the fact that most people think she kinda beats up on him, it’s pretty rare for people to actually like mirrors. Heck, I originally picked up Hisako mostly just to avoid having to fight Sadira/Sadira, and I hate Hisako mirrors almost as much :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the Aganos Mirror because I’m confident in it. Even if I go up against Zergkiller I would still feel confident in my abilities. That isn’t to say that I think I’d win but I just for some reason feel like everything makes sense and that I could adjust if I lose.