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Got through the tutorial sections of Shadow Lords and it pretty much is amazing!!! The only thing that should be taken into concern, is the difficulty setting. Although I like only having 3 difficulty levels, I felt like playing it on a extreme difficulty better than GODLIKE! difficulty shall be like get huge more rewards while at the same time having much very hard enemies, just like Maximilian Dood faces enemies on Kyle difficulty on two of his Boss Rage videos for Killer Instinct on YouTube. All together, I think the Shadow Lords game mode will be the game changer for the entire KI community. Even the daily rewards are cool, then again should give more out. Yet again IMO, Thanks to Rukari and everyone in the KI community for the chosen few to test out this mode and hopefully improve and fixes in time for the official launch in 10 days time.

Once again, thanks for this experience.

Jordan G

XBL: xDanteTheGamerx


Just got the code for shadow lords yesterday. I have to say that I played through my first playthrough on challenging and removed all of Gargos’ buffs and ended up beating him. The entire playthrough had me interested. I think that having story missions based on characters you lead with is a great idea. I also have a suggestion that sometime before fighting Gargos (preferably after the omens spawn) that it includes a rival mission for each leader. Maybe give texts explaining the reason they are fighting. And also, I don’t know if this is a bug, but when I was debugging Gargos, I had taken out 4 and there was still a hidden 5th buff that didn’t show up until I had to fight Gargos ( he still had the permanent 6th buff though). All in all I’m pretty impressed by shadow lords. Can’t wait to play some more and get the full release in 10 days.


Thanks rukari for the opportunity to try out Shadow Lords it’s very cool that it has a story some voice acting to but a little more very detailed on the items I will keep updating as I keep playing it thanks again


Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the early access rukizzel! Cant wait to start tomorrow. It is 2 in the morning so im of to bed now. Feedback is coming!


So far I have enjoyed the game Mode, I can’t wait to see what will be the future of Shadow Lords. Gotta lo ve to farm stuff for future playthroughs


what I wanna know is why is this xbox only? and why couldn’t they tell us on the sign up page it was xbox only. I got so happy when I saw the email just to be immediately disappointed since I don’t even have an xbox.


I think SL is really good and I did install SL but my first impression is really interesting anyway I’m going keep going to play SL and I’m going to give it 10/10 keep it going guys.


Haven’t got my coad yet


I didn"t get my code yet. Why?


Yeah as you might noticed by know it is Xbox only and if you registered here on the Site it says that it is Xbox Only! At least for me and i did it on thursday!


Really enjoying the new art! Hoping we get high res pics soon for backgrounds! Also who ever designed the Sand Worm (I currently forget its proper name) did a fantastic job.


Hi! I just tried Shadow Lords and for my 1st time, I’ve already beaten Gargos very easily! But also, I think that the preview is very great! Thanks to all the Killer Instinct’s team, beacause I’ve played KI1 and KI2 on arcade but there was no story mode…


SL works fine with me.
The tutorial at the beggining is really helpfull, but after a playthrough i started putting down the UI.
Feels solid exp and kept my intrest to the end where Gargos with 2 of his buffs conquered earth.
Now, in most of the matches i didnt feel like had to use my buffs.More like i did just to see how it is than needed them and i wasnt on easy.
The level IV and higher mimics, wasnt hard enough.
The videos following the story of ur main character need to be arted instead of actual graphics.It will give more freedom to the designers and promote much better the hardcore and more underground aesthetic of the game.
Even the small dialogues before fights could be comic styled with arts of each one
The game yells for it.
Anyway, ill keep on for the rest of the week and see how it goes.
btw, thans Rukari…


This is just cosmetic, but It will be nice if you can pick your custom characters. Like preferred color with the accessories you changed . (Ex: Mask change on Jago.)


I got my code for the Shadow Lords and had a hard time figuring out where it was until I re-read the email. I tried it out and I will be honest I really thought that it was going to be like season one and season two where you have the story mode but everyone is in shadow form. I was shocked when I seen that it was different. I thought it was pretty neat. The little upgrades and everything will take some getting used to but other than that so far so good. I also find it weird how the little yellow orbs ( I am sorry I forget what they are called) that are in the crates at the end of a match come out and one of them goes off screen and in order to get it you have to walk up to the crate and it comes to you. Its no big deal I just giggle. You all did an awesome job so far. I have not played much due to work and school but I do find myself wanting to play which is a great sign. Great job KI Team!!! :smile:


Hi I really agree with you on that one.


Firstly. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the shadow lords beta. You guys are doing a great job! I’ve smashed all of challenging. Gargos was still a good fight and I had all buffs but one gone(: Godlike is sweet. But honestly the only reason I made it to Gargos was because of killer fractured ward.which is Damn good by the way(: But fighting Godlike Gargos was a beast and he murdered me! Question? Will u guys implement guardians into online match? No bugs so far. Just new beautiful art and work. I think the risk and reward is awesome on Godlike. I think if you guys made a treasure run bonus stage or something would be really cool. The many choices are great and don’t seem to get stale for me. Keep up the good work guy’s.


Where do that send the code to is it your xbox or email!?


Go to link from email for code.


Premise, I started and I’m still playing the most difficult , so it may just be my fault XD
But , is it just me , or I find the CPU and his upgrade a little too OP ?
When you find them equipped with upgrades both defense and attack , they beat you really bad !

One other thing that I regret is the choice of characters , after you’re done for the first time the Shadow Lords , you can safely choose who you want , I would rather have to unlock all the characters trying the various missions of the game , as it was in the first run
It’s a good way to also learn other characters outside of our main.

For now these are the things that I wanted to share as feedback , if I find I communicate more quickly

P.S. i really love some easter,like scared Kan-Ra when he see Aganos in the shop or Spinal quote Commando XD