A solution against double ultras: make second and further ultras breakable

IMO it would be nice addition and throwback for KI2 at the same time.

If someone decides to be douche and ultra you forever, he should be prepared for risk of his second and later ultras being broken with 1% health for the loser.

Of course, I would suggest to make this breaker very hard, like, minimal window or difficult command. But I think this would be nice and make overconfident chumps think twice.

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Actually, the best way is to just be able to leave the fight as soon the Ultra has been initiated, without getting a penalty of any kind.


So basically you want no one to have fun? LMAO


I find no fun in humiliating someone or being humiliated. Win is enough, at least for me. Of course unless he does not ask for it.

I understand. They should add something where you can leave when you lose.

Reminds me, IG should totally put in HUMILIATION finishers!


I find it hilarious how people think double or triple ultras are “humiliating” the opponent. Unless we are at a public place in a tournament or on a stream how is that humiliating? Annoying to some maybe, I also find losing annoying maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to lose.

Maybe if I do a double or triple ultra I am just trying to beat my personal or leaderboard high score for highest combo? Maybe I just lose the stylish look of styling on an ultra.

I find the salt some people get from being Ultra’d amusing especially the people I have seen freak out that someone gave them a full single ultra on ranked :smile:


Get gud.
Stop being salty.


People have different standards of sportsmanship. It’s subjective, largely. As far as humiliation goes, how would you characterize forcing someone who you beat to sit through a gigantic waste of time for them because, what, you beat them so they deserve to be your captive audience for a couple of minutes?

As far as the OP goes, though, I don’t think any form of Ultra Breaker concept that gives the break initiater health back is a good idea. Think of it this way, the game is over after the health bars deplete. Whether I do an Ultra ender or a normal ender to cash out, the game is over and I’ve won. Because of this, there is no reason to allow a comeback after the game is finished, unless you’re also arguing for some sort of ludicrous “last chance” ender breaker option to stuff normal combos as well as Ultras.

@DulXboxOne “no one have fun”, seriously man? That is a huge amount of exaggeration and you know it.

On an unrelated note, is the censored word a male cow’s excrement? I like guessing the censors.

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Hi. I changed the title to fit the necessary status quo. Also…

You can always rage quit. That’s the only way you’ll break an Ultra. The match is pretty much over with.

I know lol but I’m a douchebag. I triple ultra with gargos then press down taunt.


Extremely over exaggerated not even a tripke ultra which is very rare to see is even more than a minute long. As for having to sit through it, that is called losing. Same with MK fatalities, Blazblue Astral finishes etc. If you find it humiliating then I feel sorry for you (and by you I mean anyone who is of this opinion).

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I’ll admit an exaggeration on my part, that is my bad and inexcusable. But frankly, the triple ultra isn’t that rare and still lasts, at not more than a minute long, what? About a third of the length of a normal match? Half? You’re going to extend the length of a match that long because, what, you need to show off and reassure you’re a winner?

The difference between MK Fatalities and triple Ultras (can’t speak to Astral finishes, never played that game) is that a fatality, brutality, natural match end all roughly run the same length of time. In fact, some fatalities take less time than a character’s typical match ending screen. Whereas a triple ultra, or even a double ultra, needlessly inflates match time.

You can feel sorry for me all you want. And you can celebrate your victories any way you want. None of us can change that and IG hasn’t really implied that they care to change how ultras work. And that’s fine. All I did was pose a question to try and explain how someone might see it differently than you. The fact you need to try and shame me and others for thinking differently than you speaks volumes about your own pompous attitude and ego.


Now you are assuming I think triple ultras are okay and maybe I even do them. No I do not, I am of the belief they are also a waste of time and only scrubs do them. My argument is only calling them “humiliating”. I for one feel more “salty” when someone doesn’t even do a full ultra but does some serious styling on me instead, you know those sick ultra juggles to instinct cancel to juggle to ultra finisher for example that last maybe 10 seconds.

There is no difference, only people who want you to sit through it because they are douche bags or whatever can do the same in MKX I can teabag or dance on you 20 times rapidly (its an achievement I believe) and then do ny fatality which cannot be skipped. MKX’s win/lose screens can immediately be skipped. Now of course it does not last as long as a triple ultra which not all characters can do but it is still even more humiliating which is my point.

This is why I say I feel sorry for you;

“shame me and others for thinking differently than you speaks volumes about your own pompous attitude and ego.”

I havr a pompous attitude and ego now because why exactly? Because I do not agree or because I said I feel sorry for people who take it so seriously? If you think that is shaming then I do not know how you function in the real world. As for the rest of that I never argued and said people shouldn’t or do not see it differently than myself as I agree with most who say you should be able to leave and/or skip the match after the ultra has started and as I stated before my only argument is that it is not “humiliating” for those just playing online outside of a broadcasted or public tournament where people are actually watching.

Does it make me kind of mad if I get full or triple ultra’d half the time? Yes. Do I feel like I have been humiliated? No.

You can continue to argue your point and that is fine but I have already made mine and stand by it that if you feel humiliated in your own home playing online in KI by getting ultra’d I feel sorry for you.

I did not know FGC is so full of enlightened self-regiming people who achieved true nirvana by rejecting their ego. Kappa.

In game everyone is salty and pissed, on FGC forums everyone acts like achieved zen lol.

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Not sure why you replied to me and also seems like you lack reading comprehension while trying to use sarcasm to make some type of point.

And right, I was too lazy to read all this epos. All this effort to verbally dominate some nonames online…

Good it was not meant for you I was having a discussion with one person in particular replying to his comments.

“Verbally dominate” you are a funny dude also overly sensative if anything I said came across as verbal dominance as you put it lol.

Then again I can’t take someone serious who uses memes to make a point.

So you are just ruling out ki 2 altogether,and the fact that ultra combo breakers did exist,and the were quite effective in dealing with a super hyped ultra combo.