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Yeah, I somehow missed that this whole time. The code’s not gonna be very useful to me.


I’m stuck already. … no idea how to slept my jago to fight omen…

Doesn’t seem to be any button and it’s caking me to activate my jago to play him.

Hmm what am i doing wrong?


OK sorry my kinect was hiding end turn :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Where are my manners, I was so excited to play that I didn’t come here to thank you.

So, thank you very much my good sir, I really appreciate it.


I noticed just now that I got the e-mail for early access to shadow lords. Used the code, worked and only to later realize that PC players cannot play shadow lords.

Such a bummer.


How did you getbthe code


You need to fill in the form with your gamer tag and e-mail. If you are lucky they send you a code later down the line.

If you didn’t applied now, go and do so now since the second wave will be soon for your next chance.

But then again, you do have access to this sub-forum which means you are already in. Go to your e-mail and read the instructions on how to start playing SL.


How do i get the code


Actually it was recently made public because no one wants to input 800 names.




I had no problems to enter Shadow Lords, the last time I played the game I forgot to close the game, but the mode showed up after installing the access (I started the game again later like I normally do when I turn off my console completely and the game mode was here with no problems), is very fun and challenging at the same time, by the way the Spanish translation apparently is not complete yet, and once the game didn’t show one of the Gargos’ buffs in the map screen, but that buff appeared in the VS screen, I’m having (for some strange reason) fun trying to beat Gargos on Godlike without using guardians and items, and letting Gargos have his buffs.


I have a suggestion it would be fair, for gargos Can he have a cool down on minion spawning just so it’s fair.


Kan-Ra gave me an idea when he was asking something about what I had to offer. Is there a way to sell items as well? Maybe I completely missed the ability in there because I’m still feeling my way around the interface, menus, and options. In one of the missions, I’d earned the item that spreads corruption. I was like, I don’t want to use that! I’m sure in a few days, I will though. Haha. But it might be cool to unload some items I don’t necessarily want or need so I could obtain others (I do).


You got a BIG POINT, most games like the RPG’s you can sell your stuff, it would be nice to get some astral gems to buy some other stuff, or trade an item you have for another stuff is also a good idea.


There’s been a lot of awesome suggestions on this forum, so I’m not sure if this one was brought up previously. When Instinct or Shadow gets sealed, could there be (or is there already) a way to indicate it’s actually sealed similar to when certain characters do the same thing during a regular match? That would help my muscle memory from seeking out something that’s not readily available for the current mission.

I’m loving this mode by the way. Like others have written in the forums, I could totally see modules being released that add mission specifics to certain characters. For instance, Mira could have some module that explores the Coven at length. The module could greatly expand the lore. Maybe she has a falling out with them after they target Maya. Perhaps the Coven wants to capture some Ultratech technology and the effort sparks an international incident. Etc. Being text-based, it’s like this mode is infinitely expandable to new characters* and missions.

*Joanna Dark and Dark Queen please. :grin:


Any restrictions that we shouldn’t do when making videos?


Nope, go nuts.


No issues so far! Only thing i found so far is that you can continue Jago’s ultra for a long time during the tutorial!


Somehow, I don’t think that is a glitch.


Thank you so much, Rukizzel! The code works just fine!