A Trip Down Memory Lane

Howlo Fuzzy Cannonballs, I was reviewing some of my old Youtube vids for a post on the Sadira forum and I found some old vids of me playing as Sabrewulf (back when I was a Sabrewolf main). Oh the memories…

Here’s a VERY old fight… Ugh… no manuals… But look at that back dash… tear

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Look at that fast play. Ugh…don’t remind me. I find myself watching more S1 Wulf than anything. People say they hated him because he was hard to beat. I’ll never forget the “nerf Wulf” threads and comments on YT. They got their wish.

Never gonna get over the “fuzzy cannonballs” thing :stuck_out_tongue:
God I wish I could’ve utilized Wulf’s dash when it was crazy. If he got his backdash back…
-devious Fwuf noises-

Fuzzy cannonballs… So great lol.

That backdash is so sick. There was nothing more fun then getting in for a quick combo, whiffing, then back dashing to safety when Thunder slowly ambled toward you so that you could exploit a whiff on his part or plan your next move.

I still think he’s going to be more fun to use now, especially with his sweet new dribbling skills, the juggling, flip out, the diving slash etc. But yeah, the dog was pretty damn fun back in the day, even if it was for completely different reasons.