After 3.4, what is Glacius?


Seems like it’s not worth replying to this thread as all I’ll get is “go to the lab”. If Labbing were less frustrating to set up, even with the video that was created to assist, it’s still a complicated process compared to the ease of setup for sighted players. That and my moves that would punish would basically be useless against sighted players anyway. :frowning:


I assure you it’s not his turn.

I don’t want to sound mean with this @SightlessKombat, but some characters just can’t be faced properly without visual clues. There are characters who may be easier to overcome without sight, but Rash, Gargos, Sadira, Glacius… those characters MUST be seen to stop them

I already told you several times: you are a HERO for what you have managed to achieve. But you have to understand that there are situations where you are at disadvantage, and you can’t be salty with the characters/other player.

Remember man, leave the salt in the kitchen :wink:

And anyway, you are a true Killer. Even if you lose sometimes, your skill and determination are outstanding. Never forget that


That’s really very kind of you. I’m genuinely humbled by the level of respect you’ve shown for me throughout my KI career, regardless of when it ends.

I know there are situations where I will have to see the character. However, things like Gargos’ heavy slide, I can now block and react to, via practice in matches. Point is, there are going to be/are likely to be ways around it and it’s just finding those ways.


I’m inclined to agree with @Dayv0 (which is usually a smart thing to do), but I never would have guessed anyone could play so well without seeing the screen in the first place. So, operating under the assumption that you will be able to sort it out without visual cues (even though I sure couldn’t), maybe you could help us with a little more detail about the Glacius play you are encountering. I am no high level player, but I’m a Glacius main and fairly familiar with most of his play that doesn’t involve sophisticated hail setups.

(as an aside relevant to this thread, his heavy Puddle punch is now my favorite thing in the world and I’ve taped over his medium kick button because it’s useless).

According to the frame data, Glacius j.HK is +10 on block and his j.HP is +17 (although I’ve never seen anyone use his j.HP in the game). So, he is positive on block for those and it is still his turn if you block a jump kick - assuming you block it on the way down. Glacius has a very floaty jump and with some things he can hit you very high or on the way up and lose advantage coming down. This is very true for his j.MK. Its pretty normal for characters to be plus on block of a jump in attack though, so this isn’t what’s unusual.

Maybe you could give us more details.

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