After watching Master Cheif fight hand to hand, I think he would fit in KI

people forget about how difficult it can be for microsoft to use guest characters who doesnt belong to its respective ip. Would be perfect and mindblowing at the same time having Raiden alongside Blade Wolf from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance as KI guests but the problem is: Platinum games (see Scalebound) were just the 2nd party developer for Konami. If Microsoft could approach Konami to buy its rights for Platinum games or even MS itself that would be wonderful. But seeing how Konami is doing nowadays, i doubt they are interested on sell something but either way they’ve said that they’ll not be doing any other kind of games unless their best seller Pro Evolution Soccer. So maybe its really the last chance of some big softhouse take something from Konami before its too late.

It went with disastrous results. Unlike most projectile based characters, you can see, and DODGE a fireball, but bullets, you never see them, just a muzzle flash and maybe the moment of impact. MK9’s striker is an exampkle of a character I DON’T want KI to deal with. I remmever every striker player just standing back and spamming the shooting projectile. The only reason I even stood a chance was because I was Scorpion and could teleport.

The point is, we don’t want a character that will only encourage people to sit back and spam fast non-visible projectiles. Many gun characters are infamous for this. If MC is to be in this game he should either have serious limited on the bullets he has and only use it once until instinct mode, OR give him guns that shoot projectiles we can actually see. Or if a gun character HAS to appear in KI they need something with those qualities.

While yes we know projectile characters can spam projectiles it’s not as bad as a gun using character because their projectiles you can’t see.

So what’s to say they can’t add a delay before shooting. Like the chief needing to unholster his weapon to fire and as soon as the attack is done he puts it back on his back.

Most of his attacks would be hand to hand like in the video and his specials would be his guns. Which he would have holstered.

Hmm…well stryker from MK9 had a delay to, but you could hold down the button, not sure if this is a good idea to have that much control but you may be onto something. if the time it takes to holster and un-holster his weapon is long for someone like Jago to maybe get a wind-kick on him from mid-range it might be ok. But there’s more than just a delay, to balance out the MC’s weapons or any gun character’s weapons for that matter:

Ammo: Long story short, MC or any gun-using character can’t just be able to spit bullets the entire match. He’ll be a huge problem for folks like Glacius who relies just as much on Zoning: the reason for this is due to the fact that bullets tend to be ridiculously fast. I can be certain that if a character’s gun fires bullets they will be the fastest projectile in the game. Not only that but it may go full screen, so again this will give MC a HUGE advantage over Glacius who’s projectiles don’t quite go that far and if they do go full screen, don’t go out fast enough.

This will also pose a bigger problem for Thunder and Aganos who are not only one of the slower characters in the game, but they’re HUGE targets, if they’re not blocking the bullets they’re gonna get hit and they are characters that do better at closer range.

In other words, I think the Chief should be allowed to fire his gun 3 times and then he has to reload, the reload needs to also take plenty of time to execute as well, so it will give some characters the chance to actually move in and attack. But obviously to make things fair for chief he can easily reload if someone were to come at him from full screen.

If done right this is one aspect about the chief’s specials that will actually keep things in line.

The next suggestion for this:

Damage: one of the reasons I never liked gun-characters is the speed and range, they always are the fastest thing in the game and always go full screen for bullet-spitters. So making it do less damage can ease up. The low damage just means the cheif can maybe use it as away of set ups. This is pretty much one way I can see this being possible.

The point I want to make is, we don’t want anyone who picks up the cheif, or any gun type character to rely ONLY on their guns. This is why every character that was a gun-user I tended to really dislike because that was all players could do.

Striker is the best example of how bad a gun-character could be because he had unlimited ammo so he could do it as often as the player wants him to. I don’t want a gun character in KI to do this so there needs to be some limitations to keep that character in check.

On plus side though those guns need to be versatile and can maybe serve as a set up to a greater end much rather than justto play keep away which will make the resources that much more valuable. I’d like for anyone who picks up the MC or a gun user character to think about their actions before they think they can win just by shooting blink-of-an-eye fast projectiles.

Also: if the player DOES decide to start engaging in close combat I can see him using the guns as enders and linkers and in this case, in a combo it won’t count for ammo just like how Fulgore’s eye-beam linkers don’t count in decreasing spin-speed.

Im almost sure He and some others characters from MS exclusive will be in season 3.

I perosnally hope we only have one more guest and leave the other slots for new KI characters along with Kim and Tusk and Gargos this season.

I never forget that game! That post make me want to play ClayFighter again!

Yeah, but this isn’t MK and we are talking about Master Chief not someone that was derived from the creators of the same game. It won’t work in KI nor should it.

Rash is far and away from the KI feel. Seems like it could work. I mean Spartans have been in other fighting games…

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My issueisn’t a question of whether MC fits KI or not, the same logic with Rash, a guest character is not meant to fit a respective game but his own, he’s a GUEST and to change anything about them just to suit KI can potentially anger the people who liked that character in the first place. With guests you have to pay respect to who they are as a character should you decide to implement them in the game.

This isn’t about whether MC is sutiable or not for KI as a guest. this is a question of wheter or not the moves he’s given will have him balanced out.

MC will obviously be given weapons in the game that he is known to use in the Halo games. Chances are if he’ll have iconic weapons from the franchise for some of his specials. My problem is these being unbalanced because of what these weapons in question are: bullet spitters.

See explanations on his moves already posted above this conversation.

After watching that video, ■■■■■ Chief and Arbiter, Earthworm Jim would be my pick :smiley:

What if I add this video

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I have no doubt that MC can be easily balanced as a hand-to-hand fighter in KI, with the Assault Rifle as a special (Shadow is a barrage of fire), pistol in an ender of some sort. The holstering delay mentioned above will make the gun play more balanced. He could have a ground pound only in the air as a recapture akin to TJ’s, and as a special ability he would get to pick an Instinct buff (like Overshield, Speed Boost, Damage Boost, those kind of ordinances) at the Character Selection screen. I think he would look really good in the game and there will be detractors for his style of gameplay but there’s always two sides to everything, some can hate it while others will love it.

It think it would be cool if at the character select you can pick different Spartan skins. Locke skin, Emile skin, other Spartans. This guy was bad ■■■.

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Rash is a natural brawler. Have you played Battletoads Arcade? He was easy enough to implement. We are talking about a shooter. Not to mention your references are based on other fighting games adapting his character rather than his own character utilizing their own moves.

You may argue that he fights and he can be a brawler but that belittles the point that Master Chief is a shooter, not a fighter. Just because he has some minor appearances in fighting games, that does not immediately authorize him to be at the same playing field as Jago, Cinder, Aganos, etc. Besides if you must put a shooter, put Joanna Dark, she already is Rare and would be a bitter fit.

But if it happens, they may as well throw in Marcus Fenix. Since he is always mentioned as worthy adversary to fighting games.

Really though, with characters like Spawn, anyone from the Clayfighter series or another character from a fighting universe, why suggest Halo?

skip to 1:36


first his guns have to be balanced is they cannot be spammed in the firstplace. once this is addressed then we can worry about his physical fighting capabilities.

Also to note: While I love Clayfighter Rash is wacky enough as it is. We’ll more than likley need a character that most people will remember more. sadly I don’t think very many people outside maybe this community remembers Clayfighter.

I see the AR or Pistol as a projectile move (now that I think about it, the Pistol makes more sense because of the single shot and 6 shot capacity with a reload mechanism). Also they would have to have the holstering mechanism where he takes time to take the gun out and put it back in, maybe similar to the timing of Glacius’ Shatter. The other guns could just be part of the enders he gets, like the Sticky Detonator or Plasma Grenade for a Launcher Ender or DMR/BR combo for Damage Ender.

Jesus after watching that video and then watching the dead or alive video, i can honestly say he’s the slowest clunkiest more uninspired bland looking fighter that they could ever choose to add to ki. I’d take the entire battletoads roster over a spartan any day.