About the Shadow Lords category

Shadow Lords is the gripping conclusion to Season 3, bringing a fight with an incredibly overpowered Gargos in an effort to save the world from his corruption.

The fight may seem unfair, but on your road to battle you’ll be able to earn a smattering of consumables and artifacts to even the odds, and perhaps even tip them in your favor.


So if we’re able to post topics here, that means that we’ve received the preview?

Not exactly sure what you mean by “find yourself in this category.”

Yeah I’m wondering about that too.

did anyone else have a problem of when they posted their code, it said it was already used?

Yeah. That happened with mine.

Hoping they didn’t give everyone the same code that only works one time. Either that or maybe we are trying too early?

Mine’s installed it’s just not showing up on my menu.

maybe you need to restart the system?? Pretty sure there are still some bugs. Though I am still wondering why Ziarist and I get the code already used message.

Tried that. Didn’t work.

That’s really disappointing. :frowning:

@Ziarist, did you get your code to work yet, or did you get int via another means?

I got another code, but now SL isn’t showing up in the Main Menu.

did you reply to the email that you got? Hopefully I can get another code as well.

Yes, but Rukari should notice since this is his topic.

I already sent Rukari pics on twitter of the install not working.

I’ll reply as well… no way he’d know which email was mine based on my GT name. Plus he’s probably getting flooded with things right now.

We should probably not keep replying in this Topic and make a new one instead.

Thank you for the opportunity! I’ll be trying Shadow Lords out shortly and at length. So pumped! :grin:

Just got the email for the early preview! Thank you guys so much for allowing me to give it a try, I really do appreciate it!

I will be giving it a shot very soon and ill be sure to post some feed back.

Thank you again everybody!

I got the code and became happy, then i discovered that there’s no access for PC… became sad. :cry: