Advice for new Omen

You loose…thats it…LOL… not much you can do except get out of there with shadow slide or shadow form.
IMO Sadira is a tough match up for Omen and really any character that jumps over Omens head continuously.

If you can keep your distance you can beat sadira but if she closes the gap on you all her normals beat out Omens, especially lows…do not attempt any lows agaisnt her… use standing LP or MP to stuff her coming in from the ground. If she is coming from the air… I have yet to devise a good game plan to be honest.

Wow, so it really is that bad? Yeah, I was using shadow moves to escape but eventually you run out of meter. Shadow orda shield was working the best for me. It’s kind of dumb how she can just jump around like a spaz and win the match.

Now the new Shadow Orda may work best now that they dont disappear…I havent had many chances to test that out. But that sounds like a decent option but still uses shadow meter…so not sure how much better it s then just escaping and resetting your distance.

Omens jumping HK is 60% more powerful and hits like a train now so thats a good option too if you can jump and HK much earlier than usual jumping HKs… it will knock her way back so you can get balls on the screen and start building your wall.

Ill work on the MU when I get home and see what I can come up with.

I made a video of the Match up vs Killer difficulty Sadira…Ill post a link tonight…maybe you can pick up some tech from it.

No good videos for anything season 3 yet :frowning: miss tutotial videos

Nice! I’ll definitely check it out. Find anything good?

I asked it above, but I never received a response.

What are people using shadow fireball and shadow orbs for? I’ve tried messing around with them, but outside of knocking someone out of the air, I’ve had very bad luck with them. The hitstun is so tiny that I’m often not able to capitalize on a hit, and I’ve even been combo’d through hits. I’ve been saving my meter for shadow form and our amazing throw (which has turned far too many games from “I’m done” to “I’ve got this”.

Set ups and cross ups for shadow rashakukens

Protection during set ups and unsafe moves for shadow orbs

Here is the link…I cant seem to figure out how to embed anything from Xbox DVR!165&authkey=AGxzOOdhoxI04qM

Well, the cpu Sadira didn’t play like the dude that I played against at all. He just stayed in the air on top of me. Doing air webs, crossups, double jumps and pogo’s. If He landed a combo, he just ended in the hard knockdown and got on top of me again. He literally never stayed on the ground at all. Like I couldn’t throw him ever because all he did was jump around over my head.

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then your screwed… you have to force him to play YOUR GAME…and thats the GROUND GAME.
You can not allow your oppenent to dictate how you play. If you allow that…you have already lost.

  1. most important…know her animations so you can break consistently. (Notice I broke a ton of combos)

  2. Shadow counter (Notice hit at least 4 shadow counters)

  3. Escape and build you rashakuken wall…use Shadow Orda.

  4. if she closes the gap… flee to the other side and repeat.

  5. If he is over your head, use LP orda shield to knock him off…it may trade hits but it at least gives you a second of breathing room to escape.

Easier said then done…but thats all I have for you

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Yeah, I need to learn how to break her air combos, because those were killing me. I tried to duplicate her pressure in training mode, but I was having a tough time. Is there anyway to record a dummy against a blocking opponent in this game?

Thanks for the advice. LP orda shield does seem like the best option. Trade hits then air dash away or something.

You can set the dummy to auto block, or block everyting…something like that…Im not much of a lab guy with recording and such

LP orda and dash away is a good idea…now your thinking in the right direction!