I notice 4 stages were missing from killer instinct
rash,mira,gargos and general raam.
they don’t have their original stages.
i notice they used some of season 1 and 2 stages.
but i like to see some new stages like
rash stage:i never played battletoads,but something that fits its character
mira stage:a vampire castle like which dracula lives in.
gargos stage:maybe a portal stage or space background like in the wallpaper
general raam stage:a locust tunnel with drones and cog fighting in the background.similar to arbitars stage.
please add more stages before,when or after julys character comes out

Where have you been? there is already a thread for this…several of them matter of fact.

They will not have their own stages unfortunately… they voted to create other content… it was a choice that they didnt want to make but had to due to money and time constraints.


oohh ok,sorry i never heard the news and i discovered this website today.thxs

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Welcome to the Forum! Hang out and you will learn a ton of tips and tech! Make this your home for KI info! But…if you have a question, use the search bar at the top right corner of the home page… (the magnifying glass icon) search for possible existing threads and if you dont find what you are looking for… then create a new topic.
Your not the only one wanting the new stages… they just felt like there are already plenty of stages and a stage cost more than any other content in the game to make. So they decided on more modes and an expansive story mode - Shadow Lords!

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I still hope that we get them in some form, somewhere down the line, but yeah… Doesn’t seem likely at this point, sadly.

Anyways, welcome to the forums, man!!