Aganos Players: An appeal for help with the Killer Instinct Community Guide

This post will circulate around all the character threads, so if you see multiple similar posts there is a deliberate reason for it.

To all Aganos players,

For those who don’t know I am currently working, in conjunction with the rest of the community, on building what I hope to be the most accessible and comprehensive guide to Killer Instinct for players with a visual impairment (and of course, anyone else who wants to read it). I know there’s @Infilament’s guide, but there are (as of the time of this post), still issues present when reading the guide with assistive technology like screen readers, along with things that I feel would be of interest to players with absolutely no sight like myself (e.g. Character descriptions, an easy to access list of frame data, etc).

That’s where you come in. At the start of the process for building the guide I tried to get players to start providing me with information on all the characters, but thus far I only have one character’s move list even partially filled out, with no description, tips/notes, etc (and I’m not trying to disrespect the author of that part of the guide, who has done a great job so far and should have the rest of the list for that character completed soon as far as I’m aware). I wanted to put out this call for help so I can flesh out my guide to a greater extent - I know I’m awaiting the Dojo lessons from @ziarist (which me and him have discussed already).

In terms of characters though, if you can follow the example in the Fulgore move list for information where possible, that’d be great - I will format things myself but as long as things are coherently listed that’d make things so much easier for me.

My intention is to get as much information put into the guide by the beginning of S3 as possible if only to make the updating process as characters launch that much simpler.

I really appreciate any contributions - you don’t have to just work on characters, but the sections in the guide should give you some idea as to what I’m looking to achieve at the end (minus things like in-depth mechanics like Counterbreakers, Shadowcounters, etc which I might put into their own sections as well as being included in the Dojo Lessons).

You can find the testing version of the guide here:
The Killer Instinct Community Guide (Testing version)

If you have any questions, ask them here, or feel free to PM me and I’ll respond when I can.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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@GalacticGeek Hey. I think GG can help out here. If not,then I might do this as well. If I can do it in time that is.

Indeed, @GalacticGeek, would you perhaps be willing to step in on this one since you are, to quote your other post in the Forum Battles thread, “a good Aganos player”? :slightly_smiling:

Your help and assistance would be much appreciated.

I don’t know… Sure I could provide you with a lot of info regarding his moves and stuff, but I’ve seen your Fulgore page and it lists a lot of stuff that I don’t usually keep track of, like the frame data. For that, I would have to go into the game, look it up myself, then write it down, go to my PC, and then send it to you. That sounds like an awful lot of back and forth that is very time consuming, which I don’t think I have the patience for, especially with the work I do. When I’m not at work, I value my free time (e.g., playing games and spending time with family). As much as I would like to help you, it simply sounds like it would be too much of a chore.

Have you asked Leo Ferris? I think he’d be willing to do it, and he plays an even better Aganos than me anyways.

If you don’t have time to do the busy work of copying frame data, you could just point out some of Aganos’ moves that have special uses. If there are any normals that you use in unlikely or noteworthy situations, go ahead and mention them in the thread.

The guide is meant to collect “tech” from good players of the characters as well, so we could still use your experience.

Lucky for you guys, I’m floating today at the school (basically doing odd jobs and giving other teachers bathroom breaks), so I have a bit more time than usual (still not much though).

So, let’s see…

Notable Normals:
Far standing HP hits high, has extreme range, and carries the opponent back, allowing for followup attacks.
Crouching HP has extreme vertical range, juggles the opponent, and allows for followup attacks.
Standing LP destroys standard projectiles.
Crouching LP destroys low projectiles.
Back LP destroys high projectiles.
Jumping LP can destroy projectiles mid-jump and is great for poking in mid-air.
Standing MP has great range and attack speed.
Crouching MP has great range and attack speed.
Jumping MP has great range and attack speed.
Standing LK is Aganos’ fastest move and is great for pokes.
Crouching LK is great for poking low (but is not an actual low attack).
Jumping LK is great for poking in mid-air.
Jumping MK works great as a cross-up, particularly up close.
Standing HK hits twice up close and can cause a wall bounce, allowing for follow up attacks.
Crouching HK hits twice up close (high, then low), and causes a half-screen length shockwave that can cause a hard knockdown on any opponent that’s not blocking low within its range.
Jumping HK can cause a wall bounce, allowing for follow up attacks.
Back HP is a utility move that gives Aganos 1 chunk.
PPP puts up a 3-hit point Cyclopean wall behind the opponent that can easily be used to corner or wall-crash opponents.
Back PPP puts up a 3-hit point Cyclopean wall behind Aganos that can be used to deter crossups and teleports. It can also be used to pick up said wall to be used as a Peacekeeper.
LP+LK throws the opponent from nearly sweep range and causes a hard knockdown.
Back LP+LK throws the opponent behind Aganos from nearly sweep range and causes a slightly less safe hard knockdown than the regular throw; exchanges position with opponent.

With Peacekeeper:
Standing LP hits quickly, has extreme range, and allows for a chain combo.
Standing MP hits quickly, has extreme range, and allows for a chain combo.
Standing HP has extreme range, hits overhead, and causes a hard knockdown.
Crouching HP has the longest range of any of Aganos’ attacks and hits low.
LP, MP, HP is the standard Peacekeeper chain combo that results in a hard knockdown on hit.
Other chain combo mixups include:
LP, crouching HP
MP, crouching HP
QCF+P throws the peacekeeper which destroys projectiles, takes up a tremendous amount of space, and carries the opponent on hit or block.

Spectacular Specials:
Coming soon.

All I can say is, from reading that post, I look forward to the “spectacular specials” - I’ll put this in the tips/notes section of Aganos’ guide area, since the moves with frame data can be added later maybe or we could just add it to the main move list and put the frame data in as well.

Just wanted to let you know that the normals have been implemented into the guide already - good wording on your part as well. I think I’ll just add the frame data into that list once yourself or a fellow contributor is able to provide it and if you have any tips/strategies (maybe things like when to put up a wall, the timing for chunking up mid match when an opponent is close etc) would be invaluable.

If only other characters’ players could be this quick on the draw.

Just got home. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I thought the normals were only listed on the Fulgore page, since you said that’s the 1 you had info for… Oh well.

When to put up a (mostly safe) wall:
After a throw/reverse throw/peacekeeper throw.
After a far standing HP on hit.
After a standing HK on hit.
After a thrown peacekeeper.
At the start of the fight.
After a MP payload assault on hit or block.
During a shadow payload assault on hit or block.
After a pulverize ender.
After a payload assault ender.
When your opponent jumps backwards.

When to chunk (mostly) safely:
During payload assault ender.
After a throw/reverse throw/peacekeeper throw.
After a crouching HK on hit.
After a MP payload assault on hit or block.
During a shadow payload assault on hit or block.
After a thrown peacekeeper on hit or block.
After a pulverize ender.

Please note that how safe doing these things changes for the worse with the more chunks that you have, since they tend to slow him down.

That’s all that I can come up with off the top of my head right now, but it should be enough, I think.

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Thanks for those strategies, I’ll put those in when I next update the guide. To clarify, what I meant when I said the normals where already implemented was that I’d already put your new information into the guide, as it was so well worded and appropriately formatted for easy conversion to HTML it was no real issue other than adding near enough one extra word for coherence sake.

I appreciate your continued support with this section of the guide.

This statement alone made me smile. See → :grin:

…oops, I forgot. Sorry. :sweat:

That emoji doesn’t read, though most of them do if the images on this site are labeled correctly with alt text :smiley: - I’ll probably put the strategies you provided in tomorrow.

The strategies mentioned in the post above are now part of the guide. If you want to write anything else on the character to contribute, feel free to post it here or PM it to me. Your credit, as with others, has been adjusted accordingly to include this new information.

Probably see you on the forum battles later.

I wouldn’t be so sure of that, buddy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ok then…

Anyone reading this might not necessarily understand that you’re making a joke at my expense (but with my permission, pretty much)… :slightly_smiling:

You know I mean it all in good jest, @SightlessKombat; that being said, if it ever bothers you, please by all means, let me know. :wink:

I will “see” you later. :slight_smile:

Of course I understand it’s all in gest :smiley:
In reference to #ForumBattles4, good games. Could we maybe have some of the tech from the stream? :slight_smile:

Was it mentioned that Aganos’s crouching medium kick is far better counter than his Standing Medium Kick?

By comparison the is far more superior at pushing your way towards your opponent especially on jump ins and low-priority moves. Hit-Box on just far out plays the


Thanks for that, I’ll implement that into the guide soon.