Lore: is fulgore eagle? Or something else?

Yeah but, that fulgore is buggy. And from the gameplay standpoint, I don’t see any “buggyness” coming from him. I’m pretty sure the fulgore we play is the current up-to-date version.

I’m sure his mechanics worked fine.Just he has self-awareness. Just cause Fulgore doesn’t act buggy in combat in gameplay doesn’t mean so in the lore.

So if this is the “up-to-date” Fulgore than that must mean we’re just playing the super strong version of the “regular” Fulgores?

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He is the up to date model. He is the MK.3 The CCIX were older models were they not?

This novella has thrown everyone off on who is who lol.

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It sure has

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Not really, I understand it for the most part. Although some characters were left out entirely like Sadira and spinal.Outside of one mention in the lsat paragraph of chapter 6.

But looking back on it now, I’m not sure if IG continued the overall plot of what DH wanted to do.

I was under the impression that MS was in charge of story elements and so forth and both DH and IG handled the actual game, I’m not sure. I could be wrong

Was that the case? Hmmmmm…

Just because Fulgore lost his body doesn’t mean he’s gone…

As Cinder said, “This one’s special.”


Yeah, Eagle subconsius could be somewhat cloned into the Fulgore. He is no Eagle, but still…

in your honest opinion are we playing as that “special” Fulgore? or the garden variety

Wouldn’t that be a fact then?

True on that one it would end up being a fact.

I really hope shadow lords can help give some clarity to those of us who are confused.

Now that is an interesting statement.

Most of us have been saying Fulgore lost his mind when Eagle was unhooked, are you implying that Fulgore is Eagle? Maybe we’ve got a Matrix scenario where the AI has taken over a physical body. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, now we know that Kilgore was the CCIX unit mentioned there.

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I wonder if anything else in the novella hints at the next 2 characters…

We could only speculate at this point. No one saw Kilgore coming so who knows

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It was pretty obvious that we were going to have another Ultratech creation.

No way to know it’s name, but the concept was clearly hinted

We can’t say we weren’t pleasantly surprised that new characters were coming this soon at least. That Katana mentioned in the dossiers does intrigue me though, no person mentioned, just the weapon and it’s guardian… as for the last ichorien mentioned, wasn’t it dying?