A thanks to the developers

I just wanted to take a minute and thank the developers from Microsoft and iron galaxy; double helix too but I doubt they frequent this forum lol. I really wanna thank them for reviving this franchise from a death that quite possibly could have been permanent. It’s absolutely incredible what you guys have done with this game and I commend the immense amount of effort that has been and still is being put into making it the amazing game that it is. I had a PS4 preordered back in 2013 because I didn’t like all the bs that was happening with the launch of the Xbox one , but as soon as KI was revealed, I immediately cancled my PS4 preorder and preordered an Xbox one instead. I’ve never regretted my decision and am thankful that we have this wonderful game that I’ve literally played every single day for over 3 years now. Thanks a lot guys


Been playing for 3 years? I’d like a set with you to see how much you’ve learned in that time. You up for it?

Can you post it to YouTube @GalacticGeek I’d love to see that match.

Oh I’m not that great I’m more of a casual playerer I guess you could say. Don’t play much ranked. I’m a gladiator if that tells you anything. I don’t think you’d have much fun playing against me lol

I could, but I’d take forever with my network connection. Better if @DiGiJUL3S does it instead.

You wanna challenge my shadow? My gamer is is the same as my user name here.

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That’s okay. I could give you advice if and where necessary. Not sure what you mean by “gladiator” BTW.

Alright yeah I mean I’ll play anybody for fun. but I just wanted to let it be known that I’m not like a super good player or anything like that. I don’t know anything about frame data or anything like that. Just been a fighting game fan since a kid.

Gladiator is a rank within the silver teir

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It’s my rank online. It’s called gladiator I believe.

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Don’t let that stop ya. I know nothing about hit boxes, frame traps, etc. I know one thing, beat up the other guy.

I’ve beaten the AI on Kyle before but I still haven’t unlocked the astral plane which pisses me off lol.

Thanks, guys. I’ve been at killer tier for so long, that I’d forgotten about the sub-tiers.

Right there with ya, buddy. I can’t even try for the AP until they fix SL.

Yeah I gotcha. I’ll definitely add your shadow.

Yeah we could defintely do that sometime. Maybe tommorow if you’re available.

I’ve been stuck at Master gold teir. I was so close to getting past master but 3 losses took that chance away. The sad thing is, at one point I got as far as the promotion battle to killer teir and lost. Then I lost a bunch and went back down to master and haven’t been able to get back up there ever since.

My only obligation for tomorrow is an online quiz that won’t take more than half an hour, so yeah… I’ll be available. :slight_smile:

Is there a list of all the rank names anywhere that you guys know of ? I’ve looked around for it and can’t find it.

Alright cool that sounds good.