-=Aeon Flux=- Why she should be in KI

Unknown yet large cult following.
Has cartoons and movies made about her.
Kicks butt and caught a fly with her eyelash.:ok_hand:

oh- Extremly hot-

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Aeon Flux is awesome, but it would make more sense for Joanna Dark as a guest character, as both of them easily fit the same trope.


Agreed. Plus, MS wouldn’t have to pay anything to use Joanna Dark.

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I like how bizarre she is! :heart_eyes:


Agreed, Her style of fighting would be very fun.
She even has hair on her under arms.

I thought the character with feet for hands was more awe inspiring

I say just put charlize Theron in the game, make her a stance character.

Aeon flux
Atomic blonde
Imperator furiosa

… And I guess Aileen wuornos (props if you get it. MONSTER props)



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