Abandoned Laboratory

So I went through the Abandoned Laboratory mission with ARIA, and after clearing security level 3, it hinted at a potential new character.

A discarded prototype, dismissed by ARIA as unstable, and subsequently sealed away and forgotten. She attempts to activate it, but nothing happens, though ARIA is beginning to wonder if the day when this creation is needed is drawing near…

Just curious, what happens on the lower levels, or if you use ARIA to disable security? Also, any speculation as to the identity of this enigmatic being?


At the end, you will have the same outcome.

IMO after playing shadow lords, some potential s4 characters would be:

Aria’s new creation(hinted here)
The alien criminal that Glacius is searching (don’t remember the name)
The Tsar
Sol Dakuri
Katana guardian
Lovecraftian creature
Last ichorien alive


I could think of another. Kan-Ra’s last co-conspirator, referenced in his bio as a nobleman.

I thought the alien criminal crashed and died at Roswell, leading to ARIA being created, then she used his tech to draw in Glacius. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, according to Rash’s bio in Definitive Edition, Battletoads is canon for KI.

I always suspected about the nobleman being the Tsar, leader of the Coven

There are no evidences about the alien being dead, so who knows

The alien that crashed at Roswell will tun out to be a Halo elite just to troll us :stuck_out_tongue:

Also what about this St. Ga’rhok guy? And why did he have soooo many fingers?

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Because he was the lovecraftion creature. He was a giant mass of dirty fingers that cause one of his fingers to fall off if he ever flipped someone off and he loved to give out the bird.


The actual text is as follows:

ARIA: So, you are still here…

You touch the side of the figure’s face, feeling for
a switch. It clicks, but nothing happens

ARIA: Inefficient, unstable…you were a failure by
all calculations. And yet, my prediction models
indicated a time would arise when even you
might be of some use to this world. Perhaps that
time is finally nearing…

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