A way to distinguish good killers from average ones

I really think ranked needs more information about the opponent your facing. information is key to victory. usually the first 10 seconds are about getting a feel for what your opponent might do. with that in mind, it could help make better decisions in the first few seconds. I personally don’t start playing hard till I know the opposition can handle themselves and by then I’m missing a 20 percent chuck of life bar.

I understand that’s the nature of ranked, is that unknown factor.

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i agree that would be useful. however since ive run into smurfs that hide as low level players, i go full throttle every fight. ive run into that level 3 hisako doing grab resets, an Oki game thats on point, and other advanced level tech. or a newbie shadow jago going wild with high level juggles and shenanigans. level 5 account sure, we got us a super noob here! i dont trust any opponent to be what the fight card says, to me they’re all dangerous and extremely capable


lol. amen to that! but it’s just less exhausting using the “force” only when provoked into doing so. lol.

ingnoring smurfs, wouldn’t it be cool if we could mathematically break down win/lose ratios in to a categorical ladder? much like the season 1 pecking order.

Maybe, to combat smurfs, after the first battle of the best of 3, you could have the option to change your character. That way if you see someone who you think may be of lower skill (like a gold player or a level 3 hisako as R1stormrider said), you can pick a character that you aren’t that skilled with, and if they happen to body you with upper level tech, then you can switch to your main.

I really do think all battles on ranked should be best of 3, with the option for a character change after the first battle.

I get what you mean but if a designation was provided, as in a title of some kind to the player, based on win/lose ratio smurfs wouldn’t exist. if a dude only has 10 fights and he won all 10. something might be up. and that information would be expressed through a title system. cool? good idea? bad idea?

well yeah going 100% gets tiresome, which was why i would play at most an hour, hour and a half before i took a hiatus from KI for a while. i just learned the hard way man, i saw a lowbie kim wu goin against me. silver league, level 2, account somewhere in the teens. i thought ok, lets give this guy a break ill bust out my 4th character, shadow jago. i won just barely, it was a serious fight i had no idea i was walking into lol

That’s on you dude, not the game :confused:

You shouldn’t be making assumptions about the skill of your opponent - you should just be playing to win or learn or whatever your ultimate goal is.


i hear you but its not about how many times you win, its who you fought. those statistics can be just as misleading as the killer title.

huh, I agree. but you might be taking it a bit to literal. I’m just saying more context or information about an opponents win ratio could help with those close fights. I’m more than capable of making those decisions on the fly but only after a hard lesson learned for a small run back or whatever. treating everyone, every time as a threat isn’t fun for me or the poor sap I skull f¥K. as they don’t learn anything, and really I don’t learn anything as well.

yes! you are 100% correct! but as the number of fights increases, say after 30. it gets pretty damn accurate. no one is going to smurf to loose on purpose.

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I try to think about how I want to manage the character I’m up against, not the player. It’s the constant and I have more information about it than the player.

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on tournament level, yes. that is more accurate

Ranked is a proving ground, so im not interested in playing not up to my best at a given time. Matter of fact, its more annoying to me if someone thats better than me starts sandbagging me.

EDIT - streamers are an exception to that thought.

I can see how a win ratio might be nice. It can be just as misleading as playing with a secondary character thats barely below average against a lower ranked player whose main is barely above average.

Still think there should be a Godlike tier - doesn’t need to be in matchmaking/filters but would just be given to those in the upper Killer ranks that are really good.

I’m mediocre and I’m a killer - no way I should be same “rank” as guys that are just plainly on a whole different level (don’t get me wrong I love fighting them - but I think it would be great to acknowledge how good they are). I guess stars do this to some extent but I’ve beaten a person with a star before - yet some players with no stars are amazing.

to my knowledge; don’t even look at the rank:

Look at their player level and the character level they’re using. Approach every match with caution.

exactly, ranked is a proving ground. even in a tournament environment, they have pertinent information regarding their opponents. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying the title of people in ranked should be further broken down in to more skilled categories.

Everyday I come across these cats…everyday. I even went against one posing as a girl at level 1!

Sent me messages after I finally won saying rematch me, you cant beat a level one girl blah blahblah.

Yeah right dude, your no level 1 girl with that thunder BS

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We just need to TRY having another rank between Gold and Killer.


We need to see the other player’s win loss ratio, that would help. Not everyone plays ranked, but if someone is 4000 w to 35 loss…or maybe just see other player’s win loss ratio. My ratio is 65 last i checked, so I’d want to fight other people similiar ratio to be competitive

How to distinguish a good killer? Keep jumping in at them and see if they anti-air you.