A way to distinguish good killers from average ones

And just so everyone remembers, W/L ratio becomes very difficult to move as you play more and more games. My W/L with Hisako is 90% or so for the last 5 months, but my overall ratio with the character is still mid-seventies or something, just because I did a lot of losing with her when I first started out. And I don’t always play with her in Ranked anyway, instead often running new or secondary characters like Mira or Jago, where again, I do a decent amount of losing.

My win % overall probably isn’t anything that would make you go “oh crap”. But I still very much have the capacity to wreck your day in Ranked if I feel like it.

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Meh, how subtle Storm…

Apologies if that came off arrogant - that wasn’t my intent. Just want to point out that the “show us their win percentage” idea doesn’t necessarily tell you very much. Wrathglacius probably has a good win %, but that doesn’t really tell you much about the fight you’re in for. If you bait puddle punch when fighting him, you’ll probably dunk him.

Win ratio isn’t everything, and it does a poor job of capturing the short term variance of someone’s play. It hold thousands of matches for some people…it’s only going to vary by very slow increments.


It wasn’t that way. I think i know of you well enough to say that wasn’t what you were going for at all. So MY apologies for lame sarcasm. :slight_smile:

Back on topic, i guess to go the opposite direction? I made a chart for fun way back when on ranked data. Took the top 25 players for each character and went through what little data i could get, including win ratios with xyz character. I will tell you straight up mine was the lowest of all players at around 38%. I still get my ■■■ kicked a ton. Matter of fact, many of you in this thread probably did, but im not a 1 out of 3 win player.

Data only means so much.

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I can’t remember, but doesn’t your player experience never reset? For example: I’m at 50, so I shouldn’t be able to send it back down, right? So, do smurfs only exist in alternate accounts?

if you go into ranked, my conclusion is that you’re either gonna go full throttle and play to kill, or dont bother at all. people do all kinds of dirty tricks to get higher in the ranks. smurfing, lag switching (oh god i hate those the most), guys leave their mic running on purpose causing a huge racket to distract you, trash talking over the mic, thats just how it is. i love the idea of having some kind of metric system to know more or less how strong or weak your opponent is but it would prove to be really difficult to get something really accurate and reliable.

How about a win /loss of the last 10 games?

SO for example … FallofSeraphs76 (1-9)

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I’m actually okay with the suggestion. I think if Killer was divided, based on win percentage into five tiers like every other tier that would be fine. Since your advance in rank points is pretty tightly linked to your win percentage it should align fairly well with your rank points each month. Within reason anyway.

But everyone needs to remember it’s not going to change anything about who you get matched up in because t won’t create any additional players.

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fair points you make. I agree that 1 win out of 1000 is a drop in the bucket but that’s exactly the point. you’ve won 1000 matches. that’s the point. even playing second or 3 pick characters isn’t going to prevent you from reading/countering opponents.

to be honest. killer rank is where a player just starts to be “ok” at the game. I just think it needs tightening up a bit. no one can argue the math of win/loss.

honestly, I feel as if I’m pinning to piss on the wrong tree. Keit’s even said he loves it when players test the waters during the first seconds of a match. I guess It does keep one frosty. especially in Chicago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I cannot stand smurfs, once ran into a level 3 bronze jago doing advanced juggle combos and manuels -_-

Don’t get me started on lag switchers, I encountered one this morning before work, I had won the first match while still in my first bar no lag or connection problems whatsoever. Next match I got him in danger with nearly all of my green bar and as he made a very unsafe jump when I had several rashakukens out and instinct active everything slowed to a crawl and I was disconnected because of it and credited with a loss.

the idea of a win/loss ratio out of 10 fights seems pretty good to me, you can definitely tell how good a player is that way so long as they werent throwing fights or cheating by lag switching. i concur

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I got one better. I actually got DDosed yesterday! First time in KI history. It was a multi star Rash player. We started the match. He did a few nice juggles, but nothing truly amazing. I got a pretty substantial life lead and he stopped playing.

Generally if somebody stops playing, I’ll give them a few seconds before I continue to fight. I waited 30 seconds, thinking the guy either gave up or something happened. I was typing out a message to him, when all of a sudden I get an alert on my PC and the next thing I know, I’m booted from the match, credited with a loss. I had to hard boot my router to make it work.

Needless to say, I reported him. Still the lengths that people will go to rig their stats.


Even in a normal settings a win/loss ratio won’t tell you much. Lately, I’ve been wining a TON of matches, however most of them have been against Bronze and Silver players. Let’s say I went 9 out of 10 Ranked sets, but 8 of those were against lesser skilled players, stats might look great, but it doesn’t really show my skill.

I agree, ultimate Killer has become a dumping ground where you either destroy or are being destroyed. We need a higher tiered Rank.

Was it Ascended Tiger? That may have been me…

Though, to be fair, I was only trying to get that account to Killer.

@SoSRaGnArOk Ikr it’s so damn annoying when people resort to something like that, makes you wonder what they’re getting out of it.

On topic now, I think that at a certain point you should not be able to reset your rank. For example, once you become a killer the reset option becomes locked. If you’re able to make it there then you’ve proven yourself capable of a certain skill level or are able to hold your own in a match. I understand that if you want to reset your rank to use characters that you don’t use for ranked achievements or you might not feel you should be in that rank tier but at a certain point you should be able to get a grasp on your skill level where you feel comfortable at without having tor remake the entire climb back to killer.

I would wager the greater majority of those who reset their rank, do it to play other characters and actually have a chance at competing (honestly I thought that is what exhibition was for).

Smurfers don’t just requalify, they create multiple accounts to boost their stats.

Anytime you see a low level character on a low level Gamercard, 90% of the time, you’re about to get smurfed.

It’s cheating plain and simple.

I think to say it’s cheating is going too far. Now, if you modded the game to get infinite shadow meter, then that’s cheating.

It’s not cheating since they aren’t gaining anything out of it but it is an form of douchebaggary.