Achievements not unlocking

Hey, guys. A few friends of mine are having similar issues regarding the unlocking of achievements in ‘Killer Instinct’ at the moment, and more than a few achievement hunters over at trueachievements are reporting the same issue.

Basically, I completed all 3 requirements for Cinder’s story today and never got the achievement. I didn’t notice at the time and Aria was the last character I needed to finish season 2’s story with so I went and did hers as well. None of the 3 achievements (1 for Cinder’s story, 1 for Aria’s story, and the final one for completing season 2’s mural) that should’ve popped ended up unlocking. A couple friends of mine reported a similar issue when I asked them if they’d unlocked any achievements today.

Then people started posting on trueachievements and reddit regarding other KI achievements not unlocking, particularly the fight challenge ones. One guy on TA said he had surpassed 80 fight challenges with a character and never got the achievement. In the interest of helping him, I started completing challenges with Kan-Ra because I already had 74 challenges completed. I completed 10 more challenges bringing my total up to 84 and again - Nothing.

To clarify - These achievements aren’t showing in the achievement app as ‘Done…Unlocking’ : They’re still showing as locked because the game is telling me (and others) that we haven’t met the requirements for unlocking them despite having done so multiple times, deleting/redownloading our profiles, resetting our consoles etc…

Just thought I’d do everybody a favor and hopefully bring this to somebody’s attention. I damn sure don’t want to have to delete all my save data and try to get these achievements again because I’m already over 1,500 challenges deep into this game with 60-some hours spent playing online and off.

Can we get somebody to look into this, please?

Thanks for reading.

Thread links, for proof.

Now it appears that no achievements will pop for me in this game anymore. Since my posts last night I’ve completed 150 fight challenges with Sabrewulf (I was at 135 yesterday) and 200 total matches with Sabrewulf (I was around 180 last night) and those achievements didn’t pop either. I’m also at 25 fights with my shadow lab character and that also never unlocked.

It appears to me that the story bug I encountered has now completely broken my game achievement wise.

This is incredibly frustrating. Especially being close to 70 hours and over 1,500 fight challenges deep in the game.

I was super excited for season 3 next month but this has just completely taken the wind out of my sails. Even more disappointing is that in the list of patch notes for season 3 there’s not a single mention that I saw of a fix for this widespread story/achievement bug.

Some people are still unlocking the achievements, I got the S2 mural recently even though a large number of people haven’t.
Try deleting the local save on your console and using the most recent cloud save file. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the game, you don’t lose your fight challenges.

I just finished deleting my local save and deleting everything for the game including the game itself and all season 1 and season 2 characters and reinstalling everything.

Still nothing.

At this point I think I’m done with the game unless a major fix for the achievements is on the way, there are no less than 3 different threads on the main page of this feedback forum right now (not even counting those on or full of people reporting achievement issues ranging from the story mode to the character fight challenges and still not an acknowledgement from Iron Galaxy that they’re even aware of the issue.

I get that not everybody cares about achievements in video games but I do and a lot of other paying customers who’ve supported this game thus far do as well. The achievement hunting community has been doing everything they can to bring this issue to the attention of the developers for quite some time now and there’s still no mention of a fix, not even while the developers are busy trying to get us all to buy season 3.

Sorry, but I’m opting out at this point. I won’t be playing or supporting this game any further until a fix for these achievement bugs is finally released, and I’ll be advising all of my Xbox Live friends (all of whom are achievement hunters as well) to do the same.

Thanks for the input, DoobyDude23. I really do appreciate the fact that you attempted to help me find a fix for my problem. It’s just too bad the developers don’t seem to share the same mindset.

Yup I’m positive I crossed 200 matches, 20 ranked wins, 150 titles and 6 characters beaten with ARIA in the past few days, and no achievements unlocked. I followed all the steps given by Xbox to attempt to resolve it and nothing.

PS… Just unlocked an achievement in Rare Replay, so this is def a KI issue. Please fix! I have every achievement in the game but ARIA’s, these are the last 4 I need to have 100%… and they’re bugged. Annoying to say the least.

The official IG twitter replied to me about this issue and said they’ll look into it.

just adding in my experience.
i have not been able to unlock the 30 fight challenges for several characters, stylish thunder, aria story mode, 15 shadows saved and 20 shadow matches played. possibly more. it has nothing to do with my system. i can play on an alt profile and achievements are unlocking fine. ive even tried playing on two different systems, and nothing seems to work.

hopefully this is resolved, or i won’t be purchasing season 3.