After watching Master Cheif fight hand to hand, I think he would fit in KI


Could but too slow.

He might be a slow but powerful character like aganos


But his guns…too much chip and travels too fast.


Rated “T” for Teen


John will be amazing! But Arbiter is perfect than John 117. Because He had two sword.

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What exactly does it have to justify a M rating. I mean Destiny is rated T.

KI is rated T, Halo was never supposed to be rated M.

Hmmm maybe, just maybe :wink:

Just safe to assume the rating facotrs have changed since the last Halo game.

MC might be cool and all, but I feel his weapon assortment means he’ll rely too much on bullet spitting weapons which can be hard to fight with if people just stay long range and spam ammo down range.

I think the Arbitor though would fit KI much more due to the fact that his CQC combat is better I think.

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Honestly this fight scene looks so terrible

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Knowing how the Chief is trained to fight, how quickly they can move… And they can crash through a Banshee with no ill effects, YES!

There’s very few mechanics that Chief can help add to the game to expand on KI’s concept. His shields would be the only thing going for him, and likely only for Instinct.
There’s more to an Elite to add a bit more with a sword and invisibility. There’s the most with Brutes and their hammers, reactive armour and beserker modes.

Cortana’s naked form was the reason for the M rating in previous games. As we should promote violence amongst adolescence and not sex, it’s a good reason to M rate a game :wink:

So robotic…Halo was M rated because the guns and violence derrr… I dont even think partial nudity was on the esrb rating section, so that cortana ■■■■ is a lie. Who even plays halo anymore…

I love it still. Though I will say the map design and playlist selection in Halo 5 right now is very underwhelming.

Not sure if the artistic team could handle the level of graphics Halo provides, might not match.

They could learn a lot from the visual level of the intro and cutscenes though

Lore wise John killed an Oni agent hand to hand solo when he was a kid.

This I am aware of but in my personal opinion…

I still think the problem is that people will just sit back and maybe spam BR gunfire from a distance rather than actually try to fight hand to hand. the problem with gun characters is many people who had these said characters only sat back and spammed bullets because they were fast it was usually a chip off, unless you can teleport all you could do was sit back and block.

This is why I’m so adamant about gun using characters.

I would love to see MC or Arbitor but I feel more comfortable with the Arbiter because he will more likely rely more closely on mixed combat rather than gun-play. MC is no doubt good at hand-tohand but I don’t think of hand-to-hand when I think of the Chief. That just feels like something the Arbiter will more than likely do.

Now if cheif can be balanced out where the user can’t rely soley on his guns all the time, sure I can see this working.

That’s my opinion though.

If you ask me they’ll probably make a model of MC or Arbitor with graphics tailored for KI. For now the graphic improvements can be a thing we worry about later. It’s not like they’re gonna just take the MC model from Halo5 and just paste it in the game. :confused:

also the graphics will have more to do with the game engine or maybe artistic choice, much rather than what talent can bring.

But this is not a topic about graphics. this is a discussion on whether or not the chief is a good pick for a guess character in KI.

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Yeah why not? Lets bring some characters from Destiny and Gears of War too. No maybe Scorpion? Batman? Catwoman? Mario? Pikachu? What a good idea. :ok_hand: :unamused:

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I have and will always say any shooter going into a fighting game is stupid. This was suggested since MK9, as a rival to Kratos. Seriously… a universe where a soldier primarily using weapons goes against Thunder… just sounds stupid.

I’ve been saying this forever now, if there will be another guest character, get someone from the Clayfighter franchise because…

  • Clayfighter uses the same combo system
  • The characters are more relative to KI
  • Clayfighter is currently being remastered
  • Helps merge two passionate communities
  • They would fit WAY better than Master Chief/Marcus Fenix
  • Would be a guest character outside of Rare
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Yet it works in MK and their has been multiple shooting characters in the franchise. Heck, projectile characters aren’t much different. If this were SF most Shodo characters would spam Hadukens.