Aganos finally won a 8bitbeatdown! Watch and celebrate! :D

Show @LetalisVenator some love! Aganos has finally won a major (well at least one of the biggest online tournaments! :D)

Check out his work here -

Great examples of how to deal with the following characters:

Not sure if there are links to the pool play.


Congrats to him. I’ve been waiting for the peoples champ to claim a W. I’m sad because I was pulling for toneri but in glad for letalis to.

it looks like Aganos won becaue they didnt know how to break his nonsense. Most of Aganos’ damage came from lockouts. He won because they were bad specifically against him.

No offense to aganos mains, this is just how I saw it play out. Gratz on the W.

Element of surprise. I do like surprises.

Well most of those guess break lock outs came when they thought he was going to go for one chance into wall. Instead he went for longer combos capitalizing on that wall fear.


And good for Letalis for doing that! It’s almost like he considered the risk/reward, played smartly, and got high damage for his good decisions. Some people in the chat were freaking out at Aganos getting 50% during lockouts for one meter, when the vast majority of the cast can get in the 40%s and higher too. They’re just so used to the short combos + one chance style that the number surprises them, and Skate (his opponent) is especially fond of the one chance style, so the damage disparity looked huge.


Im not saying the aganos player wasnt smart. Im saying the opponents did not know aganos. Again not knocking on Aganos or anything.

Yay! Long life to Aganos! GGs and congratulations to @LetalisVenator!


Wow, I have someone to aspire to. I’ve fought his golem before and I know how good he is. He and I actually fight quite a lot alike, but his defense and variety of manuals are what set him apart from my own golem (I can clearly see now what I need to work on through him). If my golem could smile, he would. :slight_smile:

Well these are people ive played many times over the past year and generally lost to prior to today. Lets just say I’ve never looked that good against toneri before. There were a few habitual things especially in my combo pattern that I’ve been working on.


Enjoy your victory, you deserve it, your Aganos is very good. GGs for both =)

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Nothing against your comment here, but wouldn’t you say that’s usually how most people generally win or lose in this game - by putting your opponent and difficult situations and capitalizing on that. That’s how sleep won against bass at Evo (pulling out gargos). I’d say that’s kind of the point of any fighting game including KI.

Here’s a few things to consider when fighting as Aganos, 1) are his auto doubles amongst the easiest making just about every combo a mind game to counter break or not. 2) are his manuals not amongst the easiest manuals to break in the game? (he’s a huge character and most of his manuals look completely different and are fairly slow compared to the rest of the cast) 3) breaking manuals with aganos can be arguably more challenging because of the zoomed out camera, which may make some manuals harder to differentiate between.

The thing is letalis used darn near every trick in the game to DEFEND aganos (largest, usually least mobile, hurtbox in the game) against all of his opponents nonsense and executed great defense, low blocks into overhead blocks, shadow counters, instinct cancels into shadow ball, etc. … all while executing strong offense, taking full advantage of which normals could connect with shadow payload, maintained excellent offensive spacing, great use of recycling and more recycling, using smart pressure usually with at least one chunk, etc. It was basically textbook s3 Aganos.

@FGCSlamjam For the sake of perspective, I’m curious of what would you consider to be aganos nonsense?

Shadow payload into wall crash is usually (and was during the tourney) broken with heavy unless the distance is short enough for you to guess the strength. Aganos’s 1 chance to break high damage combos are like Cinder’so in that they require previous setup but unlike Cinder or Omen, Aganos is not mobile and will not open up folks as easily as Cinder (or Omen too), AND his walls can be broken if his defense isn’t on point.

Imo, these are things that makes Aganos’s win pretty darn special and a bit more than “his opponents didn’t know how to break aganos”.
Not saying it’s hard to win with Aganos, but there’s a reason you rarely see him in grand finals.

I’m buying this guy lunch or dinner if I ever see him at a offline! :smiley: Like @GalacticGeek said, it’s really inspirational to see letalis’ Aganos take the crown!


My only regret is that now that he’s put the golem on the map, opponents are going to start taking a far closer look at him… :unamused:

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Great job Letalis. I was rooting for you and the golem :thumbsup:

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Well Aganos has made it to the finals before many times so him finally winning is more of “it was bound to happen eventually” than a “omg we’ve been sleeping on this character and need to learn how to fight him!”

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Meanwhile, I don’t think Glacius has won an 8BBD.

Congrats to @LetalisVenator, you played awesome.

I think this was the first anything that Aganos won, right?

I think the closest thing we had seen was Cupcake using him once or twice in a winning run for 8BBD and a couple of grand finals for Zergkiller.

GGs, @LetalisVenator! This is what happens when you put the work in and challenge other top players to long sets.


Correct. And agreed! There were 8 pools with 12 folks each (some pretty strong competitors may I add). Again, good stuff for Letalis and Aganos players!

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Are you sure zergkiller didn’t win a beatdown with aganos?

Pretty sure he never did.

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