About Rash's tounge attack

I think Rah’s tongue is a neat mechanic for navigating the stae, but I feel his neutral 3-punch tounge could use some tweaking.

I can see the uses for it’s movement so I think the biggest issue is that it comes out to far to fast. It can be an issue for characters like Glacius who rely on plenty of space to zone. The distance it travels I can live with if the tongue doesn’t travel so fast. Maybe reduce the neutral tongue attack speed a bit? or maybe just reduce screen distance from semi-full to half screen?

I think one or the other the tounge should be tweaked to not go out to far or not come out to fast.

I find it quite annoying when the player hits you with it over and over again in quick succession; it doesn’t do any damage, but dang it! I don’t like being tongued by a giant, mutant toad!

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being spammable like that is one reason why I think it should slow down the speed or reduce the distance it travels.

To be honest it’s the only thin I don’t like about Rash but he’s great otherwise.

I think the tongue is okay atm. Zoners will have trouble with it but that’s kinda the point of it.

I dig it. Its basically Spencer’s grappling arm from MVC3.

If you make it slower or only go half screen it needs to become something that you can always manual off of. As it stands, it’s a fantastic tool for anti-zoning (what it’s meant for) decent for movement, and terrible for straight on attacks. If you slow it down, it removes/reduces 2 of those 3. That’s not ok.

I think being able to manual off it is a fair compromise.

The tongue should simply be there to eat the projectiles. Which shouldn’t reduce it’s usefulness for that purpose. Most projectiles don’t travel so fast that you can’t catch em.

The issue is, try looking at it from the perspective of a Glacius player. You’re struggling to get your space and you finally get it. uess what? Rash is right in your face and he doesn’t have to work as hard as the other cast members do, especially with those with no meter.

Rash isn’t as slow as some characters either, so it’s not like he’ll be hurting to badly against zoners.

The issue is it will be way to easy to get in with little trouble. Even if you aren’t a zoner if rash can get the space he can zoom right in you with no trouble. .

So can Wulf. So can Orchid. So can Jago. Face it, if you’re Glacius, you’re not gonna get to have the spacing you want. You’re gonna have to play within the spacing of the opponent you’re playing wants. You can’t nerf the entire move just because it screws over Glacius. You’d have to nerf everything in the game.

I saying it’s one example. The same can be an issue for all zoners.

Unlike Orchid, Wulf and Jago however their movement isn’t as fast as Rash would be when his tounge lands a hit. Orchid, Jago and Wulf can come in but not so fast that unless you aren’t paying attention you can block whatever attacks Orchid, Jago and Sabrewulf use to get in. Rash is in your face in the blink of an eye.

Rash can start out from full screen and when you’re trying to set up an attack from afar just one button press is all it takes and if you’re caught in the middle of the attack he’s gonna hit you and come flying at you. Basically you’re now uncomfortable in a range that you’d usually be fine in. TBH I actually think Thunder’s COS was reasonable by comparison. and I thought that move was a little much when it first came into the game.

Besides I’m not saying that it should be slowed and weakened by travel distance.Just one or the other. The neutral tounge attack seems mostly used for projectile eating anyhow. The other directions are fine so I don’t think the nerf wouldn’t hurt Rash too much.

I think it should be more negative on block

Hmm…well the negative on block may not as bad but only one issue with this: If they use it’s blocked, they basically open themselves up to a combo. If you put it that way though it may just mean they have to be weary about how they use it. Sort of a high risk, high reward thing.

I’d say negative on block but cancellable into wrecking ball is a fair trade, for example.

I don’t know. I think being able to risk getting a combo for a instant get in is a fair enough trade. Just means you have to be more careful using it.

Ummm IDK who you’re watching on Rash, but you are telling me that a move that does no damage, can’t be manualled off of at range, is easily readable, and causes little to no blockstun is better than Blockade Runner? Or Windkick? Or Sabre’s Run? Or Riptor’s run (which she can do between rounds, unlike anyone else listed)?

C’mon dude.

Whats funny is that I remember talking to a guy when Kan-ra’s trailer tease came out which was actually Maya,when her trailer was released ,so it was along time ago this guy wanted to see a Battletoad in the game and I was like they would never put a battletoad in the game but he was quite passionate about it and it shows that IRON GALAXY does listen to the KI fans, so never doubt Ig again. I was calling for Cinders retro ,I dunno it was a limeish,light ,vanilla color with a red outline in the original KI from 94’ and I only could say it was a tannish color,lol and they made a brown retro cinder which I hope wasn’t my doing because I dunno actually what the color was,lol, it was very light .light yellow but unique

Those moves are not as fast as Rash is once he lands a sucessful hit with his tounge. Which he can zipline on you in a blink of an eye. The rest you can block before the other characters can actually hit you.

However I’m not so closed minded that if you can show me some video proof that his tounge isn’t able to whack someone in the middle of zoning then it may not be that bad. Till then however I still think either the range needs to be reduced or the speed. Only other option I can see for the nerf so far is maybe increase the recovery on whif so it can’'t be easily spammed. Can’t really be an issue since you’ll most likley use the tounge attack at fullscreen.

Define “in the middle of zoning”, and I’ll try to get it for you

Try setting up your hail from full screen as Glacius.

Try throwin fireballs with Fulgore while he’s spamming it.

Try through your bombs as Cinder.

Have Rash just stand there and only use 3p while doing those.

Try those examples to start with. If they arn’t as bad as you claim to be then there shouldn’t really be anythin to worry about.

I’ll get these videos for you tonight when I get home

alright then. Hopefully your videos will be able to strengthen your side of the argument.

Here ya go


Started with Rash right on top of them, got rash to full screen, then zoned him out. Cinder is the only one I had problems getting Rash to full screen with, but Cinder doesn’t really want to be full screen.