Adjust Colors to change all basic colors on a character

One little thing which has been bothering me for some time is that choosing a color besides the default for a character can sometimes result in unwanted areas of the original color existing and potentially looking out of place.

I noticed this recently with Kim Wu and Mira specifically, as I have been using them in my Challenge, and therefore have also been making lots of clips with different costume/accessory/color combinations.

My most specific example is with Mira, particularly her Retro costume. No matter which color you choose, she retains her original purple arm band/sleeve coloring, and on her pants, as well, if they have not been replaced.

It’s a nitpick, definitely. But I think that selecting a non-default color ought to change all of the base character’s colors, with the exception of the colors of specific accessories (which include their own color groups, anyway).


This drives me crazy too! Kim Wu and Mira have some really awesome accessory options, but because there’s always something ‘purple’ that doesn’t change no matter what color you pick, it’s very hard to be pleased with the end result. There are a few for both of those girls where it’s like “This set would be so damn perfect if that freakin purple wasn’t there!”

I don’t mind purple in general, and some of the configurations I put together are PLANNED to be used with purple, I just like to have one or two unifying colors throughout my characters’ entire outfit. I have spent more time using Mira’s retro because I can make more combinations I’m happy with color wise, as I am not a huge fan of default Mira’s color sets except for #1 and #9.

Even if it’s only the two of us, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has noticed this. I’d be willing to bet this same thing occurs on other characters as well, but offhand (and away from the game) those are the only two characters I can say for certain that I’ve experienced the issue with.

Yeah this is my favorite set for Mira and that purple is just so out of place…

Same with Kim Wu. I love her Color 9 blonde hair with the black and red accessories, but there’s still a band around her waist that is always purple.

didn’t you guys read the story? In season 3 there’s an epidemic that if you don’t wear some kind of purple, you’ll die. That purple shadow you see in every character is the virus.

Couldn’t agree more, OP. Kim Wu’s pink belt is another example where I change all the accessories and pick a color and it all fits together, except for this one random thing that’s a color that doesn’t go with any of it, that for some reason doesn’t change with the base color change.

It’d be great if IG could go through and update this for the characters.