After 3.4, what is Glacius?


Imo the nerf wasn’t even that bad…some of you are worrying too much


I can tell you right now that glacius is still a very good character. So much that the nerf he got shouldn’t even be considered a nerf.


Whoa there – the guy went to the bother of writing four paragraphs in response to you, and you’re going to give him ■■■■ for “not giving a damn about my feedback”? :confused:


Yes, because those two things are directly correlated.

Whatever; I’m done.


Seems like I have to main Glacius now. :confused:


This is something I think everyone should do. But I may be biased. :stuck_out_tongue:


A lot of Fulgore’s changes can be questionable too, why negative frames on moves that have been + since S1. Why slow down moves so they can be broken easier? Why restrict spin speed on moves that have granted or lost the same since S1 ect ect. Glacius changes I don’t get either. They basically made puddle punch into 3 different tools rather than, here is puddle punch, damage, advantage and speed changes with strength. Now you have to pick a strength for whatever reason a certain situation comes up, or 2 strengths will be inferior and never used. I don’t even play Glacius and these changes don’t make sense much. Hopefully things happen down road and tweaks are made to round it out but that definitely makes puddle punch extremely difficult to use at this point.


Just use heavy puddle if you want a true reversal, and use light if you want to frame trap someone into combo or don’t believe that their pressure is tight.


Because it was really, really, really good? Like, I dunno. I don’t know too many people (Fulgore players included) who think the change to light laser was totally unreasonable. Maybe Fulgore doesn’t run away with the game if they don’t change it, but he’s definitely still incredibly strong after the change.

Very common for reversal moves.

Your solution of making puddle punch change damage, advantage, and speed based on strength is going to produce a similar result. People will choose either the fastest or the most damaging reversal (depending on how big the discrepancies are) and use only that one. “Advantage” on blocked puddle punch is meaningless because all versions would (I hope) be punishable, and if one of them isn’t punishable, then that is immediately and always the best version regardless of damage.


Makes sense, I reread the patch notes and got a better grasp on it.

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What is glacius? Well he is a puddle that can form into a hard ice form. And if he doesn’t keep his core temperature he will melt into the earth and be forever stuck here…until his molecules fade out of existence.

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Still means Glacius players in ranked can play rushdown with a zoner though. Make QCB+K fully punishable, remove qcf+k as a movement method, make shatter blockable. Then we’ll ahve a zoner that actually has to work I think. That’s a whole other topic though.


Medium is -5 and heavy is -8. It’s already punishable enough.

I don’t think you typed the right command there.

Then it would be the most useless move in the game. Like who would fall for that.


What if they made shatter blockable, but come out faster, and hit as an anti-air? The shadow version could still track and come out as fast and be unblockable in its stead, but not anti-air.

As for the cold shoulder, I know it’s often punishable on block, but more often then not, the pushback prevents me from using moves that are fast enough AND that reach him…

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Lol.’ why are we nerfing this D tier character?

I think anything is possible but I think making shatter blockable because you don’t like being hit by it will have broader consequences. A faster, blockable shatter looks like Gargos’s portal punches. People find this just as frustrating to deal with. So I’m guessing there would be as many people complaining about that as happy with it. I think shatter is in a good place right now. It is pretty rare to actually hit someone with it, but fear of shatter helps Glacius condition his opponent to behave in predictable ways. If you take away it’s unblockable nature that whole dynamic will change.

As far as cold shoulder this is a strong move no doubt. But lots of things stuff it outright and it is punishable. If you are having trouble with Glacius it’s probably worth heading to the lab and finding the things that punish his different speeds of cold shoulder. This should take you about five minutes.


Make shatter blockable=destroy Glacius unique design

The suggestion of redesigning this, one of his core mechanics, it’s just crazy.

Also, H. Cold slouder is -9. It’s unsafe by all means. Its no longer Glacius turn. Lab optimal punishes, and you will be fine


I don’t know but I’ve had situations where players block shatter, even though it’s supposedly unblockable.


That’s cause they’re already in blockstun. Same reason why grabs whiff while enemies are in blockstun. No guaranteed openings.

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It’s pretty common that you hit them with hail then in blockstun shatter won’t work. Same with Instinct cancel, you cancel into Instinct and try to grab a blocking opponent it won’t work either. I’ve seen Many beginners trying that, and of course I’ve done it myself when learning.

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I disagree. Glacius regardless of whether I block or not, seems to always have a turn, even if it’s from a He’s not the character I think was intended, or at the very least I’ve not seen players using him as intended.