Advice for a Return

I’ve been out of the game since the end of season 2 and need a data dump on everything I need to get caught up to speed. Bad match-ups, tech, general advice.



Dude I seriously have tears in my eyes. :joy_cat: I’m so happy to see ya back…

On the plus side:
Sadira has a ton of crazy new tech. She can now JC off her light kick without being in Instinct.

She is still a TON of fun to use, but she is also regarded as one of the worse characters in the game now.

Bad MUs is still Thunder, Eyedol, Gargos, General RAAM, and Glacius…

She is even with everyone else.

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Finally getting a gaming laptop. KI is the first install.


Can’t wait to play ya and show ya all the new stuff.


Should have my new pc sometime next week. Looking forward to being back and representing Web Nation!


Once you’re settled in, you can take part in our bi-weekly KI get together with another Sadira main @Juxtapose13. He hosts a bi-weekly get together every other Sunday.

He records our fights…

You can see me playing. :joy_cat:

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There are a few notable Sadira mains to keep an eye out for…

Kalypso is one of the best Sadira players currently…
Samuel D is widely considered the best Sadira main. I’ve learned a lot of tech from both players.

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Yeah, partner, can’t allow you to go 24-1 anymore. :wink:


I welcome the challenge. :smiley:

Also make sure when you purchase KI for PC, you purchase the Windows version. While the Steam version is cool, you can’t play with anybody else other than other people on Steam, whereas the Windows version you can do cross play between Xbox and PC.


@MoBVertigo Good to meet you man, and welcome back! I main Sadira as well, and @WebNRagnarok has been helping me improve my game. I started out in Silver Tier and just made Gold, so I’m getting better slowly but surely.

And you are most welcome to join our bi-weekly casuals! We had a strong player base last time and hopefully that repeats.

The next session is officially this coming Sunday, but I may need to push as I regret I’ve had a death in the family and my mom went for surgery and I’ve been helping her and my dad out too. It’s all been very exhausting.

If I’m not up to this weekend, someone else will need to host or we push to Sun. Apr. 11th. I’ll post in the official Bi-Weekly Casuals Thread when I know.


What combo trait did Sadira get in season 3?

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She can combo in to Fang off of any auto doubles.

How has that worked out?

It has its uses, but I don’t think any Sadira player ever thought they needed more ways to knock people into the air.

Her main new tools that I use is her ability to JC off a LK manual. This allows you to use S. Widow’s Bite during a grounded combo, or JC into a heavy punch or kick or Demon Blade.

Salticide is also a great tool for mixing people up. It’s a lot like Chun’s Head stomp.

In S2 they added that mp->hk target combo, and I recall manualing into that to send opponents airborne, so it seems redundant to me to add this… but whatever.

I remember when this was going to happen and I was really hoping for air auto-doubles.

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I think we ALL were hoping for air autos. :joy_cat:

Most of us, as you said were already manualing into her target combo or manualing into Fang after a heavy linker, but now it adds the ability to get Fang after light and medium autos.

In truth, when you look at the other characters combo traits, it really does feel tacked on versus a utility she really needed. Considering how this doesn’t help her in any of her bad MUs is tragic.

Thanks for the invite @Juxtapose13 , once I get my stuff settled, I’ll hit you up to get an invite. Probably 2 or 3 weeks out, as the laptop I bought was a budget (I’m returning tomorrow), and I just decided to splurge for something with more power (after doing some research) that will last longer and I’ll be much happier with.


So… I was looking for some recent KI matches and stumbled across Sajam’s recent tourney, watched the Sadira matches…
It was painful.

I mean, is this what life is like now. Look at this match, and I’ve played Samuel before, so I know he’s super legit, and he comes close in every match, but he is just struggling to get in.


Pretty much when you play against a person counter picking you. The Kilgore vs Sadira is pretty even. Sadira just needs to play it patient. Kilgore’s normal attacks don’t due any damage if blocked.

I’ve played this match up and while it’s annoying I prefer it vs Thunder or Eyedol.

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Dude, Rash… WTF!