Accidental DPs everywhere


Is anyone else having this issue with Kilgore? Maybe it’s because I just got a new controller, but I can barely use his d/f P as a linker because I always seem to DP on accident. Never had this problem with Fulgore or anyone else with a d/f/d-f move on the dpad until now. Is this a bug, or am I just slowly losing my mind? lol

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Dunno. Considering you’re using a new controller, I’d maybe hit the lab for ten minutes or so w/ any character w/ a QCF.P Linker and a DP, and just run through combo sequences using the QCF.P Linker and DP Ender. Then maybe ten minutes of walk fwd>fireball practice, just to get acclimated to the new analog or pad.

I’ve been playing w/ the same Atrox I’ve been using since April, and I have not experienced this issue.

Please don’t lose your mind, at any rate.

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Thanks, man! Good idea. Just wanted to check and see if I’m alone in this, but it must be the new controller. I’ve been accidentally triggering Sadira’s instinct all over the place too so yeah, it must be the controller.

Yuck, webs everywhere lol.

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No I am having this issue very frequently which is odd because back in September (The last time I really sat down and put time in the game) I never had this problem with Fulgore or even Jago. It seems to be happening when I am holding down trying to crouching moves, and then when I confirm and try to cancel into the charge linker the dp is coming out so I assume me holding down and then going right to the quarter circle is registering as DP for w.e reason.


The same appears to be happening to me… :frowning:

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It might be the controller? .3. IDK I will say this though; Do you have this issue with other characters?


Happens to me too. Basically every time I try to use his FQC Punch move it does a DP, especially as a linker. Same thing randomly started happening to me with thunder and his Triplax as a linker going right into sammamish every time.

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Doesn’t happen to me with other characters, and my controller is rather reliable.


This is exactly what’s happening to me, especially on linkers. I get his FCQ punch out of combo about 75% (other 25% of the time he DPs), but that number drops dramatically for linkers. I feel like I’m being pretty deliberate / precise with the motion as well, though that’s probably more true on openers than linkers, but even still… I’ve never had this problem with Jago or Fulgore. Still don’t. It just seems to be Kilgore.


Same with me yo, try to link and get an uppercut ender. Definitely isn’t always the best situationally.


@developers is Kilgore’s DP coming out a little too easily like this a known issue? Please see comments above (if you haven’t already).

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s really kind of annoying and makes me not want to use him much because like you said , I know I’m being precise with my FQC P


Same here. I want to use him, I like his move set, but playing him in practice right now feels more frustrating than it should for that one, single issue. Basically I either avoid using either of those moves at all or I just avoid using the character, which to me is a shame because I think he has a lot of fun stuff going on with him.


Anyone ever hear anything or figure out a solution to this ??? It’s getting beyond obnoxious.

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@developers I’m still having this experience with Kilgore as well. Is this a bug? Any time I use his qcf P, I get his DP a good 50% of the time. Honestly, it seems like when I try to intentionally do the DP motion, I sometimes get his qcf P instead.

I swear, this doesn’t happen with any other character. I don’t have this problem with Jago, Fulgore, etc. Just Kilgore. Something is not normal here.

Is there any way one of the devs could respond and let me know if I’m crazy or if this is actually a known issue that’s being worked on? I have two brand new controllers and it’s the same on both of them. Honestly, I can barely use him at this point.


Couldn’t have said it better myself man. But it’s more like 80%-90% accidental DP when trying to use chain gun rush as a linker. Especially when trying to string multiple chain gun rushes together as linkers… defintely gonna hit a DP after the first one lol

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I have this issue too, which is a real shame. I want to rush in and try and get my opponent in a combo, but can’t due to the DP coming out far too frequently.


Here’s an idea - post a video of a fight where this happens with inputs showing up on the side of the screen. That way, we can better determine if it’s really a bug, or if it’s really just user error, and we all just happen to suck.

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I have to admit Im getting a lot of accidental dp’s myself.


I’m having this issue as well but in my case the quickness of his moves makes me want to do the inputs faster with him than I do with other characters and it’s making me a bit sloppy. Feels really good though when I pull of the combo I want to or initiate an ultra successfully.