Advice for new Omen

I’m also new to KI completely. I just picked Omen as my first character.

I’ve been looking through and there is decent advice floating around, but there is nothing easy to find that has it all in one place.

So what is good advice for a new Omen?

About all of my tech so far is fireball into slide, shadow fireballs on knockdown, and 9shadow form for an overhead. Anything else?

I keep reading about how good we are in the corner. Could someone elaborate?

Also character specific: How do we deal with Sadira?

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Thow in to corner > standing medium punch/kick manual > flurry kick linker > continue desired combo or go strait to ender.

This is Omens best place for quick LEVEL 4 damage. You can get 32% just from - throw> manual> Ender.

medium rashakuken on block is best for pressure

forward HP on block into demonic despair works just about every time on human opponents. AI will jump out every time because the AI reads your inputs and is cheap lol

Omens manuals are really easy after shadow linker and heavy linker…practice them

Shadowform is best on wake up for a surprise attack when someone is smothering you

Careful of Hvy slide…its really unsafe and shouldnt be done unless you are closing the gap under a fireball or a whiffed shadow move

Omens instinct gives him 2 frames advantage just like Jago

Knock jumping opponents out of the air with standing hvy kick


Block strings in instinct are much better. Try to use mind games with light furious flurry. Unless your opponent has a DP, you are plus in that move when using a meaty light attack.

The air dashes got buff’d. Use them wisely. Air dash into ambiguous cross up attack help get you in. Omen has a true vortex now. Get into a short combo with orda shield ender. Reset the ambigous combo.

Orda shield light on wake up is invincible on first few frames. It is a get out of jail, but not for free move.

Omen is Mr.Safe Jr (while Jago is Mr.Safe Sr). Except for medium and heavy slide.

Omen is one of those characters that can compete fullscreen with CERTAIN characters and rushdown with CERTAIN characters.

Start cancelling your throws into shadow rashakuken. They are great in getting your opponent to block. Force them into the corner.

Omen is top 3 in the corner (besides spinal and aganos). The corner is good because he can convert off throws into combos. He also has option selects for teleports, jump outs and blocking.

Omens heavy kick is your new friend. Even on block your opponent gets pushed back. This helps to bully the opponent into the corner.

This is new to me!

Is this a Season 3 change?

Here you go. A thread for almost anything.


You want to do omen mirrors sometime?

Nope, been there forever…just never listed until now in the command list. It was always listed in Infills guide though.

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No it was shown on the command list in season 2.

Are the heavy manuals after slide realistic online? They seem a little tight, but I’m landing them fairly consistently in training. How many frames are they?

I notice I’m getting combo broken a lot. Looking around here, am I correct in saying that Omen is relatively easy to combo break, and that I need to mix it up a bit more? My game plan has been to mostly get in and go for an around-the-world to lock a stock.

Finally, is there any use to mp and hp orbs? I use 2hp>hp.orbs, but outside of that, I can’t find a use for them in the neutral.

Around the world is easy to break by a good player that knows no matter which way yo go around the world…they are going to know the 2nd and 3rd AD and break you.

I like to manual 1st, then go for around the world and shadow linkers

Not sure what your asking with the Orbs

Heavy manual from Heavy slide isnt really a good idea in a real match. You don’t want to do HVY slide becasue its so unsafe. So really practicing that is taking away from time you should be practicing something more practical.

Unless you are talking about Heavy linkers into heavy manual? If so then yes its tight, best to do light manual as its so quick no one can react to it and even if they guess its going to be tough for them.

I’ve had some luck going from light > medium > light linker to bait the break on the heavy. The things is, I can’t tell what is bronze/silver level ■■■■ (just got into silver yesterday), and what is viable at all levels. Similarly, I’ve been using the heavy slide from 3/4 screen when I get a crawler or a wiggler (or shadow rash). I get a ton of mileage out of it, but I’m guessing that is more bronze/silver level ■■■■? Also, how much are people jumping and air dashing in a game. I’m doing it a ton, and for the most part I’m not getting punished for it… but at higher levels is this more like SF where jump-ins are stupid risky?

As for the orbs question, I guess I meant Orda shield. I haven’t found any use for mp.orda and the only use I’ve found for hp.orda is to add more hits to c.hp on a jump-in.

Finally, I really appreciate the help. Pretty good community so far.

Oh one more… are there any high level Omen players that have youtube videos or anything like that?

No high level you tube for Omen unfortunately. Only Maxs week of Omen from when he came out and a few others from when he came out but that’s so old its not that great anymore since there have been so many changes to the game.
Look up Ricos KI World cup winners final against Rebelo for good Omen video.

Yeah, Hvy slide across the screen is a no no for Higher level play. Even if covered by rashakukens.
Only time i use HVY slide is if Say Hisako whiffs a Shadow move and has her back turned to me and heading the opposite direction…I case her down with it. So thats a rare occasion.

Regular orda shield is only useful as a light Orda wake up attack. You can do the Hvy if some one is keeping there distance and jumps in or isnt blocking, you can catch them off guard. But honestly standing HVY kick is better for people jumping in on you.

Now Shadow Orda is a different story… you can use that to cover you while jumping in or sliding in. Especially in instinct since if it hits it locks there meter out as well.

Good idea on the around the world HVY bait…I like that…Im going to try that…thanks.

Yes Omens jumping glide is very useful…master it and especially use the back dash part.

Jump over your opponent and immediately back air dash to get them with a cross up over head Medium punch. Works really good.

Anything else you need to know…just ask… There are a few Omen players here that are willing to help out.

A heavy manual after a heavy slide is possible, but not easy.

Mp only for a VERY strong read on an anti air. But cancelling Heavy orb into shadow fireball keeps Omen safe and puts fire balls on the field.

How are people handling Shago, Rash, and Arbiter? They are giving me fits.

Shago, I just can’t figure out the MU.

The latter two both seem to just wreck fireballs. Plus Rash wins up close and gets in when he wants via tongue, and Arbiter is so tall he is half immune to all cross-up attempts it seems while being an amazing zoner… I’m kind of at a loss for them.

He is the best at everything. His only weaknes is that every special move can be punished. You just have to look for your opportunity.

He can be controlled by fireballs, but the most important thing i have found so far is:
Use his Heavy Orda shield when he tries to use wrecking Ball. You will take off his armor every time if you time it right.

Also is unsafe on most of his moves.

-When you are stuck with a grenade from long range, Throw out some fireballs to give yourself time to block the explosion.

-When he is in instinct, you are dead. You should just hope that he tries something unsafe, and punish it. But if you get stuck with a grenade… RIP. Just try to wait it out as best as you can.

At a low to mid level, this is a good option to punish those types.

You’ll want to eventually learn how save your meter for getting out of tricky situations or just increase the damage of your combos. But at this level, you can just have fun and punish these YOLO players with Demonic Despair.

I didn’t know that about Arbiter, and Orda is a fantastic idea against Rash’s wrecking ball.

That said, how do fireballs work against Rash? They keep him in place, but he just eats them for meter. If you luck out, he screws up because he doesn’t properly predict which fireball we are going to get (bullet takes him by surprise). I’ve found some success just rushing him down. At least there he doesn’t get to dictate the “when” of the fight.

I knew that about Shago. I think my biggest issue with him might just be his design then. He just does a bunch of unsafe ■■■■, and you either read it and put the hurt on him or you don’t read it and he puts the hurt on you… and since large portions of it are unreactable, you are in a 50/50 blender from quite literally the moment the game starts. If Omen was capable of doing more damage, that would probably be a start, but my punish doesn’t often feel like a proper punish.

Shago also illustrates a small problem I have with this game. While I actually generally like combo breakers, they also make unsafe ■■■■ a little less scary than in a game like SF in which you will lose half your health bar if you whiff a dp. Here there is at worst (a pure guess) a 1 in 3 chance of getting out. If you ■■■■■ up you will of course eat more damage, but even if you never break… they are likely not even using their most damaging combo since they are typically easier to break.

New question:

What is the purpose of Shadow Orda shield? I almost had to walk away from the game yesterday when I Shadow Orda’d, got hit by something Jago did and then proceeded to get combo’d while Jago was being hit by the orbs. As in, the hit stun was so puny that Jago was able to keep me combo’d by manual’ing after each hit. I was… annoyed… to say the least.

The only character I’m having trouble against right now is RASH!!! OMG!!! He just destroys Omen… I hate RASH with a passion. I’ve been practicing against his AI on very hard for days , may hours and he can get away with just about any and everything.

(This isnt directed to anyone, just a statement)
I would love for someone to post a video of How to bear High level Rash…instead of talking about it. Easier said than done.

I must try this…thank you

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What do you guys do against a Sadira that keeps jumping and crossing you up? I tried light orda and medium orda, but they weren’t always working. I also tried crouching HP but it’s too slow against cross ups. Same with HK. I had some luck with standing LK, but it just resets them which gives some advantage, but it’s not enough to change the pace of the match. What am I missing against her?